Boundless Crafting

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As someone not that familiar with blocks yet, I’m really looking forward for pictures to be added. Most importantly, those props one so that I’ll know their appearance before I invest my skill points on props skill! :slight_smile:


Images (well 3D models) are coming … they’re just taking longer than I anticipated (plus I have been playing too much lol)!


I don’t think the required skill for a recipe is showing in the website? Or I’m just dumb. Currently trying to make Decorative Metamorphic Stone.


Should be named decorative metamorphic rock


Oh right! I got the name wrong. Anyway, the problem that I have is that I don’t know what skill I should I have to make it? Not listed in the website and not present in workbench’s recipes as well.


Try pressing ctrl+F5 on windows.

It updated the site for me and showed me the skill required.

Also right clicking the block in your inventory, if you have it. Should show you what skill it needs


There was an issue with my import, so they’re not showing up - sorry! It’ll be fixed later tonight (uk time zone)


@Dzchan94 I’ve tried the CTRL+F5 but it didn’t work. Thanks for that quick tip!

@Stretchious No problem! Take your time. :slight_smile:


The links between skills and items have now been fixed!


Wow, it was a long time ago since I updated the site with anything meaningful…

Well, that’s about to change… I’ve just pushed a Work In Progress version of the skills calculator based on the current in-game skills and skill points.

It’s not a complete feature yet … Many of the tooltip values are not correct, you are currently unable to see the cumulative statributes based on skills selected and you can only see skillpoints for a level 50 character, but it should allow you to get a general idea of what skill allocation is possible with the current implementation of 1000 skillpoints.

There will be bugs as this is an incomplete feature…!

I’ve not provided a link to it via the site, as it’s not complete yet, but feel free to give it a try … it can be found at

Note: You might need to hit Shift-F5 in your browser to update the stylesheet (especially if you have visited the skills page before).


It would be a nice feature to be able to export/import profile you made. Or save it somehow. For sharing and such.

Great update Stretchious, I’ll be testing it later :muscle::+1::smile:


omg, this is so awesome!!!


It’s on my todo list! :smiley:


If you need helping hand let me know :sunglasses:


One cool thing would be to let players create and save guides on this so other people can see them and use them for themselves. Kind of like MobaFire:


I’ve just made an update to the Skills Calculator on Boundless Crafting. You can now select your current player level, which will calculate how many skill points you should have.

Currently, if you change your character level, the calculator will be reset, but I plan on making it so that you can change your character level up (for future planning) but not down (as that will mess up the available skill points calculations).

Let me know what you think, and as always… Stay Boundless :boundless: :smiley: :+1:


You might consider adding the new skill/role templates, from the testing version (when they get to live), so people can have a starting point to know which skills they will want?

Or maybe not, as eventually I guess they will be used for something similar in-game…


Ok, you got me confused… can you clarify? lol


Thought I might :joy:. In the testing update’s files there are some skill-point templates. Just thought it would be cool if those were on the website so that people could have a starting point before making their personal builds, to help people who might not know what skills are best for what they want to be.


coming soon to @Stretchious webshop gleam ice cubes

bumping this for the newbies :smile:
oh and alot off you dont know but theirs a knowledge option in menu
have to keep pointing that out

all info is here guys