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Things are gonna happen, You cant say dont make any program because this one time… something could have happened…

Watch your kids.


what is? are you saying this hurts minecraft somehow?


Come on, you’re pulling my leg now? :slight_smile:


I think we all understand and agree it’s definitely dangerous to install 3rd party software. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. What exactly do you have issue with outside of that?


Marrs you’re making stuff up. What site did you pull that Trojan horse thing from?


You shouldn’t be distributing it on the Boundless forum!


:slight_smile: Wikipedia so it must be true :wink:



why? People put mods/apps on forums all the time. Why should this game be different? Is there a greater risk with this specific game?


Exactly? Downloading third party apps is always a risk…but you said that mods weren’t exe files. And they are…many of them use them. You were incorrect.

There is risk…but that risk doesn’t fall back to Wonderstruck or Boundless :wink: and is a part of the modding community. You don’t need to participate in these downloads. And feel free to point out the risks to those you speak to.

But just because something CAN be a risk, doesn’t mean it is.

Just because an EXE file can have a virus or key logger, doesn’t mean it does. And mods made in good faith by active community members can be measured and viewed differently then you phone call with Russian friends :wink: hehe


i legit do not know if you are trolling now i can go on that page right now and edit in that minecraft is also a Swedish secret deep state government project


Try it - 10 chars


anyway back on to topic i think the site is needed has it stands right now trying to find things in boundless is just a real pain having to run around for hours on end looking at different shops to try and find the thing you are eather buying or selling for a good price is not my idea of fun.


Is it official, then, that Wonderstruck is ok with us posting links to executables to download on the forums?


pretty sure he wont reply to reserve the right to say no if someone tries to abuse =D.


I couldn’t care less about this. I personally won’t use it and half tempted to break my stands down every day and replace them to keep them off the list :joy:. I see this as a quicker way to things costing 1c. Also I don’t use a pc either so there’s that. And also the games you guys say have mods are really only pc games. There’s strict rules for mod usuage with games that are on ps4. Really strict rules. So yea there’s that too.


Great work fuzzy and simoyd. Boundlesstrade is awesome!


If you’re that worried about things just do not install another program EVER!


Am really not sure why you’re bringing this up…


Are you? I mean, huh? Why are you afraid that Simoyd has malicious intent?

Are you this paranoid about any other program you install on your computer?


Simoyd IRL


There are no rules anywhere that I can see that says posting links to executables, even if they were flat out viruses, is not allowed. thou doing the latter will obviously damage your reputation here.

This is a public forum, The content of what is posted on this forum posted by other players, is by no means automatically endorsed or supported because they allow it to be posted and do not remove it.

Futhermore since this is a public forum, If someone did post something hazardous I am pretty sure other people would warn and post not to download it. I am sure I am not the only person here who is able to take an EXE file and look at it to see if it may or may not be a virus.

Lastly, in the event something was posted that turned out to be a problem. I am sure the devs would step in at some point and put a stop to it.