Boundless Crafting

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went to my old faithful boundles crafting today to look up some food recipies and realised… someone has a lot of work to do!


He’s already updated them all but is not publishing until the update to not cause any confusion!


Yup, it’s all imported and waiting for this release to be pushed to the live branch!

If there’s any recipes you need to know in the meantime, just shout on here :wink:


Site updated with the Release 188 items and recipes!!

I’ve even added where some of the new items (such as Opal or Cobalt Fragment) are dropped from… so when you go exploring, you now know what you’re looking for to get those special items :wink:

Any problems, please shout… and remember… stay Boundless :boundless:


How many power basic coil and advanced coil produce?


100 and 500


I believe it is now 300 but I could be wrong. @BrianPWilson should have some made. His numbers should be right.


Thanks, guys. I have limited resources so i needed to calculate all before crafting. Now i can)


Check out the Recipe Spreadsheet and tell me if your values match! :slight_smile: @Inwrd


just checked and you are right! thanks for correcting:sunglasses:


You’re the most amazing person in the world. <3


300 for advanced or base?


Is it possible to extract resource from atlas? Jiivita said right click if i remebmer right? I can’t do that(


100 for basic
300 is advanced one

press “x” when hovering over atlas in inventory - works the same for totem and slingbow augments


Is there a periodic table of boundless?


Top work Dude, That website is such a great resource :+1::grin:


Ok so when I derp, I derp big… what was one of the biggest additions to the game in release 188? … what resource requirement did I neglect to enable on the crafting section? … yup, you guessed it… Power…!

You can now actually see the power requirements for recipes on the site… enjoy!

I blame lack of sleep and not enough game time :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the fact that none of us noticed, even me (I have been using the site quite a lot recently for advanced engine recipes) might be slightly worse :joy:


It’s been a looooong time coming… but I finally got round to improving the search speed on!! It’s now lightning fast… even on mobile!

As always, let me know if any issues… and stay Boundless!



Search speed does indeed see an improvement.
Nice, keep up the good job!