Atlas Gripe

Atlases should be a convenience item. The newness and commodity has worn off and now crafting them and lugging them around and sorting them is a real bother.

All planets should stack in one atlas stack. Or better yet. . .

Atlases should not take up an inventory slot.

There should be an atlas menu with atlas options and resource information, this is where we should equip and store our atlases.

Atlases should be a field crafted item like totems.

Regions unlocked across all alt characters should count toward region totals unlocked on Atlases.

Altases should have automatic illumination to see in the dark without putting light in your offhand.

Atlas heat graph should indicate elevation ranges through the color spectrum.

Make atlases appealing. They are such a bother to remember and keep organized, and even then, not hardly worth the trouble. My opinion.



But the resource maps are easier to see in the dark :thinking: A bit of a double edged sword.

How exactly would this work?

Atlases being a bit cumbersome to manage is true and something could be done to make them more convenient. Syncing a smart stack for sale is a bit annoying and requires many many actions for example.


Maybe once we’ve completed an atlas 50/50 we could have the option to pin it/view it in the top right corner, like where the map was in EA?


The way it works in my mind is that the color range is pre-designed by the devs and we just figure out what that is through use. We turn on elevation “mode” the spectrum gives us clues based on our elevation and what colors are currently being shown on the resource. (Example. We are standing on a diamond mine at 100 ft and its all light green but as we dig toward the mantle those specific nodes become red and bright through the spectrum.)


Then an on/off hotkey.

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If i am honest I only use an atlas when i am going for resources. Or maybe with warp augment to find a big empty spot to build.

So as I basically avoid to go and get resources and try atm to finish what I started so I don’t really use them. They all are in storage covered in dust and cobwebs😉

Would be handy if you realy needed it then😉

Separate menu on the other hand don’t really know about that would rather have an extra tap in your inventory/hand craft menu (or as an option in your options menu) so you can turn your map on and off and get when turned it on a bigger map next to your inventory slot to drop a item on the atlas. To see the hotspots.

I like the idea of a mini-map vs atlas. Perhaps instead of globes we could have a map book and you craft new pages for the book but there remains a single book.


I disagree with the heat thingy. I think atlases have come a long way and love how they are now just my opinion there are many light choices in the game other then a torch even a 5point skill

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would like more detail - ability to actually zoom in and explore atlas. display region names - be able to read names of outposts cities etc.

add a new item - called “master atlas” - it will display your known mapping for the current world. So it is still restricted to what the individual has accomplished. Player still has to option buy someone else’s already completed atlas but that would not increase the known regions. So this concept does not disrupt atlas sales - it just makes traveling easier.

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I agree, they shouldn’t take an inventory slot. You should get a book of atlas slots which holds all active worlds in the pause menu.


Maybe a atlas should change as u go to a different planet. So one atlas for all…still gotta unlock the region’s.


Some good ideas here . I like the atlas and don’t mind that it takes an inventory slot but I believe just having it your inventory should add a mini map to your screen and you shouldn’t have to hold it in your hand .


And I would say to those that don’t use atlases very much, neither do I. But I am helping a new player and he very much uses them. But he always forgets them and needs one at inconvenient times. I got to thinking about my own experience. I just wish they were more convenient.

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I have to say I liked the mini map that used to be in game. I use an atlas when on an Exo and if I am looking for an item. Otherwise I rarely use them. At least with the mini map you would have an idea of where you were in the world.

I do like the idea of having a master atlas with the 50 permanent worlds on in it and it would switch to the planet you are on and keep updates of the regions you open. Also as a non-inventory item.

Anyone know if that map program still works? I think @Simoyd might have made it where it tracks you on a website??? I never tired it.


I wonder if it could be part of the beacon map function, but like Vex said in the top corner. So it turns on as you cycle through beacon mode. Currently when you’re in the wildy there’s a little circle remaining which they could hopefully get rid of as the atlas would make it clear you’re in map mode.

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This would just be helpful because I constantly find myself lost.

Hello, are you new to the game? If so, welcome to Boundless! If not, apologies for my assumption.

There’s actually an item called an atlas that serves as a mini-map. It displays all regions already discovered by the one who imprinted on it.

What players sometimes do is buy fully mapped atlases from other players, but mapping the worlds yourself isn’t that hard and can actually be quite fun if you have the time for it. You can put various resources on an atlas as well to use it as a radar for material hunting. Hope this helps!


The problem is the atlas kind of sucks. I haven’t found it useful unless the place I am starting and the place I want to go are both on the part of the atlas that is showing. Otherwise, you are really out of luck unless you just randomly run around. Also, the detail level on the atlas is pretty crappy and there is no legend. If you take a good amount of time you may figure out what is a river, a mountain or a field but it is not generally clear. And it has to be carried with you to be useful at all. This is the only game I have played in 40 years that has such an odd implementation of a mapping feature. It should be a permanent thing that is either always onscreen or available through a keypress.

Yeah, the atlas is pretty useless unless you go gathering plants or mining gems/lucents. Otherwise you kinda have to just ‘learn’ your surroundings…

Isnt it not meant to be a map but a resource locator?