[Beta] --[Fierce Toxic Exoworld]--

Name : Beta
Type : Toxic
Tier : 6
Atmosphere : Caustic Lvl 5
42 blinksecs of CARDASS
Warp Cost : 3400c
Last until January 17, 2020 11:24 PM
Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.
[ :boom: = Exoworld Color Only ]

Gleam - :boom:83 Warm Mustard

Igneous - 29 Silk Mustard
Metamorphic - :boom:42 Dark Mustard
Sedimentary - :boom:83 Warm Mustard

Ancient - 85 Warm Yellow
Lustrous - 53 Silk Mint
Twisted - :boom:185 Stark Mustard

Exotic - :boom:105 Light Mustard
Lush Foliage - :boom:107 Light Yellow
Waxy - 99 Light Sepia

Clay - 33 Silk Yellow
Peaty - 39 Dark Yellow
Silty - :boom:83 Warm Mustard

Barbed - :boom:83 Warm Mustard
Gnarled - :boom:85 Warm Yellow
Verdant - 30 Hot Sepia

Ash - :boom:83 Warm Mustard
Gravel - 29 Silk Mustard
Glacier - :boom:105 Light Mustard
Growth - :boom:185 Stark Mustard
Ice - :boom:101 Pale Sepia
Mould - :boom:35 Hot Moss
Mud - :boom:32 Hot Tan
Sand - 101 Pale Sepia
Sponge - :boom:101 Pale Sepia
Tangle - :boom:92 Warm Moss
Thorn - 41 Strong Mustard

Cloneflower - :boom:211 Azure
Gladeflower - 212 Slate
Ghostflower - 92 Warm Moss
Spineflower - 88 Teal

Desert Sword - :boom:121 Warm Blue
Oortian’s Staff - 121 Warm Blue
Rosetta Nox - :boom:92 Warm Moss
Spineback Plant - 87 Warm Viridian
Stardrop Plant - :boom:105 Light Mustard
Traveller’s Perch - 93 Yellow
Trumpet Root - :boom:79 Warm Red
Twisted Aloba - :boom:78 Red

Branch Funnel - 38 Dark Green
Clustered Tongue - :boom:85 Warm Yellow
Glow Cap - :boom:222 Vivid Mustard
Mottled Tar Spot - 32 Hot Tan
Tinted-Burst - 95 Mustard
Weeping Waxcap - :boom:35 Hot Moss

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I love the name

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Crazy waterfalls all over the place

Loc tokens ready at in Shuttle at Hunt Hive


Edit to add…I didn’t edit any of these besides cropping them - including #2 lol…if you stand under the floating islands, it does weird cool things to the colors

:star:Location that has mud, ice, glacier, thorns, soilx3, foliagex2, timberx2, etc:


Completed atlases and some location tokens now ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (reachable via portals at TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori).

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This ones going to be good for Goo farmers it seems…

A few minutes in one cave



So. Much. Mustard. :heart_eyes:

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Those are SO beautiful, that 2nd shot is just incredible!! :heart_eyes:

About to pay my first visit here in a bit, thanks for the atlases as always @Soju-VB !! :smiley: Huge help!!

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… First visit paid! :slight_smile: GREAT for goo it looks like - I was finding caves of it around alt 20-30 when digging down for amethyst. Low ceilings so easy gathering. :wink:

I’ll put a token to that gleam spot in the Exo Station later. Good one to farm since you can hit both easily.



Wish I could build on there

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This is the second planet we’ve seen called Beta, someone wanna make up some more around that?

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I did this in my storage to differentiate… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Haha thats a good idea :smile:


just great shots…and also brill shots from everyone else …was going to post a couple but no way as good as these :boundless:
just love how the exo’s (and permanent!) planets still draw me in and make me to keep climbing that hill to see whats on the other side.


Still post them! It’s always great to get a wide variety of shots! :smile:


Funny how beta usually means second anyway. Beta beta?

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had already stuck my usual sneaky exo pic up on the reddit thread (bit lonely there…looking at you @bucfanpaka… ) but here’s some others I took…didn’t hang around too long as not to many mats of interest for myself (though the light made everything look amaze ■■■■■)


Gorgeous shots, in love with that last one!! :heart_eyes: That water!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Will try to get more up there! :wink: Just threw an answer into the one trophy question thread, haha! (I even threw my hat into the Steam forums… yikes there, lol!!)

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I have a viewer that is going to be super happy about this one!

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