Australian Servers need a tier 4 (or adjust blink secs)


Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that the tier 5 & 6 planets were added to the Australian servers! However, Australian players still need to go via EU/USA servers to get to the higher tier planets.

An adjustment of the blinksecs from Boori to Flan or a Tier 4 planet linking them would be most appreciated :slight_smile:


Im not from AUS, but EU but i feel like every region could do with blinksec adjustments.
So you can reach every world from your own region.


Seems to be one of the most significant minor issues at the moment, blinksecs. Are Boundless planets physically located in a 3-D universe voxel map? Or does each planet just have a blinksec value for every other planet with zero regard to spatial relationship?


If you take a look at the PS blinksecs graph thingee, all of the tier 6 worlds are in a line with only the first few near any of the tier 5 worlds.

If the planets could be mapped in the visible sky, I think you’d just see a very long dipper tail. The way things are going, T7+ will likely be at the end of the new T6 worlds; continuously making a longer line, always requiring you to go to servers in a different region in order to portal to them.

We tried calling out the need for a planetary placement re-balance after the new planets were added:

It went unanswered as far as the devs go.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully the devs have seen it and re-think their blinksec strategy. I guess an overhaul of that would not be something they would want to rush out.


Since you’re from AUS I totally get that is the only thing you need, but if I want to go to the new EU planet Kol Huroo I need to go thru 2 AUS planet portals before I get there.

Yes, a solution could be to place them in such a way that they can be portal’ed to from any region straight away doesn’t change the biggest issue we have tho:
That planets are hosted on different regional servers…

It makes sense to have servers in different regions for many games but not for Boundless.

My question to EVERYONE here:
How is your connection to US West/East servers?

Can people from Australia comfortably play on those, especially USW servers? And no, I don’t mean optimally, can you play there and does the ping stay below 200ms most of the time?

Am assuming that all USE/USW players can also connect to those servers without issues, they seem to have issues mostly with EU servers somehow.

EU players have issues with AUS servers mostly but not with USW/USE servers as far as I know.

What if they just moved ALL the servers to the US (west coast perhaps?), I think we then can access the servers with a ping below 200ms and can at least always play on any of the planets…


Agreed definitely should have one


USE/USW are painful for me from Europe. They are fine to farm some different colored rock but I wouldn’t play the game if I had to build my base on one of these laggy servers.


USW would be the most stable (apart from local Australian servers), but there’s still some times on those planets where the connection is extremely poor and unplayable.


Fully agree here, definitely would be nice to have another tier 4 world, one for us Aussies


Im from AUS too and only really have major issues on the EU servers, can at least function on US servers. I agree that the whole locations of planets in the BL universe needs to be looked at. An AUS tier 4 would help. My theory is that a player should be able to jump from their home planet to a T2 in their region, then a T3, then T4, T5 and T6 with obviously T7 to come. Now that we all have access to planets in our region for pretty much all mats, this could mean that when things are laggy from one region to another, but a player still wants to go mining on a T6, they are not forced to go through the myriad of portals via laggy planets in other regions to get there.
This would also give the side effect of being able to have personal portals between these planets, or at least a local portal network. Living on T3 Aus Boori I find it ludicrous that I cannot set a portal from there to the T5 Aus Flan.