Boundless Crafting

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Well, the C++ update to is finally live! You can now switch between the “pre-alpha” and “cplusplus” versions via a drop down box located next to the item filter.

I’ve categorised this version as per the naming conventions currently within the game - so it’s easier to relate. Item names and categories will likely change over time as future game iterations are put live and fine tuning occurs.



you should name the blocks correct, not “solid base” correct blockname is “Door solid base”, if you dont use the correct name it produced some problem as example someone search how he can build a door he found nothing :wink:

and what are the small numbers on the right side of the text “no items found”


Just saw and played with the new tools you’ve made here @Stretchious and its absolutely fantastic! :shard:


Thanks for testing @Saint_X - all fixed now!

@Tercel Thanks for the feedback - glad you like it!


I don’t know if this was always (i have not visited your site for a long time)… but the amount of advertising is conspicuous negativ for me :frowning:


I don’t really find it too agrassive and advertisement gives close to no money these days so supporting the site just slightly a few advertisements are necesary.


The advertising will seem less prominent when more item content is added.

@Thorbjorn42gbf is correct - since the advertising has been on there, it’s generated very little. I’ve just been exploring potential revenue streams to assist with server hosting costs.

I’ve tried to keep them minimal size so they don’t overtly affect the flow of the site.


Stretchious!!! Hiya :smile:
Will the road runner be added in the creature menu? Or will you wait till we release it properly live?


Hey Gerry! It should be on there already - it’s under the passive creatures (they are passive right? :worried:).

I just need to get a decent image of one to add to the page :wink:


Ha! Very true - you’ll need to catch one first! :wink:

Yes - they are passive and generally a weak and flighty creature. They strut and tease the player with their basic animated behaviour but are skittish when you approach them (it’s all a front - like most birds he’s really a bit of a chicken and a little bit intellectually challenged).

When we do the variety, we are discussing maybe having the odd (alpha, brave, suicidal) one run towards you?.. but that’s as aggressive as that one will get even if anything at all I think. The variety is most likely going to differ in speed and navigation (and of course a lot of mesh variety like tail feathers and colour) but again that’s all polish (our wish list) for later down the road. In any case we’ll release it like the spitter in it’s basic state so you guys can give it a go and we can add any additional behaviours over time according to environment/design etc as we develop.


That’s sounds great. I like the idea of the odd aggressive one - maybe if they’re in a group, it could try protecting the rest as they escaped. Will they flock together like most real birds do as well?

I’ve also tracked down one of the original concept art images - I’ll use that for the time being (will add it at some point today).


Herding/Flocking has been discussed in our wishlist as a very cool feature if we can manage it. :slight_smile:

I’m hopeful because it has come up quite a few times in active discussion, but I guess we’ll see what is prioritised when it comes down to listing the full feature set. Nothing is set in stone just yet until Claudio finishes the broad concept stage anyway.

Cheers for your Boundless Crafting site - it’s pretty awesome, I’ve had a load of fun with the Glyph creator!!


No worries, I’m glad people are getting some use out of it!


No problem, but you use still the wrong name, the game calls the block “Door Solid Base” why you call it first “Solid Base” and now only “Door” ? Both block name are wrong, if you will craft something you need the correct blockname, which displayed ingame, not the name which you want. I think, that produce only problems in the future. Please use the Names who Displayed ingame.

he had delete some advertise, but i had say to him the same ^^
advertise still usefull if you had over ~50k views in the month, and than you get only a bit money
10-100 view on the page per day give you round about 1 €uro in the month.
100-500 view on the page per day give you betrween 3-30€ in the month.
so i think, remove the advertise. @Stretchious

and position is fail.


You’re looking at the pre-alpha blocks, where it is just named “door”.

I could always just add in 2 large adverts instead :stuck_out_tongue: but for me that breaks the page up too much.
I adverts offend people, they can always just install an ad-blocker, or alternately, just press any key in the filter box and delete it again - the adverts will disappear.


i have set it to c++, but after refresh is was back to pre alpha ^^

i had a adblocker, but i have deactivate ist short, but you cant block the big windows called advertise


If you click on the header or go through creatures / lore it will revert back to pre-alpha views. as long as there is “cplusplus” in the url, you’ll be looking at the c++ stuff.

Yup, that’s the trade off. At least you wont see the advert itself though :wink:

Seriously no offence meant here @Saint_X , but how I choose to monetise the site, is not up for discussion, debate, or demand.

If people like the site and find it useful, then they’re more then welcome to use it - that’s ultimately what it’s there for. Occasionally if someone clicks an advert, that’s great, thanks very much for the support. I have several other websites that also create a small trickle of revenue via adverts, which I use to offset the costs of my servers.


Awesome idea with the aggressive outsider. However have you considered rabid types? Maybe have it be called Oort crazed or Oort imbued to go with it. These can actually attack you and have glowing eyes and other features, such as feathers, or maybe Oort rock-like growths on them which drop when you kill them (It could be impure so you would have to refine it to get the taint) at a low rate.


Rabid oh cool… yeah we did think visually along the lines of a corrupted version like in this link for the basher which would be more aggressive according to environment…:
Concept Hopper and Basher
…But they’re all just loose creative ideas at this point in time. We have the first proper design meeting (first of many I think) about the creatures this week onwards. Different types and variety of danger is definitely a design consideration mostly but one we’d love to see of course! :slight_smile: @olliepurkiss .


It’s a resurrection! The times they are a changing…! just got a big update … :smiley: (just in time for the culling of the old legacy servers on the 1st of August). Here’s the low-down…

  • The new theme is now in place to try and mimic the in-game GUI as it had fallen out of step with what the game now looks like.

  • Initial data has been imported in from the actual game files - so all item names and recipe details are now available! It’s using the beta (testing) data, as I figured this would be the information people would be seeking the most as new content & features are launched in-game.

  • There’s also some new information that is available on the crafting screen, where you can see what recipes your selected items can be used in, and which machine is needed to craft something!

  • Additionally, I’ve made allowances for additional information to be added to the site with regards to skills / professions (as it seems that these will also play a part in what you can actually craft!), and races & guilds.

I’m still continuing to work on more updates, as things like mobile responsiveness needs some TLC and there’s a bunch of missing additional information I still need to go through, but the basics are in and available for your viewing pleasure!