Art: Signs concept

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Yes that would be really cool!


for some reason I don’t like the bright white lettering. maybe if it looked more like paint? IDK.


I think the bright white lettering is just photoshoped over the signs as a proof of concept. Not intended to reflect a final product.


I was just going to do this suggestion…Great!!!


Can we have signs now?? please??


Yes please!!!


up!!! any news about this?


This is a great idea to have ready for 1.0, it is a must for shops among other things :slight_smile:


will we see these at 1.0?


sign me up!


Haaaaaang on…there’s a minimap?!

OT. Love the signs, the sign3 pic over the others :slight_smile:


i saw that! before my time


Mini map was in the Java version, did not get ported over. There are other plans in the works for this.


The minimap is still in the game but currently disabled.


There are some debates in the design team about “full screen / half screen GUI maps” versus “HUD minimaps” versus “no maps” versus “3d overlap maps”.

Recent thread about it: