Boundless Crafting

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It’s here finally! I’ve updated the site with the latest items and crafting info from the Testing 22: Warps, Planets, and more! update!

I still have a bunch of stuff to mark as “in-game”, but that will come after I’ve played for a bit!

Happy Crafting!


“1071 Crafting Recipes Learned” - don’t you mean ripped or liberated or set-free or decoded or disassembled! :wink:

Site looks great! I’ve even seen the devs in the office referring to it whilst playing!


I like the sound of “liberated” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Haha that’s excellent! I’m glad it’s getting some use! :smiley:

Edit: Just for you, I changed it to “Acquired”!


I am having issues on the website…the graphics are off and don’t seem to line up to the pictures…and when you try to highlight a picture, it does not line up either


What browser/version are you using?


Chrome. Does it have issues with that one? if so, I can switch to Firefox


Hmmm, no it should be fine on chrome. It’s generally the browser I start off in. Have you got the latest version?

Also could you try holding Ctrl and press F5 a couple of times, just in case?


Thanks for do this webpage you saved my life lol.


Some mistakes: at your crafting site it says sap drops from leaves blocks but actually it drops from trunk blocks nowadays. And you cant browse for normal lantern, but it is still in the database because you can find it from its ingredients (like glass), just not visible on the browsing part.

Thats all I found, anyway good job I use your site often.


I’ve been meaning to fix those for a while but playing kept getting on the way lol

All sorted now! Thanks for the nudge :wink:


Большое спасибо. Очень хороший сайт. Всё интуитивно понятно. Даже не требуется перевод.))


Just released a quick update for the site … you can now link directly to craftable items via the url (instead of items just being handled in-page or referenced by non-useful ids!).

So things like this now work…

Have fun and stay Boundless!

Спасибо. Добро пожаловать :wink:


I just realised … I started this thread over a year ago :joy:

Anyhoo - I’ve updated the site yet again. Here’s some things I have been working on over the past few days…

  • Started adding images to the Creatures section (sourced from the creature week devlog artwork!)
  • Split each creatures into their own individual tier, so that information on any differences in behaviour per tier can be added as required.
  • Refactored some of the layouts on the creature pages in anticipation of some new creatures hitting our screens next week!
  • Started adding images for the worlds
  • Refactored worlds pages so the information displayed is more easily readable (hopefully!)
  • Removed a bunch of placeholder Oort Glyphs (which were originally taken from the artworks on the forums). We’ll just need to go and discover what they really mean together :wink:
  • Slightly refactored the Races page (although not really much new here - I’m just trying to show some of the current racial features of the game).
  • Drank lots of tea

Ok, ok, so I ran out of updates :smiley:

All being well, I should be adding the rest of the creature images over the course of this week.
World images are another story, however… if anyone fancies helping out by taking some nice clear night time screenshots of the planets they can see from their world (the bigger the planet is on screen, the better - as long as it all fits in the screenshot!) and post them up here that’d be a fantastic help … If not, I’ll get my travelling coin ready and the F12 key primed :wink:

Also, if anyone can give me some info on which gems are currently available on which world, I will add that into the world detail pages too.

If you see any issues on the site, or can think of anything that may prove useful to other players, feel free to prod me on this thread or pm me!

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!


Nashrail has amethyst vulupto has ruby. Thats all I know.
Your page has been a valuable resource for me since day one. Thanks for your work! :smile_cat:


Cool, thanks. I’ll get them added to the site soon!

To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve built a site like this and I’m really happy that people are using it and find it helpful :smile:


love the site,always comes in handy when you cant quite remember that recipe :wink:


Thank you for building this site. You did a great job. It is an invaluable tool. It really helped to bring me back up to speed.


The website is amazing! The only thing that could be worked on which I am sure you are aware, is that there aren’t models for most of the items to be crafted. If you need any help with it let me know and I will see what I can do!


Damn, @Stretchious that site is awesome!


Will there be an advanced customization system available? It will allow for:

-The expansion of unique player made cultures
-Consumption of miscellaneous resources
-Bring greater variety to the worlds
-Keep players busy

Multiple colored dyes
Different feathers
Different colors of wood = different colored items
Shape variations

Imagine a world where an entire tribe or nation develops a unique aesthetic, but that unique look does not necessarily give an unfair practical advantage.