Art: Tools Progression Concept

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You could always just place pebbles in the world which you can use to make first tools.
Worst case, if that’s too much additional work for the devs, you could harvest gravel and take some of the bigger stones from there.

There are multiple ways to get stones for first tools. No need to have wooden tools which are just unnecessary.

That you can cut down trees with your hands is also something I’d rather not see. But that’s a minor issue.

Weekly Dev Update: 2016 September 2nd - Secret Features, GUI and more

I love when people go from saying “This is bad” to saying “This is bad, here’s how we can fix it” or “This is bad, here’s an alternative idea”. Big +1 to your post above. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


And similarly, for the handles of the tools, harvest sticks either laying on the ground, or from leaves blocks


To be fair, it’s not my own idea^^ It’s from a MC mod called Terrafirmacraft.
There you can’t harvest trees until you have an axe which you make from sticks and stones. Stones laying around and sticks from leaves or from the ground too.

@nevir Did you also play that mod, did you read my post in the other thread or did you just come up with that? xD


I remember your post :stuck_out_tongue: (still can’t find it)


Should be this one^^


interesting, looks like oort’s gonna be a cool looking element unless thats something else


Ah, don’t ditch the wooden and gold tool sets! Instead, wooden tool set could be a toy set. Wooden weapons/cutter/breaker could even double as practice items for duels or combat training. For example, rather than deal fatal damage, they could force the defeated opponent into an “I concede!” or “I surrender!” gesture.

As for gold sets, I always liked them as vanity sets or ceremonial gear. Much like the kings and emperors of old with their ceremonial armour that was not meant for combat, but for displaying wealth and power.


These all look very cool! I can’t wait till we actually have any sort of progression in the game :yum:. Though I would really like to see some structural differences in how these look across the tiers, like how ESO does armors. Meaning they become more decorated/lavish as they go on.

Anyway, I’ll add all the art to the collection.


Cool, but could use a bit of flair on gold + titanium. Great work! :grinning:


Those are nice ideas. So you say take them out of the tier progression and use them for fun^^


I love all of it!!!


Yes. To me, that gives a slightly more fleshed out feel. Gives more possibilities for sandboxy play, too. Fight Club, anybody?


I think that’s should not be a discusson about the material of the hammer. I guess it’s just about how rare a ressource is to find or how difficult to achieve. Since there will be lot of more details which will be far from logical things, I REALLY don’t care xD I wonder why there are more complainings about gold then all the ruby, diamant, saphire, etc. hammers :stuck_out_tongue:

But a few additional ores could by the way be:
tin (and together with copper you can creat bronze)
palladium, platinum etc.

Maybe this table of rarity of elements on earth can give a few more options and the way you COULD sort it:

Anyway I like the design! Great job here.
Especially that kind of lightning hammer (second of special).
God, it makes me think the miners will be the THORs of the game and smash with there lightning through the mountain! xD

I bet the design when smashing will look gorgeous. Will a hit electrify the element it hits?

Anyway super cool design!


I had another thought, when I was offline regarding the progression of weapons.

If you you use your base weapon as an input for the next tool with new materials, you could also change the design with more reasonable / logical changes displayed.

In example:
You begin with a wood hammer, like pictured above.
For upgrading you use that too and put stone to it and maybe put into a machine to change the wood hammer into a stone hammer. The stone hammer would have a stone grip and ongoing stone head (live above). Means logically, you took your old hammer and exchanged grip and head with stone.
with copper and iron, it still makes sense to do same way.
But when it comes to silve and gold, since the metal is softer, it does not really make sense. Here you could for the next upgrade just make silver or golden details appear on the hammer (like ornaments or something). Same with all the gems. don’t make the complete head of diamont or something, just place the Gems like sockets into head and grip.
So you can see visually the grade of your tool (the progress). And logically you could rather say that each stone has kind of “magical” influence on your tools, which increases the effectiveness.

That would at least be an idea, if someone complains about the logic of different materials.


I’m loving those topaz tools @o@


That’s a great idea actually. Kind of the same as with the creature progression/their special skills.
But I still wouldn’t start with a wooden hammer^^ (Doesn’t mean there can’t be a wooden hammer outside of the tier system^^)


I’m on the boat for removing gold. All though this is super minor, I’d rather gold be used for crafting things regarding enchants or for fancy things. Like the donation block.


or as “decorative” update for a tool.

Gold indeed also can have advantages for tools. But this is more about comfort or weight balance. So basically it could be used as an “upgrade” material. Just the tool heads shouldn’t consist of gold.

But same way I am thinking with silver and all those Gem-Tools.


Woodian, stonean, copperian, ironian, silverian, goldian, titaniam, amethystian, emeraldian, diamondian.