Boundless Universal Trade Tracker [BUTT] 2.0

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If you go to the support menu, there should be a report beacon button there to report issues like this to the devs.


Yes, but it would be nice to have the same function on BUTT as well

Nice yes, but a 2nd moderation layer seems redundant and would add a lot more moderation work. It would also require some kind of user identification (login) to be viable. Seems like too much work for such little gain since the same functionality is already provided by the devs in-game :confused:


Yes, like that. It’s a very nice feature.

Mayumichi. Holy broly dude. BEAUTIFUL work. The graphs, the sleek UI, the icons for the items… Dang dude. You put a lot of work in this thing and it shows. I can’t imagine how many hours you put into this, did you make the UI and it’s data processing all on your own? For the graphs and things I mean. I know the other dev in here mentioned (can’t see name at this time) is the guy who wrote the tool that grabs the data, and kudos to him too for smartly not overloading the game servers.

I’m a fellow programmer. I started in Java, then dabbled in C# cause it’s literally exactly the same, and now python. Addicted to the ease of obtaining libraries on the go with python. Anyways, I digress…

I’m considering polling your polling… using solenium or something to try and read your data. Or better yet, I suppose I could just ask you if the following idea is feasible or give me your thoughts/opinions on it:

A tool to show the “deals” for flips. I can manually search stuff all day but it would be cool to have it detect from all data any large buying and selling gaps, over a settable threshold value bought/sold. Ive been thinking over the logic for how that would be determined for the past couple days now…busy though so can’t spend as much time as I’d like.

Thank you for the kind words ^^ Yup 100% of the code, from the backend scanning the prices and frontend UI graphs etc was done by me. Hours wise I have no idea, a month maybe with a few hours of dev time every day on average. I myself am somewhere in between a hobbyist and a professional, so I still had to learn new stuff to make it happen so it took longer than expected.

But now that Boundlexx API: An API to get all things related to Boundless exists I’d suggest using that as your data source instead, getting an API key and building a backend to scan the game servers, and serve that data isn’t simple :sweat_smile: Back then it didn’t exist so I had to make my own, and it’s starting to show some cracks :confused:

Do read the post here though about the automatic data analisys part from the second paragraph onwards. The “deal and courier mode” stuff and what the devs said about it.


Ahhh API!! Music to my ears. Ok so they definitely don’t want a public tool to leverage deals… But if smart coders just made private ones then they unfairly have an advantage… True, people could look manually but code would detect it in milliseconds. I’ll look over that api and see what possibilities there are, and look at what is considered “frowned upon” because the last thing I want to do is tick off the friendly community here or ruin a good thing that the boundless devs have allowed to happen.

So out of curiosity, what coding platform did you use to make BUTT and your other tools? I just can’t get over how slick it is. So smooth… love the transitions, the transparency, everything. I’ve made very SIMPLE GUIs at my work for our job uses (I’m the only programmer /script writer who tries to make tedious work for fellow IT guys easier) but this takes the cake for a single person’s work. You made a Mona Lisa of a GUI.

Isn’t that the same post I linked to above? :thinking:

@Silverlink34 I agree about the private tools, I don’t know what the exact reasoning is behind the dev quote, but I also don’t know a solution to it while keeping access to the price data, some muddy waters for sure.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by coding platform, the frontend is pure html, css and javascript. I haven’t learned to use any cool frameworks so I do everything myself, has its pros and cons :sweat_smile: I try to offload as much of the processing to the client, so I load game files in to the browser and process them on the fly. Like item and language data. Javascript is surprisingly flexible and fast nowadays. Most of the backend stuff is javascript as well, running on node.js. Some small parts are PHP.

I’ve said too many times I’m not a UI designer and apologise for all the things that don’t work or could be better, but your praise makes me think maybe it’s partly my perfectionist tendencies getting the best of me :slight_smile:

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Yes. I read good. I have deleted that post.

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Hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Tbh I was 50% sure I’m misreading it myself and it’s some other post you’re referring to.

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I was just curious what you used for coding in the GUI. I have dabbled very little in website applications, I prefer desktop/mobile application coding myself. We host websites for clients at my job and I’m the web master (love saying that lol) and I like making things work but the gods of designing barely gave me the ability to make decent stick figure drawings.

I’ve tried GUI design and every time I always get caught up in 'how should this data be presented". I get hyped up about what data can be provided and just end up winging most of the time.

That’s why I gave so much praise - I imagined myself planning where things go, how to get the sheer amount of data viewable in a friendly way and yet keep it as simple as possible. And I’m like nope… don’t even know where I would have started. A good GUI should be 100% self explanatory without a tutorial being needed, and you accomplished that.

It’s ok to be critical of your work. That’s what motivates to make it better. But at the same time, I hope at some point you have had the chance to step back and just be like “dang… that’s a pretty thing I made.”.

Anyways… I’ll make posts and ask the community here about any ideas I may come up with using the boundlexx api. Thanks so much for the quick reply!

Oh the “fun” part starts when you also have to think about hugely varying screen sizes from mobile to 4k TV’s :smiley: And yes when something is finally ready after taking hours to make sure all the pixels are as I want them to be, I do give myself some slack and just play with it and look at the pretty :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you the best of luck with your projects, I’ll wait to see what you have in mind ^^

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Has anyone made something that helps to locate stores/beacons?

There’s been more times than I’d like to admit that I used BUTT to find a store selling something cheap and travelling 2000-4000m to get to it (traveling to TNT mega, then the general world portal) just to find that the store was actually linked to a portal already in TNT and I just didnt see it.

What I am envisioning:
a beacon location tool capable of telling you all the different ways to reach a beacon, with the fastest route available and maybe the next 2 closest routes. So the tool would need to know about all of the portals and all of the beacons, and be able to determine the closest portals to the beacon. I’m gonna go search now and see if something like this exists in the forums real quick…

LOL! I can’t help but make a pun from BUTT’s name…
Featuring… ■■■■! Automated Navigational Universe Search!

1 Like has beacons on world atlasses, but I haven’t done well with figuring out how to do it efficiently, and all they can do is show it on the map and you have to figure out navigation based on guessing portals from beacon names.

There doesn’t seem to be a good way to track portals, and that’s usually the best path, so that would be your first big challenge with that task.


Little too much for me.

I’m just joking of course :stuck_out_tongue:

So i found going to TNT and just staring at the portals for a minute going… i could have swore there was a portal here to that shop…

then pop over to ps hub and then go… i could have swore there was a portal here to that shop…

then pop over to dk’s mall and go… i could have swore there was a portal to here to that shop…

then say… alright fine screw it… I’ll just portal to the planet and then find a hub on planet that gets me close… run to the shop and go… oh look 10 portals that go to every single network and come to find there was a portal to that shop on the top row between two portals i could have swore i reread at least 3 times…



Satnav has been a dream for many ppl I think, but sadly there is no API for portals and manually keeping up a database seems like a pita :sweat_smile: There were also plans on making it possible to add travel instructions to BUTT, but it ran in to some issues (moderation and user verification related) so it’s not being worked on atm :confused:

I was playing around with this and the only thing i could think of was setting items for sale in a beacon at a specific price and naming the beacon to say their discord name.

Then picking it up on the next beacon scan

That was the plan initially, but the problem is that the API doesn’t provide any way to identify which beacon an order belongs to, just a beacon name string for each order. So someone could easily name their beacon identically to yours and steal the ownership by identifying as the new owner.