Boundless Pseudo Ray Tracing :D

Hi, everyone

This is Hash.
Ive been playing with shaders and other things to make Boundless looks like it has ray tracing for sveral weeks now. Well, the effect of course is not real tracing. Its not even close to it, but using varous effects and injection tools here is what i was able to achive

Screens here, video on Youtube is uploading right now so it will take some time before ill add link. 2-3 hour hours probably.

  1. Without the effect:
  2. With effect on:

Now during night:

  1. without:
  2. with it:

And here is vid:

HD version needs more time to show up so wait if its not already available.


So far 240p version is ready. But i stroingly advice to wait for higher res version :D:D cant see anything on this X_X


How much of a better PC do you need to run this?

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It looks like the emissive textures are way more emissive and bloom is boosted. I think it could be a problem for the glowing words on signs and the GUI seemed to be affected as well.

The result is interesting, though.


My 970 potato probably can’t run it but YES (with a bit less glare though :D).

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Whoever gets EA s lighting etc back is a legend


Hope they’re better than the lighting we had at release because that sucked compared to now.

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@Ovis actually this doesnt stress gpu much. i noticed a decrese of 5-10 fps.Whats funny in some places i had FPS increase compared to when i have this mod off :slight_smile: I checked on high emissive worlds as well. And it looks marvelous :wink: if you ppl want i can go and do a small stream soon :slight_smile:


It can without a poblem. i tested this on my old pc with gtx 950 still had almost same fps count :stuck_out_tongue:

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:sweat_smile: and here I think it sucks now compared to release. It actually what made/makes me play boundless less than I used to.

On topic: I might have to actually play on my PC and see how this looks.

I guess the changes they made around the farming update were a disservice to dark-ish builds. But for white-ish builds like mine, no-way I would ever wanna go back to release lightings.
Before :

After :


where it is? i wanna check how it looks. :smiley:

You can find my build, the Raxxian Sanctuary , on Raxxa, at the coordinates {-2,238N; 799E; 65A}.

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thanks gonna go that right now :smiley:

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ok if u intrested im starting quick stream :smiley: can u guide me a lil bit? to show me some great sights here?

Sadly, I can barely use the forum as it is, I’m working right now. My computer’s performance is mobilized by 3DsMax+VRay. I don’t even know where you stream. On Twitch?

i can stream on twitch or YT :slight_smile: well i just checked how it looks like here are some screens ill post in a sec :slight_smile:


With it:


with it :slight_smile:


One more with additional sharpness levels:


EA lighting was and is something i miss everyday In this game.

Pretty much every photo before mid 2018 would describe it the Best.

Heres some pics