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I have a qustion tho. And it’s an important one…

This image you posted of the startup of the client program clearly states it uses both network data and data from the game’s memory.

Does it need to do that? Or are non-Windows players ■■■■ out of luck?

I was under the assumption that it only used network data, if it needs access to the game’s memory this means that if you are not running the game on a Windows PC you can not use this client.

Which in turn means I can not run this program and many others like me on PS4, MacOS or using streaming services like nVidia Geforce Now.

This will severely hamper the accuracy of the data of my own shops which I most certainly will not be happy with.

I wrongly assumed I could installl this under a VM on my Mac and use it with the PS4 but it seems I can not. All my in-game buddies that ‘live’ near my shops are also all on PS4. So in order to get reliable data of our shops into this system we have to rely on other people who can use it to walk near our shops on a regular basis. I am sure you can understand this is not something we should want.

This is very, very bad and will make sure I am 100% against this since it is in fact giving then an unfair advantage to PC players AND to people who actually use this software who also run their own shops.

I am NOT liking this AT ALL now!


I always have a problem wondering what to price an item because the market fluctuates. I hate for instance I but a titanium hammer for 499 go to the next shop and they are 175.


You can still use the website? You can use it on your phone too. Just because you cant generate data doesn’t mean you dont have access. People run through new leyden all the freaking time, your data will be there. Cause it already is.


You’re missing the point completely!

But it’s not up to date tho and if I can’t get it to update myself it never will be up to date.

Because let’s face it, not every Windows PC player is going to install the program so I and others who can not install it are at the mercy of the few that do and just happen to run near their shops.

Yes, New Leyden is rather active but what about all the shops in remote locations that do not get all that much traffic?


I’ve ran all over the place using this tool. I’m still waiting on the client to be released. Try using the website out, see where this thing takes you, it will surprise you. I think you are making a lot of assumptions without the results of actually using this to find things you need or to fill request baskets. You put it up for one coin more. Someone will show up, walk all over your market looking for a request basket. You probably witnessed me do this yesterday.

I dont think this is designed to have always up to date data on every single shop stand in boundless. That would be rediculous.


It’s not about the website, it’s about up to date data…


I think it’s a great idea, wanted to make it myself but never got an approval from devs (they didn’t respond to DM). I don’t want to invest time if it’s against ToS to make such things and potentially get me banned or something.


The site already states that the data cannot be guaranteed to be up to date, and that not all shops might be included. And I’m pretty sure it will remain that way when the client is released, because it’s impossible to always keep it up to date or guarantee anything since that’s the limit of it being a third party tool and reliant on crowdsourced data.

I’ll probably be one of the ones who runs it as well and I’m sure plenty of PC players will be willing to help PS4 players keep their shop updated by having a quick look around. Afaik it’s even a planned feature for players to request an update for their shop.


Yes. To use the MITM you need to modify the list of certificates trusted by the game. Otherwise the game wont trust the MITM and refuse to connect. Based on what people have said about PS4, this probably isn’t allowed on their platform. So regardless of the memory reading, it won’t work on PS4 ever.

Mac is a different story and could hypothetically get something working some day, but I don’t know anything about mac development, and I don’t own a mac, and I don’t really want to spend the time to learn it, so there’s no mac client at this time.


no probs if ya ever need a market stall where they do not eat people let me knowz :joy:
ow to say on topic
love the site great work guys


Great, so shopowners are at the mercy of the few people who will actually install this program on their PC’s (and who play on said PC) and run past their shops!

Excellent! Will do wonders for the game, am sure! /s

Again, I was kinda ok with it if a shopowner could install it themselves and force an update on the data OR let it appear in the db at all…



The things people worry about when it comes to this game is mind boggling.

It seems like if it isn’t a game feature that could actually improve the game tremendously, it’s about someone making a tool to make something easier in the game cause the devs either won’t do it themselves or haven’t got around to it.


I think it is a great idea. Yes, it will have problems, yes it won’t reflect the accurate prices at all the shops, but a player will get a general idea and common sense says that what is show may be off a bit.
I’m one of those who set up a shop late and am suffering from it. The Making of Greatness sells the ingredients for making food and some foods. Other shops that are closer to the portal are higher, some double what I ask asking for. But players don’t want to spend a hour looking for a shop with lower prices.
New Leyden Market has fair prices, but even there you can find shops that are asking much higher because the shop owner hasn’t compared prices. At my Nature’s Greatness shop, where I sell plants, boulders and mushrooms from various planets, some are asking double what I am for same item. My problem is I can’t get to the more dangerous planet to get some of the plants. Glow cap mushrooms are hard to find and risky, so I get very few of them, but won’t charge 200 or more coins for them. I really need to put signs up for my shops.
If the shop owner is using it to scam players, come buy at my shop I have cheaper prices in hope of getting player to come and then see them raised word will get out, on discord, players remarking here about it and players chatting in the game so I’m not seeing that as being a big problem.
And no worse than the shops out in the “boonies” where players are accidently overpricing or doing so because new players don’t know to look elsewhere and many are confused by the portals.

I know, too long. I approve of this program or whatever it is called. I am willing to take the chance of malware, have software for it, viruses, have protection for it and I can get them at lots of other areas. My bank has protection for anyone getting into my account and any experienced hacker could get to it and they won’t find much; we live from paycheck to paycheck. Senior citizens who have social security and hubby with some retirement.


This is exactly what the game needs. @Simoyd and @fuzzylkd have acted on something that was requested by a lot of people to help cut down on the time it takes to shop. Since he is doing it, the developers can see the outcome without putting forth a large amount of development time. Maybe, if this works out really well it will become an integrated part of the game in the future. What better way to show the developers that something is worth the development time then giving them a working model?

Edit: Added @fuzzylkd . Thanks @Fallon


and @fuzzylkd :slight_smile:


I want to add something to this.

It’s the person’s responsibility when they download something, run a program, accept an update for a program, go to a website, etc. etc. all the security risk associated with it. If you can’t handle that, then stop using the internet.

It’s already bad enough people argue that suggested game features people have posted on these forums are “too exploitable” or “aren’t balanced” and it just paralyses any form of discussion in moving forward with certain topics that keep being brought up.

This stuff is inevitable in being made. This game is meant to be modifiable. This is a mod. People are complaining about a mod being made for the game. I find that extremely hypocritical considering a lot of them have said they want modded servers. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My issue with this is the assumption it will be fine if you are busy, prices will get updated.

However, i see it like this. You are currently busy. People come. BUT you get undercut or run out of stock. Your no longer cheapest on the site, or show no stock. So those who installed the client and use the site DONT go there…why would they, they are clearly price orentiated and you aint cheapest. They go to new place. Then, you could get stock or even reduce price, however as nobody with the client went to look, your update doesnt get added and things run the risk of dying.

Saturation on all PC players who install it just to help out would be needed to avoid this.

Or the creators running around all the registered shops to make sure its updated. That ones a bit far fetched and not realistic.

I like this tool, I am on it and im cheapest for what i sell but i can see this going badly for Me and fellow ps4 players


Its a mod that a large chunk of the player base have less access or abilities on. I think thats the issue, not the existince of a tool with the goals and uses it has.

Its not a level playing field. Thats the issue (or potentially wont be) pc player can ensure his prices are updated when they change them. ps4 cannot


There will be a discord bot to advertise the scan requests, and people can come on and fill the requests. It will not be limited to only the creators. I’m hoping there will be enough people in the community who value this to keep all the requests in check, but we’ll have to see.