Boundless Crafting

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Looks very good. :upside_down:
But what are TBC standing for?


TBC = To Be Confirmed

Most of the information in that panel needs to be added. Next couple of days it will be added :slight_smile:


Guild glyph creator seems to be broken, or at least does not work on Microsoft Edge.
Confirmed that it does not work with Firefox either.

Specifically, foreground and background colors can not be applied, and end product can not be saved to the “recently created” list.


Thanks! Will take a look at that today and see if I can find out what’s going wrong!

Edit: just checked on chrome and it’s not working on there either … do’h!

I suppose that’s what you get when uploading updates at 3am lol


Fixed! Thanks for the heads up on that one! :+1:


All better. I give it the Illuminoorti seal of approval.


I’ve added some new functionality to show which items drop other items… So for example, Lush Leaves will now show that it drops Sap, Inky Leaf and Fibrous Leaf. Likewise, if you look at any of those 3 items, it will show that it drops from Lush Leaves.

I’ll be going though and linking other items throughout the week …unless this information is contained in the game files, In which case, I’ll just write another import script and you’ll get it sooner! :smiley:

On the cards for a future update will be the visibility of the crafting times for each batch of crafted items, and after that I’ll start linking in some crafting progression prerequisites (as they become available!)


Is it possible to craft glass and how can i get natural crystal? How can i get spark?


To make glass you need a compactor, not in game yet, nor is spark.
If you with crystal mean gleam, take a look in testworld 2.


I’m not sure about what purpose natural crystal has yet or whether it will actually be in game. It was in the game files so got imported into the site :slight_smile:


hey do you know if all the gem ores are in the game yet?


Not yet as far as I’ve seen


Allrighty no problemo


Previous version of the test world (2 resets back) had gems including topaz, ruby, emerald, diamond, amethyst, and specials like blink, warp, oort, etc.

Also, natural crystal does exist in beta 1. Look for it under water in lakes. It has no texture, last I saw it.


Aye the gems were there but weren’t mineable at the time so nothing dropped.

I think I’ve seen the natural crystal then… Just looked like a stripey textured single block under water


I’ve been a busy boy…

Weekend updates to the site as follows :-

  • You can now see the amount of spark required to make some items (this information was previously missing from the site, so recipes that previously looked like they should be craftable, are now impossible without the required spark!).

  • You can now see how long something takes to craft along-side the required crafting method. Just in case… s is seconds and m is minutes :wink:

  • Added a new filter, so you can switch between all items and only the items actually available in game in the current testing branch.

  • Fixed a couple of display bugs

Other updates coming in the next few weeks (although no fixed details and to when and what order they will appear in!) :-

  • Display of probability rates for items drops (either from blocks or from creatures).
  • Indication of amount of ‘wear’ a recipe will cause on a machine.
  • Addition of Skill Requirements for recipes (when firstpass of progression is added to the game - hopefully this month).
  • Skill / Profession information (again, when first pass of progression is added).
  • Some item images… maybe?! We’ll see :smiley:

Any issues or problems you can see with these updates, or if you think there should be some information on there that I’ve missed… give me a shout!



Small update today…

  • The amount of ‘wear’ to a machine caused by crafting items has now been added to relevant recipes (not sure how useful this information will be to people, but it’s there just in case you’re curious!).
  • Fixed a bug with the filters where they didn’t play nicely together.
  • Added a couple of images for items (literally only a couple, as I spent far too long looking to see if I could recreate the actual game assets onto the site to save me time in the long run … but it seems the vertices information is missing from the game files that have been exposed in the latest update. I’ll look for an alternative way to get them all added!).

I’ve made a start on the Skill / Profession pages as there were some tidbits of information exposed in the latest beta testing update, which I can use … Hopefully this will be a decent base for me to import the rest of the details into the site, although I’m still unsure as to how most of that information hangs together, at least until progression is released in-game!

As always … problems / issues / ideas … shout! … else … enjoy!


So spark still isn’t in the game right? Cause I saw a player running around with a gleam lantern…which requires spark to make.


You probably caught a developer testing it ingame :wink:


You are right, it was a dev. Totally forgot that he had developer in his name lol.