Have a question about biomes. If I wanted to craft my own biomes is that possible?

Like if I wanted to make a giant crater, a massive singular canyon, or unique features to make my planet stand out?

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Creative and Sovereign worlds will not allow for custom world builder (yes, including biome) input so any unique features would need to be manually done (and plotted!)

So I cant do a custom biome, but I could build it plot by plot to simulate a custom biome?

Is this on the world builder side, or like I would need to buy 1000s of plots?

The latter option if that’s how big the biome would be.

Oh bummer. I was hoping for custom biomes

from what I understand, you can pick from existing biomes (which have certain prefabs) (limited on sovereign (T1 can’t have some of those crazy T6 biomes) creative can have all)
and plots on creative are free

Do you guys think there will ever be an option to create custom biomes, even if devs have to approve them? I would like custom biomes, but dont have the money to do it by purchasing plots.

I think creative planets have infinite plots, if you’re going that route.

Ah, well I’d still want to be part of the main universe

they probably won’t add the option to build prefabs and biomes (for sovereign at least) as they would have to be approved…
if they make a single player mode or private servers and make world builder available, it could work, but as long as we all play together, they have to make sure the custom stuff is not offensive or somehow dangerous.

but on the bright side, the 290-ish biomes we got now can be combined to make some unique worlds

Actually a few assets in the game right now were player created in the early days of the game from what I heard…

The sanctum editor was a feature that was put in place to start to help provide a means for people to provide custom objects. The World Builder likely would need to be rebuilt to allow people an easier method of creating their own things. I believe that in the long run James and the team would certainly be open to allowing players to submit assets and custom biome and other things. The reality, though, it likely would be something much farther down on the list of work. So while it is possible (after coding), I’m not sure it would happen for a long time. It all comes down to time and reward in will it improve the game and grow adoption.


My hopes for genital shaped biome structures is renewed! :wink: :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the explanation @Xaldafax . I will hope they add the ability to customize a biome, so I can make some unique worlds later in time. I have ideas, but it sounds like they will have to wait.

If devs ever want someone to design new biomes I’d take a shot at it. Just putting it out there


There was a git repository previously for people to submit biomes and prefabs… not sure if it’s still running though as it was from quite a while ago.

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Ah okay, I missed these posts.

I’m not all that familiar with those applications in the screen shots. I assume what they wanted was something not built in boundless itself on a creative mode or something?

They’re still created in the world builder. The git repository is just a central place for everyone to store and share their created files.

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Ah ok, I’ll take a closer look at it then and see if I can figure it out. Thanks @Stretchious

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I’m pretty sure that github repo is still used! The devs periodically sync it with the game files (the world builder comes with a copy of them).

Any contributions you make to biomes or other configs can make their way to the game that way


bear in mind that whatever biome you create and send to devs, they have to accept first

after that it must be assigned to certain world profile

so, if you created a tier 6 biome but rented tier 4 world, you wouldn’t be able to chose your own biome for that world


How would I know what my biome would be assigned as?