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I honestly hopes this works, it is genuinely a good idea in principle. Time will tell. However, isnt in the best interests of the less helpful players to Not run around to help updating pricea, seeing as that will mean less competition.


I don’t own a shop and haven’t purchased anything since pre-launch (I miss you @slyduda) . I’ll be running around with this in the future to help out.


Yes. as an april fools joke I was thinking about making a post saying the client won’t be public and we will only scan shops connected to PS. Also we have enough reserve to increase our oort buy price to like 500+ coin for a few months. That would just totally kill everyone I think XD.

But no I’d never do that.


Drama would be so thick you would have to eat it in icecream cones!


Huh, ok, I missed that.

Can I put in a recurring scan request tho? Like say, every hour? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


we’re not 100% bottomed out on the details yet but I think the idea will be that the owner has to hit that button once every 2 weeks, then the shop will pop up on the discord bot to be scanned every 2 days.


Not for shop owners who can’t themselves update the data. That’s my whole point.


Ehh, why once every 2 weeks and then scan every 2 days? Is the 2 weeks to make sure the people are still active?


yeah we don’t want somebody playing for a few days, and waste the scanner people’s time for months to come. The shop owner will have to click the button every 2 weeks to say they are still active and expecting customers.


I haven’t used the thing myself so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

@Simoyd @AeneaGames Care to explain this to me?

I was under the impression this updates rather quickly as that would yield the most useful utility out of it.


The shop stands only update when someone with the program installed runs within ~15 blocks of them.

Aenea is salty because PS4 players cant do that and is afraid of loosing out of their virtual pixel money


LOL, that’s rich! This whole website and all around it is to make sure one can save a few virtual coins…

And BTW, I was talking about request baskets, my other shops somehow get ‘visited’ more often by someone using this client program…

But it only actually updates when someone, who is running this client program on their Windows PC where they ALSO run the game, is running near the shop stands.

If no one that has that program running comes near your shop it will never be in the database. If they come by every 2 days like has been mentioned then the data is 2 days old.

This morning my request basket for inky leaves was not in there anymore. Used to be, means someone didn’t run past the first row of shops at our market when they last visited since the first row of shops were still listed.

I filled the basket with coin, took over 12 hours before it was updated and that probably only because I clicked on a button on the website to be scanned…

Highest price inky bought at was shown as 24c, only one had that price, below those were a few with 20c. Mine is set for 21c. Not to be found. If you have a lot of those leaves and want to sell you go to the highest paying request basket. I mean. that is what the site is meant to be used for, right? If that one of 24c is full you go to the next highest, for 20c but skip mine altogether since it’s not on the website.

THAT is the issue I have with it. And at first I was under the impression that I might still be able to run it on a PC (or in my case virtual machine on my Mac) and use it while playing on PS4 but that is not the case.

Therefor shop owners have to rely on people who use this program and come near them. Sure you can ask to be scanned regularly, every 2 days, still not quite up to date as when it would’ve been able to update every time one self would run past the shopstands…

It’s a nice website and if the data was up to date for everyone equally it would be a fantastic tool. Right now not so much.

And am sure someone comes in and tells me that the site it doesn’t have to be up to date blabla and/or that saving a few coins is not important blabla, but then I wonder why they even use and/or created this in the first place…

Either list every single shop stand with reasonable up to date data or don’t at all.


So they update when you’re within range of them. So it doesn’t stop any sort of traveling or exploration of sorts. But the site does display the prices of other locations that have been scanned. Sounds pretty cool.

I don’t think this is at all remotely fair to even say.

Her concerns are valid. Please don’t just try and sweep them under the rug as if they’re irrelevant. This kind of stuff is irritating and this community needs to learn to do it less often.


I see… I guess that’s where I was getting the disconnect.

Thanks for clearing that up. Kind of wish this mod was just part of the game then. :confused:


Yep, it is! I also did a sneaky test with Inky Leaves, put up a reqeust basket on the roof of a market stall with 1000c in it asking for inky leaves for 100c and this got picked up by the program the same time as my regular basket was. Am sure no one actually saw this one…

Thank you, these types of replies are infuriating and honestly really, really, really do not help at all. In fact, since my mood is going all over the place since a little while this sorta comment can one day be the last straw and make me uninstall the game.
I play to have fun, part of the fun for me is running a few shops, a market and a town (oh and a portal network). If it becomes less fun, if I can’t do the network anymore due to lack of income because I receive less ‘virtual pixel money’ than that can happen. Besides that lately there’s way too much drama everywhere in this game and am getting sick of it and these comments aren’t exactly helping.

I’ve told him before, also on discord, that my baskets are still getting filled even when not listed, tho I do notice that it happens quicker when the baskets ARE listed. It means the site is succesful but people ARE going to trust the data to be accurate even if there’s a sentence at the bottom saying it’s not 'cos not everyone is gonna read that which means that all the smaller shops out there could get a hit in sales (or with their baskets) not because their prices are bad, but because they are simply not listed.

No one will go out anymore to visit shops they know usually have baskets, they will check the website which in turn means that footfall might go down for some places as well.

I think the devs should step in, provide API’s to the data so it can be up to date and doesn’t need a client program at all, or better yet, they include it inside the game…


I know this post of mine is going to be off topic… but nobody in this community really knows exactly how negative I feel about it. Not that my opinion has ever meant anything in this community. So please trust me when I say I understand how you feel. The community isn’t as “awesome” as everyone wants to claim it is. If it wasn’t for the CoC, I would have called out a lot of people for their BS. It is what it is.

I just hope that the devs really take a serious hard look at this mod and see the merits of it so they can implement it into the game along with another piece of content they have planned.

EDIT: With that said, I am done with the thread.


Yeah me too.

Thing is, in the grand scheme of things I probably will barely notice being listed or not or not being able to force an update myself since the market is rather busy. There are also quite a few shops, including my own, who have good prices so am sure some people with the client program running will come by now and then.
I also know about all this and I know I can request to be scanned every 2 days but not everyone reads the forums either.

I usually have quite a few of the items I sell in stock so even tho the numbers aren’t accurate it’s still worth it for people to check out. The baskets, well perhaps I should just stuff 3 times the coin in them and only recoin once every few days, then I probably will still see the same amount of mats sold to me in the end.

But what about all the other people out there who do not know it even exists? And/or are never visited often or at all by someone with the client?

That’s why I am against it in it’s current form…


So just because some people cant use it means nobody should be allowed to use it?

If that were true we wouldn’t have debug mode. We wouldn’t have test servers. Is that what you want?


Actually some people would agree with not having those till it’s able to be used on ps4 as well. And if you’re shocked by that I’d have to say you don’t pay much attention to these forums or the opinions of people. But the devs have also stated they want to get a GUI made for the debug menu that allows it to be on the ps4 as well so that actually made a few happy/quiet about it


Its not that i’m shocked or anything, I just don’t think people should be so selfish as to deny others of such as useful feature because they themselves can’t use it.

You happen to have a quote or something of them saying that?