Making Worlds for the Game

I’m happy to announce that we’ve set up a Github Repository for us all to put our World Build creations. The idea is for us to work together and produce biomes that can be used to generate worlds for the game. If you would like to contribute to this project, then please get involved:

If you don’t know how to use git (or even what it is), then please ask and we can help you. @nevir has kindly help to set this up, and will be helping to manage the data. We want to make this a community led project, and have you guys directly contribute to the creation of the worlds for the game.

I’d be very keen to hear suggestions and thoughts from you about how best to manage this process. Do we need more tutorials for the World Builder? Should we use a wiki for collaborating?

Here are some thoughts I have about a few details of biome building:

  • We want to build a library of biomes, each of which is pretty self contained. These biomes can then be mixed and matched with other biomes in many combinations to create interesting worlds.
  • When setting up a biome pay particular attention to the altitude, temperature, humidity, vegetation values which need to be accurate in order for selection to work well.
  • Try to use custom nodes wherever you can, and set them up to have exposed values where appropriate.
  • If you get stuck, try looking at existing biomes and worlds and see what you like about them.
  • If you want to use a piece of someone else’s biome in yours, then work with them to create a custom node from that piece that you can both use.
  • I’ve been experimenting with setting the biomeSize to 8 to get sharper transitions between biomes, but I think we need to continue to experiment to find the best value. This value will have to be globally set (the slider per biome is just for previewing).

How long you plan to hold collaboration for biomes creating? I extremely want to be involved, but scarcely I could to do it in near month.


Is it okay if I only submit a biome and not a whole world?

Yeah, please do! One of the goals is to build up a whole bunch of biomes, so that anyone can mix and match them as they please


I shall give it my all in the world builder!


It’s going to be an ongoing process, and will last for many months, so please get involved whenever you are available.


This i still have to learn, any basic explanation?

I have no experience but will give it my best shot!


How… Does this work? Do you need to have the world builder?

I think all have world builder in steam version, i could be wrong.

Depends on which package you bought…

Custom nodes are a way of reusing a set of nodes in multiple files (or more than once in the same file). You can create them either by doing File -> New and then selecting what type of node, or more conveniently when you see something you want to reuse you can right click on it, and there is an option to create a custom node from that node and it’s children.

The real power comes when you expose values from the custom node to allow adjustments to be made. In the custom node file you can right click on a slider or a checkbox and choose to expose it. You can give it a useful name, and set limits.

This allows us to make a set of useful pieces that can be simply put together and customised to make good results quickly. A good example is the Caves custom node that Luca made or the Rivers custom node that Nevir made. So instead of seeing a complex web of noise nodes you see one node, with a sensible name, and a couple of sliders to tweak. If you want to know how these things are set up you can right click on a custom node, and open the corresponding file to take a look.


Even 30 $ one should have it now but if not then it comes later for all anyway :slight_smile:

Only the collectors edition and upwards have and will have access to the world builder ^^

Nope it is in roadmap that all will have it :slight_smile:

Have you got a source for that information? As far as I’m aware, the world builder will continue to remain a higher purchase/DLC item.


Ah okay so they decided that 50+ $ only gets it :3 Last year i was reading that even 30 $ one is getting it too.

Thx, i will try it later.

It make WB crash when i right-click on a slider.

I wrote about it here :