Art: Signs concept

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Sign posts! Texts will be wrappable and change scale to fit sign space.


OMG i need these!!! :grinning::purple_heart:


I’d liketo give 10 likes here xD

I hope this diversity stays and your are not choosing a few of them to implement :slight_smile:


We’re looking to have functionality on these where you can type a piece of text to display on the sign, and another (longer) piece of text that will be shown when a player interacts with the sign. So you can have a catchy title, and then more information available if someone wants it.


But do you differ the design of those different signs?

It would somehow feel strange to go to a sign with a print on and after you interact with it, more text appears in other display…

I’d personally keep the signs above just for the text it displays without interaction. And for longer texts there could be in example scrolls / books. If you focus on the scroll, you could blind in kind of headline next to it. And if you interact with the scroll, it opens in a second display (or however you want to visualize it). So it feels like, you take up an closed element and open it up to read in detail. With these wooden signs, as i imagine it, would be bit strange. Of course it’s just my personal taste and maybe you surprise me by another throughthought logic and optic.


I like the ones in the sign3 picture, especially the part where you can make them out of different materials. The two legs also look better than the minecrafty stick-in-the-ground one.

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Awesome! Will you be able to make signs out of different materials/colours … Giving you the different designs shown in the images?

It would be fantastic if they were! So much variation!

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Carful @Minyi ,I wouldn’t want to start a nerd battle… this place will get very ugly very soon.

Exactly this!

Signs shouldn’t have more text attached which appears magically when you focus on it.
Sure you can do that until we get more mediums for user written text. But the end goal should be a sign that signs what it’s supposed to sign. Nothing more and nothing less.

But since this thread is about the art.

@Minyi they look awesome^^


Very cool concepts! I also really like the idea of having the text expand in a (perhaps) seperate menu to further explain things. I’ll add all these pics to the collection.

Will signs be a main feature of the buying and selling process in the shops? for example left click to buy right click to sell.

I don’t think so. There will be these things called “plinths”, which are used to buy and sell things. They have a banner type thing draped across them with red & blue colors standing for buying/selling.

These are Plinths


okay, sounds great :smiley:

Could we get 3D text as well as an option? It would help the readability from the side.

And BTW… I thought X-Men Apocalypse to be pretty decent movie… :sweat_smile:



Cool like the second in game version best though the third is nice too. Now we just need a vote…

How about a sign without legs to go on the top surface of a block or on the ground somewhat like a vertical headstone or grave marker? Would be wonderful for monuments, memorials, or markers. I had graveyards specifically in mind, but this style could have numerous other applications.


I’d like to see the standing signs in sign3.jpg being able to hang down from the block ceiling as well… kind of like the old western saloon style signs!