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If simoyd hadn’t come into this forum to answer questions, it would have been shut down long ago. Speculation in this forum creates a horrible cycle of people going off the deep end. Then we see the thread shut down and open over and over.

People get very passionate about this game, and the less information they get, the more everyone percieves the sky as falling and fight with eachother. It isn’t a good look.

As an edit: this thread has been pretty civil, but most of us know eachother.


Got one at Lamblis…

LOL, you’re seeing things that aren’t there, I wasn’t hating on him just making a remark about his earlier one, if someone can’t handle that they should not make the first not so friendly remark :slight_smile:

But hey I could get past that, I know him, he has a stall on my market, replied to other posts on forum in other threads, there’s no bad feelings from either side as far as I know so no reason to bring it back up now is there, other then to be little toxic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See did it again, making a remark about somone’s past remark :joy:

Doesn’t mean I’m hating on you tho!

Sadly, that’s just my personality and I know not everyone can handle that, haha.

PS. I will PM you later today, perhaps we can together find a way to get this to work for more people… but need food first!


Nope, not toxic and not meant to be such. It was meant to point out that the db is not working as it should, it is what my posts in this thread were about, about incomplete and/or out of date data, so yes, I do find it rather funny that this happened.

The remark about using it as a guide as evidenced by the smiling is just a wink to Vansten’s orginal not-so-fun reply, and yes, I’m making a funny about it showing everyone that even tho I didn’t like his comment at first I’m ok with it and him.

Now stop going on about it will ya. I know this is your baby and all (the program, not Vansten!) but chill out a tad.

I told you were it was, it’s even in your own db, but sure, here (copied from your db):

Coin Converters

-152, 241, 67

There are 10 pages with orders there, 6 of which are buy orders, 2 of which are not at Coin Converters, 1 is the one on the roof, that’s 3 listed on the main shop floor and believe me, there are a few more there and no, only 1 or 2 were devoid of coin at that moment, so that can’t be it.

Perhaps there’s a little bug in there then? Anyway, you have the coords, hope you can find the issue!

But only every 2 days! While shops where the owners can happily run the scanner themsselves will have up to date data…


Right, that’s because this is important to every player and needs to be discussed.

Neither the people posting asking for the thread to be closed or the people trying to say that it’s got a status of “not released” while it responds to live requests are helping any of the situation.

Also there are several people here responding as a team, and acting as though they are personally affronted by statements made in response to other people.

Is simoyd/tagris the same person because simoyd sure chose to point by point my response to tagris’ large post as if it were an analysis of his tool.

To be clear there are plenty of people who would be happier with a clear explanation of what’s going on and information on how to get involved than a bunch of hush hush behavior and statements that it’s “not released” while they’re looking at it advertising other people’s shops.

Finding a thread and then being told not to ask questions by, apparently, the supporters of the tool is a bad sign.

Get it to the point where a PS4 player in the back woods of a level1 planet can make the same effort and get the same service as “the portal seekers elders”. Get official wonderstruck (above board) approval. THEN put it live on the official servers.

Until then, and in the opinion which I’m completely entitled to, it’s a small group abusing an (admittedly earned) privilege. I don’t even think you guys are bad people but this is ill considered and it’s not being handled well.

If you want to take time to call me a troll or act like I’m trying to attack your reputation or whatever that’s a separate issue, I reserve the right to respond.

EDIT: after catching up oni aenea’s comments as well, yes it’s clear that as soon as the thread was posted, there were a group of supporters with a defensive attitude ready for “attack”.

Definitely that’s part of what makes this feel more like economic extortion than “a goodwill offering to the community”.

‘Toxic’ indeed.


This website is awesome I saved a lot of coins gem tools of all kinds for only 1k each amazing


the reason i think for this is cuz the software is right now unreleased its the same has asking a dev how do i farm befor the farming system is even out in codeing and software things change all the time sim could chime in and say ok here is how you run the scanner with step by step points for shop onwers then the a day or 2 later turn around and say something completely different cuz in the time of testing found out that it just des not work or had to be redone


The market doesn’t have to go to a shopkeeper, that’s not a reason to discount the mod.

And what does Wonderstruck have to approve it for? I guess I don’t get why they have to approve already-public info.


@loadkill I don’t know who you are or your involvement here but I thinkt he “unreleased” dev status vs the “live on official servers” actual reality is probably not worth hammering at much more.

The shopkeeper should be able to come to the market. That’s one of the biggest issues here at the moment.

Ehhh man this is actually wonderstruck’s owned data. There is no API and it’s not offered to the public.

Wonderstruck has to approve this because it is broadcasting on their official game server and encouraging players to a third party site.

Also because it’s sniffing data and republishing steam, wonderstruck, turbulenz, I don’t even know know many separate companies have rights to, not only this data, but the network traffic being sniffed and parsed here.

I’m not claiming to be knowledgeable regarding THESE SPECIFIC contracts but asking questions being responded to as an attack is again, not a positive sign, or helpful in any way.

Again the other mods are either obviously useless/harmless and fun like the mapping tool, or at least not really published for only some players to use on the official forums and whatnot.

It’s cool to have a hobby. It’s great to share your work. But this is actual business.


Don’t worry, I didn’t assume you were. Just asking questions to understand your perspective… which I’m allowed to do, don’t attack me I’m squishy


Wha… Lying is not the only way to communicate…

I mean it’s been at the top of the forum for 2 days straight. I feel like it’s gotten enough of an announcement. Also it’s not affiliated with boundless so I’m not sure why they would promote it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game go to this extent to promote a mod. I can’t imaging wonderstruck will either.

I’m very much looking forward to this change and personally believe it to be a very positive change overall.

because people complain about problems, but dont provide a solution other than an official API or in-game tool. Bottom line is wonderstruck is not involved with this tool, and I’m looking for ideas on how to improve it given that fact as a baseline. This site and client will be happening regardless of any player’s opinion. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion. People may still have better ideas than what I’ve thought of. I’m just informing you of the reality of how the future will be unfolding soon.

I don’t work for or speak for the devs. I don’t want to mis-communicate their perspective here. I did ask for permission to put the bot on the discord, but that doesn’t mean that wonderstruck recommends all their players should use it. It’s just a helpful tool that I feel COULD POSSIBLY be useful to a large number of people.

Besides the fact that this is directly insulting/flaming someone, are you’re saying communicating the desire to close the thread is ironic? can you elaborate on this, I’m confused. I don’t think falsely stating someone’s motivations means they have cognitive dissonance. I’m so confused sorry :frowning:. It might be good to take a step back and re-read your stuff before you post. It sounds more like you’re trying to win an argument by any means necessary and less like you’re trying to help people.


You might need to read up again. I think his comment raised a valid point, then you insulted him.

I never said it was.

Insulting people is not a personality type.

that… is insulting… laughing at someone for failing is insulting… It’s even more insulting if the failure is a lie.

I will continue responding to you. And nothing you say will ever change that. Feel free to ask other people on this forum!

So you know that I know that I have this data already. Which means there’s a misunderstanding between us that you are capable of identifying. A quick read up clearly shows that I asked for the coordinates of the specific shop-stand/basket that disappeared. I can repeat it here for you.

May I please have the specific coordinates of the shopstand/basket you feel was incorrectly removed so that I can investigate the specific shop-stand? I will not be reviewing every single shop-stand within 100 blocks of your shop. I don’t have time for that. I have no record of what changes you’ve made to your shop (if any). And I won’t need to care about changes to your shop if you give me the coordinates.

Again your response with information you’ve stated I already know comes off to me as a refusal to provide the correct information. I feel like you’re just trying to create chaos here and nothing else.

I’m happy to help if you provide the info, but if you continue not to, I will continue to let you know that the point you’ve made that depends on that issue is unfounded.

Again. Let me know if you can think of a way to solve this issue without wonderstruck involvement. I’m happy to listen. Otherwise the tool/site will go up using the currently described functionality.


Okay, now you’re taking the ■■■■!

The COORDINATES ARE THERE! Copied straight from your own website!

Excuse me? What now? So you’re now fully admitting that you might omit data of some shops?

You got to be kidding me here!

Indeed, it’s not, I didn’t, clearly you are now tho…

I didn’t insult him, I’m very surprised that you did not see his post to me as being toxic tho.

That is not insulting, clearly you have an odd definition of that.

What IS insulting tho is accusing me of lying while your own db is showing the truth…

I’m sorry Simoyd but you are way too defensive here, seeing things that aren’t there, making things bigger than they had to be. you’re also clearly not seeing the behaviour you are yourself showing in your replies which is a crying shame.


Thinking that the tool is so great that you just need to silence anyone with questions about it is wee bit of cognitive dissonance.

I’m not going to point by point the less personal parts of your post. It’s clear that wonderstruck can’t officially support this in it’s current state but it’s broadcasting onto official servers. I hope that somebody is looking into that.

Your stance and more aggressive comments clarify that this is,. in fact, economic extortion.

i haven’t found any point where I’ve made any factually false assertions here and I’ve pointed out several times that someone’s excitement can sometimes take their otherwise positive intent past the point of good sense.

But really here you (and other people who are currently publishing to the tool) are getting nasty again and again. More than one person probably needs a step back right now.


And…we are now here…


That’s subjective and debatable.

I think people often use personal examples when trying to communicate. I don’t see anyone here as personally affronted.

No you just have a very high density of communication gaps (which takes two people and both are equally responsible) and lies (all you bud).

such an explaination does not exist as nobody actually knows it yet. It’s still being worked on.

I think it’s a good sign knowing that it’s not complete and will be better once people have had a chance to actually complete it.

PS4 is a no-go without wonderstruck support. I will not be holding back the use of this site/client due to this. It doesn’t matter how many people ask me not to do it for this reason.

Wonderstruck is not working on this at all right now. They may at some point in the future, but I will not be holding back the use of this site/client to wait for them. In fact this site/client will certainly die once they implement something. It is meant to fill the gap temporarily (and before people jump on some crazy bandwagons this is certainly not it’s only purpose). It doesn’t matter how many people ask me not to do it for this reason, it’s still happening.

Regarding both of these, I’ve tried to provide work-arounds and am open to hear if people have more ideas on how to improve this for various groups.

Everyone has access to see shop prives in-game. If someone has a nice idea for the discord, then let the mods know and we can add something. Everyone has the same privilege. What exactly is the abuse here?

attacking and defending are the two sides of a debate. both sides are attackers and both sides are defenders. That does not make anything toxic in and of itself.

lying on the other hand is pretty darn toxic


Idk how else anyone is supposed to respond to some of these posts other than with a yawn. There’s some weak accusatory rhetoric that generally wouldn’t be welcome from anyone, honestly.


I could make a comment about why that is but am sure many here can come to that conclusion all by themselves.


rofl why does that matter. Is he not allowed to state his opinion unless he’s affiliated with someone?

I’ve provided 3 ways to do that. If you can think of any more without wonderstruck involvement, please let me know.

Players are allowed to write down shop stand prices and send them to whoever they want. Wonderstruck has to approve nothing here, although to be clear if they asked me to stop I would immediately.


I’d really like to see this thread get to feedback on the actual implementation of this work in progress. Good constructive feedback. Ways PS4 players such as myself can not be left out…


That was never the intent of this thread though. OP jumped the gun, really.