BoundlessTrade.Net ..... What do you think?

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make an account on the site, add your shop with travel directions and coordinate and click scan request at the top right.


Quoting myself with an example. The one time ive used this to find a request basket cause i was overstocked and wanted to move a few 1000 items.

I followed a marker into a shop straight to the request basket, sold what i wanted to. Was very happy, and left.

In hindsight, i couldnt tell you the name of the shop, or even what colour it was. I literally didnt see anything apart from that basket.


Will do ten


I think some people will use it more this way. More people may use it this way for some items. But I don’t think everyone will use it like this for every item as you’d be spending so much time going from shop to shop.

Personally I find the additional data of the specific shops helpful for travel. It may solve some other problem but I think the benefit for me outweighs hiding the shop data.


I’m mixed on it, tbh. On one hand I love it. I used it to find some really great deals. However, it will probably result in severe undercutting… which as a shop keeper I think takes away the challenge of true pricing… you might have a great price on something and someone undercuts way under value because they are clueless on the prices of mats… the other hand, people who have goods to sell can easily find request baskets looking to buy what they have, rather than looking all over the universe.

As I said, I’ve used it and myself love it… but I’m a price matched, not an undercutter.

Also, it is for sure not 100% accurate. I’ve checked to see if my shop comes up and it does, but not all the time. So, it does pose an unfair advantage. It also takes away the fun of actually shopping.


Yeah i was going to add that im sure thats not going to be a set in stone norm for everyone either. Just interesting thinking back on it that ot completely changed my focus in the game.

I do a lot of UX work and find these things fascinating.

Still love the site, just interested in my own observations really. Haha.


I mean the undercutting isn’t infinite. Supply and demand still exist. If you’re running the cheapest price for even one popular item, you very likely won’t be able to keep it in stock indefinitely, and the price will go up.

Centralizing the knowledge makes this happen faster, but ultimately it becomes relatively stable at some point.


Another thing to note is a lot of people dont take part in the economy because its hard to find stuff. With a tool like this you’ll have more people coming to your shops to buy.

Quantity is also a thing to keep in mind. If i need 200 shadow orbs i’ll go to the shop listed with 400 shadow orbs vs 3 different shops selling for 1c lower


the discord bot handles quantity too =D


I can see how shop keepers are worried about updating and how people may or may not come to their shops. I also see how undercutting could be an issue. There are just a lot of different people that apply different values to their boundless experience. The biggest thing I value is my time.

As someone who only gets an hour or so to play boundless a few times a week, it allows me to actually go shopping. I can be part of the economy again. So far all of my money has just been sitting because I hated spending my entire play session looking for someone who has pies or tools in stock for a price I know isn’t a complete ripoff. It took less time for me to make them in bulk than find a single hammer that wasn’t set for absurd prices.

Now I can go onto this site, find a few locations that are near me with decent prices (convenience is worth more to me than coin) and hopefully be playing again in a few minutes. As a miner/builder, the last thing I want to do for my one hour a night is traverse 30 stores and not get what I need to mine. I just want to spend as much time as I can either placing or breaking blocks.


my 2 cents on this

someting like this is needed for a MMO a economy without a market place just des not work for the people saying oh it takes the fun out of finding the deals (or exploring) just image IRL if all online shops like best buy,amazon, new egg etc did not exist you had to walk to a brick and mortor store (old school) and find what you are looking for sure its 100% possible and there are people evey day that do that at the same time my time is limited i dont have 2 or 3 hours to spend on a game(or maybe IRL) hunting down evey shop that could sell what im looking for so after lets say a hour of looking i say $#! it and just buy the item form the first shop for the sake of my argument im going to throw random item random price.

in game i find the power coil i was looking for being sold for 5K coin then lets say even the next day i find out form a buddy that a shop somewhere else was selling it for only 2K i just got burned for 3K coin that is going to really discourage me form getting place in the economy and just make the power coil i need next time.

IRL i buy a new TV for 3000$ at the best buy and maybe a week later find out later that costco had that same tv for 1.500 now even with the IRL stores haveing a return policy that is a kick in the teeth and going to make me hesitant about buying something without checking all other possible stores again

i get in this case best buy and the first BL shop owner would hate a market check system cuz they would have lost my business and in turn be out 3K $$$ and 5K coin respectively but at the same time it also hurts eveyone cuz a lost customer sucks for a shop a burnt customer is bad for all shops even more so in a game where someone can realistically just make whatever they can buy.


some shops may see undercuts or lower profits but its for the grater good better to have happy customers and customers with maybe limited time spending there money and keeping the economy flowing then hording there coin and hurting all shops


No one is forced to use it. If you don’t like the experience, then shop the old way, right? Sometimes I like browsing through shops, appreciating people’s builds, etc. But many times I actually need an item in some reasonable amount of time, while still not wanting to get ripped off at 5x the market price, and don’t have 2 hours to spend price gathering.


Mad respect you guys who are responsible to code third party software like this for Bounldess. I have never had any interest in running a store, and as such, have not run one in 1.0. However, I am a heavy duty consumer! And I will use this tool to find the best deals, just like I would shop retailers IRL. Thank you @Simoyd and @fuzzylkd.


I love how you want to shut people up because you didnt want them talking about this thing that they didn’t want.

No it doesn’t. It means he had enough permissions to do it. Discord permissions, not approval from turbulenz/wonderstruck or other admins.

People keep saying this, but there it is posting into the official discord server again this morning.

I’m not actually asking for fair. I’m asking for it to be treated like what it is. A third party mod that people can go (on their own) and get (from a third party website) and use how they like (as you say).

It’s currenlty live and supported by wonderstruck and users are sent to it with no explanation. No announcement. No instructions.And aparently a small test dataset.

Also @Tagris I’ve given you some time. Who are you white-knighting for?

You know better don’t be disingenouous.

I’m not here for a with hunt, I like simoyd ok and have seen and discussed some of his other work. I think this is a mistake from someone who pushed ahead too fast with a “cool” plan.

The fact that there’s a constant strain of people trying to say that it’s “not released” and asking to have a discussion thread closed shows that many of the people trying to be supportive are aware this is being done incorrectly.

This is not “just a mod” that “doesn’t affect other players”. This is an advertising service run by a third party with crowdsourced data on an official platform.

Still no @james ?

I’m not going to try and quote every instance of “you don’t have to use it” in this thread. I do. I’m using it right now Simoyd popped that same innaccurate oortstone data again this morning. An it doesn’t include the portal seekers baskets. T|his means it is/was being used selectively even during the gathering of the test data.

Also I don’t see anybody pointing out that another well respected player who has posted a couple of times about how great the tool is, is actually the only other person with the scanner.

Also number one response to any complaint about the data is that a user needs to go to the third party website, share their boundless information, and ask to be included at some random time in the future.

I’d love to discuss the technical nature of the tool, and I see that people want to have some discussion like this is comparable to a real API or in-game scanner with live data but it is not in any way.

Just assuming that everyone’s intentions are good, people are trying to help, and this is all officially cool with each business involved, crowdsourcing data to a limited segment of a population has issues with selective (unconscious) bias, pattern reinforcement, and other things that would be worth addressing before you ever get to the technical implementation, or “fairness” of use.

That really precedes any concerns about users trying to manipulate the dataset in the field, which will definitely happen with anything even a real, live data source.

It seems like right now there’s too many shady, or at a minimum ill considered things going on to bother trying to discuss the actual merits of the tool.


This tread was created by someone who isn’t the maker of the mod to discuss domething that people had very little information on because it isn’t complete yet.

I’m not really sure what else needed to be said.


This thread was created by a member of he community, to discuss a tool that is currently broadcasting live into boundless official channels.

I’m not really sure why you think that trying to suppress the conversation is a valid response.


that’s an odd thing to love and the motivation was never communicated so this is a toxic fallacy.

I think it’s safe to assume the other mods and devs don’t just let me go haywire and change whatever I want. And to clear things up further I did ask and got positive votes for it from the other moderators/devs.

the site is viewable but the client is not stable enough for public use yet.

you’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. I feel like I agree with what you’ve said here though. I see it as a good thing though. Maybe I’m missing something here sorry :s

This is not really a topic that could ever possibly be considered non-toxic. Probably best to just drop it.

It’s possible the basket was maybe full or out of coin at the exact time I did it. Therefore it does in fact not conclusively mean what you say it means. You are mistaken.

Every veteran in PS has access to it. People are providing feedback and helping me identify and fix bugs.

I would love to hear a better way to do this without Wonderstruck involvement. I’m happy to improve on the process if you have ideas.

not quite understanding this sentance but feel free to ask me anything you like about how it works!

I’ve come up with ideas and a process to handle these issues as best as possible without wonderstruck involvement. If you have better ideas I’d love to hear them =D. I’m happy to improve things moving forward.

I feel like I’ve spoken to your specific concerns here, and I think some of your concerns need more detail for me to be able to speak to them specifically, but I think asserting that my ideas are ill conceived before even giving me a chance to respond to you is a false assertion.


because two people arguing speculative things against each-other is a recipe for anger and toxicity. Bottom line is it’s still in development and obvious problems are still being worked on. No need for everyone to yell about them when they are already on the path to being fixed.


Speaking of this, whatever happened in this thread, a lot of words and such. Have ya’ll heard of BUN? You can literally update your shop information in a format of your liking. I know some of you are already participating in the program. Swing by and check it out if you are not!( is in the yellow pages).


There was a 10 - 12 hour gap there. I’m reading your response right now, as at this time, but to be clear on the semantic analysis there the only way I can give you a chance to respond is to make some assertions.

Great. Safety of assumptions aside (there’s a saying about that but it would get filtered) If this is the case let’s get the dev announcement about this great new tool that’s been released to the general player base.

A wonderstruck representative can encourage people to register their boundless avatar/beacon name on your third party website along with of course all of the other data that entails and ask to be included at your discretion.

This really isn’t like the map tool or the meteor scanner mod. This tool will have a direct affect on the entire economy. Why do you emphasize that you’re trying to do it “without wonderstruck involvement”?

You’\re really stating that the boundless devs explicitly approved you posting a live “shopping assistant” in the official discord with this dataset and no explanation to the users?


No I love it when people take actions so ironic it becomes obvious they’re suffering from some cognitive dissonance.

It’s maybe dark humor but it’s no more toxic than ‘loving’ blooper videos or stupid memes lol