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No link to an exe file has been posted regardless so i’m not sure where you are drawing from here. Just a website which has links to exe (once the client is released of course)… which literally any gaming website has.

His website does clearly outline what the client is and how it works (granted I have a electronic engineering background and have taken a collage course on internet security. so I do know a fair bit about software and interception of packets from the internet). His program is extremely dangerous if he had malicious intent. Intent is what you have to judge personally about every program you ever install (including physical discs, not just the internet). This is rule one of being a responsible user of your technology.

If a minor gets a hold of a virus, it is their own fault, not someone else. Their parents are responsible for the damages since that minor is under their care (and presumably it would be the parent’s information that is more likely to be of value as well). I’m not blaming the victim here, but reminding that security is and always will be first and foremost on the shoulder’s of the end user (read one of those end user legal documents for downloading services sometime, its there too).

I am likely to use this client, in fact I have plans to when it is made available. But I also know how to verify it has limits in place for what it intercepts and reports, and I am capable of making changes to it if I so wished. Will I go through this extra effort, probably not because I do have a certain level of trust for the person creating the application.

Mods are “allowed” by Wonderstruck or they wouldn’t have a mod section of the forums. They maintain and reserve the right to ban any one, or all the ones made if they so choose. Some mods that have been made to adjust the 3rd person camera for instance, were looked at by Devs and not banned (at this time). In fact James mentioned on another thread that we can alter textures in the game files to create new “user imaged” blocks into the game on our personal side, even encouraged it since it could show the devs new ideas for potential blocks that could be added in the future (if I were an artist I would already be doing this btw).

The issue of your personal device’s security is on you the person, not on the company who some third party software is interacting with. I realize laws are different in different parts of the world but this is how it works in my country, and it feels like common sense to me.


I do my online banking, my forum posting, and my boundlesstradedotnet on the same computer. I’ve made 50k just flipping items in gyosha mall over the weekend. It’s terrible, don’t use it ever.


Just to put the cat among the pigeons slightly.

PlayStation does have very strict rules about game mods, I have no idea if they would include this in their catch all definition of a mod.

I know you are not changing anything in game, but you are accessing the games data.

PlayStation do not allow any user generated mod to be used on their platform, the only mods that have been allowed are ones created by the game makers.

This is not a comment on how useful the site is, or the intent of the creator, or even the right or wrong of PlayStation’s policy.

They problem is that PlayStation has this policy, and I would hate for Boundless to be penalised in some way because this policy has been breached.

That the devs have allowed it to continue, we would have to assume that they have checked with PlayStation that it doesn’t constitute a beach of contract…


This got slightly off topic.

As co-owner of a few large shops, this site is awesome.

Pricing 100s of items is hard, being able to see the going rates makes life so much easier for the shopkeepers, and makes prices so much better for shoppers.


Did Microsoft hasn’t ban all mods from Minecraft due to the risks? Isn’t that what you are asking for?


You don’t like what it does so you tried to turn us all against it as a security risk.

The person this tool hurts is the one that requests items are too high of a price, but are they really hurt if they don’t know they overpaid? If you reduce the friction of the buying process then more shoppers will shop and spend more coins. The margins may tighten but the activity should make up for it. This is not anything like spying on the other team’s data.

Some might even argue that footfall will drop if we can find items more easily, but tonight I went to planet i’ve never been to before and hiked to a shop halfway across the map after checking many portals for a shortcut just to get some cheap signs. I created footfall for a whole bunch of distant beacons.

If this tool gets popular I may have to stick a shop with lowball prices in the middle of nowhere. :slight_smile:

  • The data is already visible in the client, this isn’t hidden information, it’s read only, it’s not a trainer or a hack.
  • There was a question on the granularity of that information Poll: World-economy-screen so it’s probable the desvs are already considering implementing this in some form in game. This program just has the granularity to the full with coordinates and all prices across all worlds
  • The devs of this tool weren’t even asking for feedback and this thread has pretty aggressive accusations against the developer of the tool, why is it still open?


Not necessarily. It may appear that way at first but this will make finding items easier and reduce friction in the buying process so more purchases will be made because players will be able to be more productive. The lower value items will get bought up and flipped. Some will make money by running the low cost items to high paying request baskets which also pushes the market prices up. Removing this friction will increase the effect of supply and demand on prices across all shops.


Some might even argue that footfall will drop if we can find items more easily, but tonight I went to planet i’ve never been to before and hiked to a shop halfway across the map after checking many portals for a shortcut just to get some cheap signs. I created footfall for a whole bunch of distant beacons.

Might I be bold and argue that shops that have to rely on footfall to make a profit, might have a hole in their business plan. I always thought of running a shop like in the real world, visitors to your shop in the real world don’t just have coins falling off their pockets.


I am no legal expert. But I will give you my opinion about it at any rate.

I do not think they can even define this as a mod anymore then they can try to define Wireshark a very well known packer sniffer, as a mod.

The market program in question. from my very limited understanding, as I have not had the time to give it a good look yet, Collects this Information from the network packets being sent/Received by the client, The program is basically a packet sniffer for boundless that is designed to look for and pull out the market Information from the packets.

Therefore this program would be defined as a Packet sniffer, not a mod. and Sony haves absolutely no way to enforce or police people from using a packet sniffer on their PCs.

And even if this was not a packet sniffer, and all it did was read data from memory. This would still not be defined as a mod. A mod would require the program to tamper with something in the client.

If this is the exact literature of how it is worded, then the key word here is „their platform“ They can really only police stuff that is ran on the PS4 or effects server side of things for the PS4. Mods that are designed to be ran on the PC which do not effect the server for obvious reasons, can not be policed by Sony if the above quoted statement is how it is written. Furthermore. It is impossible for sony to prevent PC users from tampering with the game client unless they force the boundless devs to install anti-cheat engines to try to prevent such.

Because of the above mentioned explanations. I do not believe anything here being done would violate their policy. Now, if boundless allowed mods that tampered with the server side of things which in turn effects all users which would include PS4 players, then, that could be a violation.


Well, for me its currently helping a lot. Oddly sales have increased but footfall overall has gone down. Not sure if this is people arent just browsing and looking at stalls, rather buying at the cheapest place what they need and warping home.

Can see the downsides though. Where does the undercutting stop & what if you arent on the site?

Overall, i like it, but im not dependant on coin from sales.


Could I interest you in an outlet at embassy market looking for pro, s :grin:


Aenea would eat me alive :wink:


Game economies should be able to survive while being transparent about prices, all sorts of auction houses in most mmo’s and they aren’t the cause of economic problems in them.


I agree. I think its just an adjustment. Be interesting to see what happens if all prices level out and match. Hopefully guild members buy from each other, local shopping etc. Could see that causing a migration of shops to just a few places though, effectively acting like a WoW auction house(shop) situation. Can see a lot of people with overpriced shops getting upset though


The game really must have something like that. At the moment, the only thing I really shop for are forged tools. For Oort Shards and other animal parts (I don’t hunt) there’s the awesome Request Dimension. Everything else I can gather and craft myself faster then what it would take me to find a fair priced item.

Just try it for yourself. Do a price check on something like… I don’t know, e,g. bark, in the Gyosha Mall. It’ll probably take you something like 2 hours to visit every shop. Most people, including me, probably get bored and stop after the main street*. In 2 hours you’ve farmed more bark then whatever shop ends up being the cheapest will have stocked.

*) This is another problem for people, like me, who couldn’t get a shop in the main street at Gyosha Mall. Did you ever visit a shop in the other parts? I think such a web site could level the playing field for a lot of player.


Yeah, competition will be harder for sure now that your prices are public to compare to other shops, but this doesn’t work with forged items yet, I think? So only a part of the market will become more leveled out. Shops are already migrating to a few places, this is just the evolution of boundless shopping.

But please keep it at an informational level, I like the physical shopping experience a lot, muh immersion!


They don’t. This is not a mod, the program on the PS4 is not being modified whatsoever. It’s a program you need to run on your PC completely seperated from your PS4.

Again, not a mod, mod stands for modification, it’s not doing any of that. It’s no different than a regular proxy server or VPN that a user or an ISP might have installed.

PlayStation allows you to do anything you want on your own PC, this has nothing to do whatsoever with them…

Not going to happen. Again, it’s not running on the PS4 but on another computer, they have no control over that. Anyone can run a proxy server now, I have one running on my server…

They didn’t have to check with PS, it’s not a mod…


BUY LOCAL! :slight_smile:

I start making some pies for ya then :wink:


I will reply with the appropriate response in game