Art: Tools Progression Concept

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Continuing off from @claudiotolomei’s progression of the hammer, I’ve expanded and used the same treatment for the other tools.


why god is better tan iroooon noooooo D:

Could we change copper gold iron silver Steel titanium? please :smiley:


Looks excellent! Loving the look of the specials too!

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the special ones what are made of?

japp … can only +1 to this. Ever tried to use a pure golden hammer, screwdiver or saw? … ah, not found one? … get the clue! ;D

Gold is so damn soft that it would be even worse then stone … leave gold out ^^

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Please no golden tools :frowning:

They frustrate my sense of logic.


Titanium might be too brittle for percussive tools. Tungsten tools would be bad for the same reason. (Chips might fly off and hit you in the eye while you’re hammering or chopping on something. You might have noticed that while ceramic knives hold an edge better than steel, they also chip or crack in a way that steel doesn’t when placed under shear. It’s the same problem, and the reason no one has yet made a ceramic knife for filleting fish or deboning poultry.) Early tools were made of copper or bronze because those are fairly ductile at ambient temperatures. Alloyed steel and straight-up iron are still used for a reason–and not just because the materials are more commonly available than some of the other choices.

Who the hell cares? No offense but why does it matter? “it’s not realistic!” a saphire hammer isn’t exactly efficient in real life too.
I also don’t go to school via portals and fight giant titans irl.
Just had to get this of my chest :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe remove gold and add black silver, back iron etc?

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But like GOLD???

Seriously thi is the stuff you bite in to make sure it is pure (or do in most fantasy anyway) The problem is that it through both reality and fiction is widely accepted as a soft material and using it for tools therefore does not make sense.

The whole portals and giants argument (aka the “but this is fantasy of therefore nothing needs to make sense” argument) is kinda rediculess the problem is that within the set of rules that have been created by the game there is no reason for the player to assume the gold should be hard. If you want a shiny material that works well create a new one with new properties.


maybe mix from every gems? :wink:

yeah, its not fantasy if its copied from reality but maybe change name to “geld or gild” so its not anymore the same :wink:


I agree on the gold thing :stuck_out_tongue:
But @brook-monroe saying they should remove titanium because “it might be too brittle” is ridiculess imo (no offense).

Maybe there is something in the Oortian refining process that makes those materials more durable.

I also don’t resemble a blue feline with only 4 digits per hand, so there is that :stuck_out_tongue:

Names of materials are possibly place-holder as well?

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Titanium makes awesome sporks. (We have about half a dozen of them, mostly with Starfleet logos on them. You just can’t give me money.)

It just isn’t good for everything, though.

One notes in passing that in D&D they resorted to “mithral” because no familiar metal really had the characteristics they wanted for armor and blades; Marvel Comics came up with “vibranium” and “adamantium,” Star Trek has “duranium.” The game would probably be better off making up a name for an Oortian metal or alloy than going with materials (at least) some of us know wouldn’t be ideal.

“Oortium” is too obvious; “Boundlessite” is too corny (or cheesy, depending on whether you prefer cheese over corn), but “vitallium” and “endurium” (or “endurite”) are certainly viable names (IMHO, and I’m not suggesting they be the choices–just indicating a method of approach.


Another way to do gold is just mixing it with a fantasy metal and then calling it an alloy, cause metals are weird that way.


Besides the whole metal discussion.
Am I the only one who thinks the wooden tools are not necessary? (Except maybe for the shovel)
Cutting wood with wood? Breaking stone with wood? I mean come on.
I’d rather have gold for tools than wood to be honest. (And yes of course the handle can always be wood, I mean the tool heads^^)


100% agree, even ignoring the realism aspect. We are going to build wood tools, immediately craft a set of stone tools from them, delete our wood ones, and never touch wood again.

Unless there’s some reason to keep them around, or that stone is rare on intro worlds?

I know there was some discussion on this in a past thread, too, but I’m failing to find it :frowning:


Ohhohho that amethyst thoe give me that


Wood is sort of a necessary first step though. You can harvest wood with your hands but not stone. So you need something to harvest stone with. I believe that’s why it’s there.