BoundlessTrade.Net ..... What do you think?

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You can’t really compare these things now can you.

of course you can use it, but should you? Since the data can be, and apparently is, out of date!

Go ahead use an old fashioned phonebook from the 50’s and try to find my phone number. Everyone can use it but you can’t find the people who are not in there so why use it?

Right now I have a feeling that people who are using the WEBSITE at the moment already think that the data is up to date and rely on it’s information to get the best deal out there but that is NOT the case now is it? So why does it exist if it can’t actually do the one thing it was set out to do?

You’re not getting it do you?


I can use the website just fine, everyone can, but the data is not up to date and doesn’t contain all the shops out there.

Then why would anyone even want to use it?

Tell me, why do you want to use the website? Why do you want to use the client? To what purpose?


Because its meant to be used as a guide, not as en exclusive resource for shopping needs. It literally says on the website and on discord when the bot is used that data may be out of date.


I don’t remember what post it was in. But @james said it. @AeneaGames might remember what post it was on


Sure, yeah, people are going to look at it and think “oh, there it’s 200c, I’l just still go run around to see if there’s one that’s cheaper because it’s just a guide that I’m looking at!”

That’s nonsense!


One was about the settlement debug screen and the other was about the editor for the sanctum. Both are now currently located inside the debug menus and anything labelled ‘debug’ is a no-no for Sony. If they just move it from the debug meny to it’s own regular in-game meny with a slightly fancier UI then it’s a game feature and not a debugging function. Which in the end means anything useful that has been quickly added by the devs FOR NOW to the debug menu can and will be implemented for the PS4.

(Testing servers will not ever unless Sony changes their mind about such things)


Yea I know. I just was trying to see if you remembered where James mentioned about working on the GUI to make it a standard feature. So I could link it.


Not by heart no and it’s 6am, not gonna search for it now :slight_smile:


Believe what you want than. But outdated info or not, its still much more efficient that trying to find stuff manually, which is the real goal of the website.


Yay I can stop moving around in the game. Now I just gotta figure out how to do it in real life. This is how I honestly see it :joy:. But I suppose I’m the only one who really likes running thru stores and seeing setups/designs and providing people with footfall

Edit: before anyone asks. Yes when I go to the mall I go into stores I don’t actually plan on buying anything at as well. Let’s me see their current inventory, burn some calories, if it’s a clothing store maybe see a new style that I may like and try to work into my wardrobe. Etc etc etc. hey sometimes you find great sales going on too.


But it’s not more efficient!

Unless, of course, you use the incomplete, not up to date, data to buy and sell stuff in which case you ARE relying on the data to be accurate AND acting on it.

Because I can’t possibly imagine anyone using the website right now is not using it to buy/sell stuff even tho it was only meant as a guide and was never meant to be accurate!

So if that is true then the only correct way to use this website is to check pricing of items AND then still go out the old fashioned way with the knowledge of what hi and low prices for the item are.

Sorry but I do think most people are not doing that right now and not gonna do that in future, they will take the data as is and not go to all the trouble to still do the same things they used to do before the site was here and run around all the shops…

ANd if you believe they will, well, you too can believe what you want!


Let us agree to disagree and leave it at that then.


(yes this is a complete sentence, is this new?)


FYI, my request baskets somehow have disappeared again! Well most of them anyways. Nice since they’ve been in there for a mere 6 hours now! Yay! such a great guide if you want to sell your massive stock of leaves for a good price :wink:

Fun fact: my test basket with inky for 100c per is still in there together with a handful of others :joy:


Request basket data is still a work in progress, they’re aware it is wonky at times, still working out kinks and such blah blah


I think it’s bad
– not said that this website or it provides information to players is bad.

But it seems that it has done to read the block data from the memory.
This also means - mineral tracking cheating is can be done.


The site also has a wonderful color map of all 255 colors :wink:


Ooh man a mineral tracker…

But seriously, great work @Simoyd


They didn’t say they’re making a GUI for the debug menu, but a GUI for the settlement visualisation thing there. Just one part.

edit: Just saw this was already mentioned by aenea


I hope the game doesn’t send data for all hidden blocks, and judging by the behavior I get when out of sync with the server it seems to be true. So no block scanners. Also, if it was possible, it’s not the fault of this tool.


I was surprised to find any of my items listed, and also totally shocked at some of the prices listed.

A quick look at what I have listed and knowledge of my setup explains how/why some items were listed and others were not pretty clearly lol.

This is super manipulable as your inky basket shows. To be fair after looking at a few key items I was tempted to go running and buy out the vendors. This gets me thinking on how incredibly easy it is to bias or plain falsify the data and hey - I’m not so enthused.

It’s a noble idea, IMO but even assuming all intentions are pure (I’m not suggesting anything else) at the developer end it’s a recipe for subtle abuse, and outright manipulation. I don’t care to spend the time personally discovering how much of this info is false or “just out of date”.

Having this live (and running in the official boundless discord like a turbulenz official service or something) is already blurring the line when I saw the spam i thought it was real (official) game data.

Allowing public access and preview of this data is already shaping traffic and the data is admitted to make no attempt at being complete, or even representative.

To be clear, all shop stands which were more than 24m from a portal seekers shopping hub portal on my build were excluded from the data currently being publicized.

It’s ok though guys i mean, it’s just testing. It’s not like people are using it already right? Or it publishes live to an officially sponsored server, right?

This is a train wreck waiting to happen. In self defense I’ll be manipulating this data and if the official boundless discord advertises for some shops and not others without shop owners’ control or participation there’s going to be nothing but hard feelings, best case.

Creating a situation where it even slightly looks like sending traffic to Portal Seekers gets you advertised on Boundless Official channels - you guys see how this is NOT best case right?

EDIT: Sorry this post started as a reply to Aenea but that was like the first three paragraphs.

The rest is general commentary on the topic and situation I’m not confusing her with who created (and released) this tool.