BoundlessTrade.Net ..... What do you think?

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Yes, best case would be the devs putting something like this in the game. I’ve called for something similar for a while.


Also I love how active this thread is :slight_smile:
Be nice everyone!


The tool isn’t released yet though. It IS in the testing phase, and this thread shouldn’t have been here before the client is public and at least some of the bias would have been removed.

Valid points about data manipulation, the same problems as in the official ingame market view thread. I can have baskets and stands inaccessible to the players, have good prices in them and funnel people to my shop with it, while in reality those baskets and stands are under the floor and nobody can use them. Or just go script-kiddie and flood the servers with randomly generated data.


This tool is broadcasting directly into the official boundless discord linked to by the game developer.

It is effectively released, it is literally dev promoted, and it is live. It is shaping traffic in game.

Alpha, Beta, Leak, whatever those terms are not important. It’s permissioned and configured into the discord server and responding to requests so saying it’s “not released” is distraction at best.


Can you try completely enclosing a request basket with solid blocks so that it isn’t accessible at all and see if it gets scanned? That would be one way to trick it and would also tell us if the scanner picks up hidden blocks in the world. I would try it but my shop isn’t stocked yet and I don’t think they have scanned it.


It is? Sorry I didn’t know about that :o

@blastronaut Player-placed blocks would probably be always sent to the client by the server, so it doesn’t tell us if gem-seams for example could be scanned from the memory. I’d assume if they were able to be scanned we’d already have tools for it :thinking: But this tool most likely doesn’t scan if there’s a player-sized route to the basket/stand, so enclosing it probably works.


This bot literally has it’s own channel on the official boundless discord right now. Not kidding so the game developers are currently directing all interested players to this tool.

This is after the first “Test” or “Leak” or whatever happened where it started broadcasting, apparently into one of the more general chats. No real explanation or anything it just appeared live on the official server as far as I know.

You would actually have to come to the forum and stumble onto this particular thread ( as I just did) to find out that it’s not 100% official boundless approved tool for shoppers. Despite the generic disclaimer that the data is crowdsourced.

If this isn’t approved by the devs then I’m curious whether they own or admin these “official” servers at all.


5:32 AM ] BOTProtector Praesidio :

@Simoyd Boundless Trade Network - Info for Rough Oortstone All Orders and Locations:

Best Prices for Quantity 2000:
Selling for 250 coin.
Buying for 140 coin.

Best Prices for Quantity 1:
Selling for 200 coin.
Buying for 210 coin.

Sell Order Median: 250 Coins
Sell Order Count: 16 Shop Stands
Sell Item Count: 10918 Items

Buy Order Median: 145 Coins
Buy Order Count: 78 Shop Stands
Buy Item Count: 35797 Items

Disclaimer: includes crowd sourced data from players, and as such does not include prices for ALL shopstands in the game. Prices may not be 100% indicative of reality.

Tons of it


I think now that this tool is out there, it has to force the devs to create an in game tool of the same type.

I appreciate that the creator was trying to do some thing to help everyone, and i have to admire the fact that you have the ability to do so, but the problem is that we can see from the conversation that it won’t necessarily be helpful to all.

I know people use stands as storage, so first thing we need is better storage solutions, a chest with large inventory or something similar, that would then remove the tendency to use shop stands as storage, then some sort of in game store checker could be used.

I’m still not sure it is an entirely good thing, but it’s out there now, and I’d much rather it was designed and controlled by the devs (no offence @Simoyd @fuzzylkd, like I said kudos on the skills to create the program).


Kinda surprised my store in the mall didn’t pop up. But I almost always have 100k coin buying rough oortstone at 160c. It’s been in there for a couple days now too.


Can we please just close this thread? This thread wasn’t created by the creators of the mod. This thread is just stirring up drama and providing opinions when people aren’t asking for it yet because it is still in development.

Hmm almost like it is a troll thread. Please close this thread.

Simoyd and Fuzzy made the mod. Simoyd is one of the admins on the Official Boundless Discords, which means he asked the other admins if it was okay and then created a channel for general use.

Modding is allowed in this game, without consideration of anyone. I can create a mod that makes every character look like spaghetti people, or that makes dirt blocks look like cheese…or collects meteor data and publishes it to a map. These mods are all allowed, and no one is owed a thing…not even a say in them. Because they are not designed by a company for you, they are designed by modders for themselves and then they want to open them up for other players they can. Because this is a game :stuck_out_tongue: not a job for them.

Send Simoyd/Fuzzy a check for $50 then start talking about why your shop stands aren’t appearing in the BETA version of a client that you didn’t pay for and wasn’t intended to be released yet based on your comments created in a thread asking for opinions from someone that isn’t even involved in the project.

This entire website/process could just be released ONLY for 1 group of people if they wanted. There is no requirement to allow others to use it. It could be ONLY used in PS, ONLY in Ultima or ONLY in some other hub…and it would be a tool that did just that, and it would be fine. A mod doesn’t need to be ‘fair’, because it was made for a purpose not for each individual persons desires.

Let it not be fair. Go make a mod that is ‘fair’. Or go into another thread and ask for the devs to give you what you want. But just because something exists that isn’t what you want, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist or needs to be aligned to your view. It can exist…not meet your needs, and you don’t have to use it :wink: its a mod, not the core game.


Your arguments are interesting in this thread. I will note again that this thread is not created by the creator of this website and just someone that wants everyones opinion on something not even finished yet…which is super cool, can’t believe this thread is even open.

Anyway, you mention about the data being 11 hour old, 2 days old…so it is not useful in the way you see it.

Cool, first , thankfully you don’t need to use the mod…so no worries there! Price your stuff at whatever you want, randomly walk around and find stuff to your hearts desire. The great thing about mods is they aren’t required! Keep the core gameplay the way you want.

But lets say you want to go buy something. And you aren’t sure a good price. You may walk around and compare a few shop stands…>>BUT WAIT<< do you compare EVERY SHOP STAND? Even my shop stand on Biitula that doesn’t have a portal to it on the other side of a lake!!!

I want to know how you feel like you can make a purchase without looking at EVERYONE’S shop stands in the game that sell that item.

Well, you shouldn’t have to do that all yourself, so I am sure you could ask someone. “Hey, what price is Tagris selling this item I want at in their shop stands?” And the person will say 100c.

BUT THAT IS A LIE! That person went to my shopstand 1 day ago! I have changed my prices. Before anyone quotes my prices, they need to warp to my planet, swim that lake and check it ! Every …5…minutes!!!


Current data gathered for the purpose of buying items is incomplete and relies on other peoples memory of what prices are listed. “Price Check on Globes” into trade only surveys the random memory of people. Those people can lie too :wink: That situation is able to be manipulated or artificially inflated.

Each point you bring up, already exists with the current system. The website at least allows shops to request scans and provides everyone using the website the same information to make an educated decision on buying prices/selling prices.

But again, no need to convince you :slight_smile: it is a mod…just don’t use it. The game remains the same.


I like what it does very much. And I think it’s really clever. I want to see it in game for all players …

… otherwise it’s basically cheating, no?


I’m with you, man. This thread appears to have been put out here to be a witch hunt. @james I know for a fact @Simoyd isn’t a witch. I’ve seen him drown before.


I wish I could say that many of the players who look at this trade net will realize that it is a) work in progress and so not accurate b) that not all the shops are in it and so there could be shops with cheaper items c) some items at a shop will be missed, left out d) prices can change and not be updated at the time you visit so you may see a different price at the shop.

Unfortunately, too many people go and state, but the site said it was this price and get upset.
To help keep that from happening all the creator can do is put in large print at the beginning of each “page” or section in red that prices can change and not have been updated and that not all shops are listed so some may have it cheaper.

It is up to us, the shoppers to use our brains and understand that this isn’t accurate, that we could miss out on a great buy at another shop and decide if we what to run all over the place to find it or just buy at this shop. I see and understand the concern of others such as @AeneaGames, I am concerned about it also. But I still think it is good, if the shoppers use their brains and think it out.
Unfortunately, I’ve read post here that has me wondering if some players even have a brain or use it. And at times, I know my brain doesn’t work right, I can be downright blind to what is in front of me.
I have yet to se it up, partly because I get distracted and partly because I can’t be consistent with the items in my nature shop (selling plants and boulders at New Leyland Market) because I can’t get out and collect the mushrooms and such when I would like to so I can keep it stocked.


Huh ok, that I didn’t know!


I’m 99.9% sure it will be picked up since the game requests the data of all baskets and stands in a 15 block radius. Like I said my basket was on the roof, it wasn’t completely blocked out but I doubt anyone saw it or that the game could possibly ‘think’ that it needed to retrieve the data because a player walking below might see it since that was absolutely not the case (wasn’t visible).

But I did do another test, there’s a nother inky basket on the market, paying 1000c per leaf, will see if that gets picked up!

It is released already and it’s showing inaccurate, incomplete and out of date data to people who do not realise it is doing that. And even when people DO realise it’s doing that you really think they still are going to see if there are any shops out there that aren’t listed? Nah, don’t see that happening.

And even besides all that my opinion about it can not and will not change since it is based on if shopowners can have control over their own data which they can not and never will if they are not playing on a Windows PC AND have this client program active in the background. So this IS the right time to bring this up.

And this is not stirring up drama, this is just expressing my opinion about this, if that’s not allowed then what is this forum for?


I run a shop, my potential customers will USE this website

Yes, that is a nice thing that it almost can do. Except it also can not show prices of EVERYONE’S shop stands since the data is not there. But everyone here full well knows people are not going to be using it JUST like that. They want to buy or sell something and are going to use the website to see where they can get the best deal.

And my opinion of it is based on THAT and since the actual dev admitted that PS4, Mac (and thus also streaming) players will not be able to control the accuracy of their own shop’s data EVER this opinion will not change once it is ‘officially released’.

Nope, there is no current system, the only system to get info about shop prices is checking if SHOP OWNERS advertised their prices somewhere. And even tho it might be even less complete at least it’s the SHOP OWNERS who put the data out there and have control over it.

With this program they absulutely have no control over it!

You don’t get it do you? This has nothing to do with ME wanting to use the website, this has everything to do with it being out there for everyone to see and that people can use it to look for prices and if my shops or anyone else’s is not included in the data or has inaccurate data then even tho I do not want to use it myself I will still notice it in my shops activity…

It’s really not that hard to grasp. All the other mods you mention, yes, with those I would understand your comments since it doesn’t bother anyone if you are using it or not, this one tho affects everyone no matter if you’re using it yourself or not…


If youre fixated on getting a 1c win on every item, youre doing it wrong. And its not going to make the game much fun. Kinda like getting upset over a website (unless someone has you pinned down forcing you to look at it, that might not be overly enjoyable).

Have fair prices, good stock, make it easy to access… and things will sell. And its easy and stress free.

Using this site to set my prices i didnt aim to be the cheapest, but i still have regular customers and sales. Couldnt tell you if my stands are listed, and i dont care. I know my prices are fair, and people seem to like it. Thats all that matters.

P.s. thanks @Simoyd, appreciate all your work! I didnt read the whole thread, but i didnt see nearly enough appreciation for all the time and effort that must have gone into this.


It has taken me less than 5 record depth on average to find what I want by using this site, and there’s a fat disclaimer at the bottom in yellow that says the data may be innacurate. I would rather sift through inaccurate data than run through 20 trash/inactive shops looking for a good deal


Not sure if that’s directed at me or not but here goes:
If you’re not listed it doesn’t matter if you have the best prices or not people using this site will not visit you, you don’t exist. Same goes for when the site shows you’re out of stock or have no coin in basket people will skip your shop this time around since the website says so even tho you recoin your baskets every day AND restock your shop stands several times a day the data can be 2 days old.

So no, this is not about getting a 1c win on items…

Yes, I know, it’s mighy annoying. Never said the current way is perfect but I just dislike the fact that you could’ve gotten a better deal when all data was accurate.

And I also get that as a player with no shops that one might not be too worried about some slightly better prices of shops that are not in the database but I hope that people can understand that the owners of those not listed shops (or with 2 day old data) will be affected by this…

Anyhoo, I’m done with this now. The program is not going to change, the data will be incomplete and/or 2 days old, my opinion will not be changing until that can be resolved, makes no sense to waste more time on this then I already did…


Wasnt you specifically, although i do think you are over cooking this one. Not everyone is going to search this site every time they want to buy something. If my shop suddenly gets 0 customers cause im not in this site then i’ll join you, but i really dont see that happening.

Convenience trumps price a lot of the time. My shops are setup on the assumption that people will know they can drop in at any time and buy pretty much any item in large quantities for a fair price at any time.

Personally id rather that than search for a possible small saving. And thats the same reason i frequent your shops funnily enough.

But each to their own. Luckily theres lots of shops doing different things.