Boundless Crafting

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Erm… sure… if it makes it into the game, it’ll be added to the resource website :wink:


Ok - in response to this thread, I’ve boosted one of my “to do” tasks up the list and added a couple of other minor updates as well…

  • Crafting page now also includes information when an item drops from creatures (previously only showed when an item dropped from another item i.e. Soft Coal Seam -> Soft Coal).
  • More creature images added … Only 4 more hunters to go… well, until the ‘worms’ get further along the development cycle!
  • Optimised some images and database queries, to hopefully keep things nice and speedy for you all :wink:

I’ll be adding in some other info, hopefully over this weekend as well, with regards to best types of and minimum required tools to mine certain blocks. I’ll also be adding the Current Spark Values and Fuel Costs - big thanks to everyone that contributed to that thread! :+1:

Dark Blood?

Updated my thread with Wood values :slight_smile:


Hey! New to Boundless and just wanted to say thanks for Boundless Crafting, awesome layout and info!


Do you accept community contributions to I just traveled to Nasharil today and I can confirm, there are Cuttletrunks…plenty of them! Not sure which tier though, I’ll get a screen next time I’m there. They may be unique to some areas of course. I found them on what seems to be an island surrounded by lava that has loads of graves on them. Also found Mould there in some graves.


A lot of the data in the site is from community contributions :P. Usually people just tag him when they are saying something to contribute.


Contributions are always welcome! As @UmbraVictus said, just tag me and I’ll get stuff added :smile:


So, here it is, the update some of you have been waiting for (and the rest of you probably didn’t even know about!). Item images have started making their way onto the site! Whoop!! Now, some of these new images are not just your average, every day images, oh no… some of these images are extra special… they’re actually 3D objects which you can fully rotate and marvel over… the same 3d objects currently used in game!

But wait … there’s more … for good measure, you can actually download a snapshop image of however you’ve positioned them - a simple and easy image snap for the YouTubers out there to add to your cover images!

Currently there are only a meagre few 3D models for you to drool over, but I’ll be adding a whole bunch more soon, so watch this space!

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!


Now you’re just showing off… :thumbsup:


Hi everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the latest update!

I’ve just updated the site with all the items linking through to required skills, so if you’re stuck on “how do I get the recipe for this thing”, you can now find out :wink:

For example:-

I’m still working through hooking up the stat values in the skills descriptions, so that eventually you’ll have a nifty calculator to plan out what you want to do with your character(s)! (thanks @ApoNono for the cool idea!).

Any errors, issues or ideas for the site - please feel free to contact me on the Forums, Discord (pm works best there so I get notified) or even via Twitter

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!


Kudos @Stretchious, I was thinking about making a calculator, but different kind, it would show how much resources you need to craft something counting all starting blocks and fuel. And this for character progression is awesome idea!


Very nice, i am still confused to which skill unlock what recepie.:slight_smile:


Is the update life? I’m not seeing the recipes :anguished:


Might need to hard refresh the page (on windows it’s Ctrl+F5). It’s probably cached the JavaScript file which controls the page


It works, you genius…


Some or even most of the pages/items could use some videos on how they work or etc it might give players a better idea about a item

forgot to mention that I could be uploading these videos if you take my idea :slight_smile:


I think you should; that kind of info is quite useful, when you want to plan how much to get of something, to make a certain amount of a complex crafted item.


Yeah, that could also help with establishing proper prices, if somehow rarity of blocks got counted in :slight_smile:


All the latest items, recipes, skills etc. are now available on the site!

(along with the many… many redirects from the old item names! :stuck_out_tongue: )

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!


Will be looking at those and possibly updating the chart.