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This statement was made in response to two points. One is subjective, and the other is debatable if you really like to argue semantics between “live” and “released”.

That’s what we’re doing here so totally agreed.

Really man because you seem very angry, and also a couple of other folks. You’re calling me a liar and I’m personally affronted lol.

Speaking of which:

Can you please tell me what you are talking about, and why you keep calling me a liar?


I mean again deflecting and repeating and lying. I can’t help ya bud. I’ve already spoken to everything you’ve said in this post. Maybe scroll up to the first time you’ve said each thing and see what I said again. Let me know if there’s something you think I can help ya with.


Can you add a manual entry option to the website perhaps?

  1. those do not work for people who have no idea this exists
  2. if you have no one near you who’se on PC then that ‘solution’ doesn’t work
  3. the request button means that it’s only being scanned every 2 days so is not a solution for up to date data
  4. stating that it helps to get scanned faster and more often if you have a PS shopping portal is well, do I really need to spell that out for you?


Why dont you start bringing solutions to attack the problem. That’s how problems are fixed. Bring your ideas to the table, there is a way to get everyone included. But with the playstation platform itself, a lot of red tape is involved


Holy cow!

I’ve posted the bloody coordinates now twice already!

You seem to be deliberately ignoring that! And accusing me of lying to boot. I really don’t get your behaviour about this at all, I really do not.

But hey, here, for the 3rd damn time, the coords:
-152, 241, 67

Why do YOU keep insulting me? Why do you keep repeating that I’m lying and then lie about that I’m not giving you the coordinates? What is this BS?


@Simoyd I’m slightly shocked no one has even realized that you said only ps members have the tool right now. Would have thought it would have been better in hands of others that have been around a long time to that aren’t just ps players that you know as well. But hey corner it with your own guild people that’s cool. Also someone mentioned about donating $50 to help development etc but in actuality I think I’d rather donate to this not ever being released :joy:. And this whole post is actually starting to turn me off of boundless. Also makes me want to close up shop n my farms(no shops no money to buy Oort therefore no portals)


Sucks seeing people passionate about this game go round in circles. Might I suggest a few deep breaths and talk about it again in a few days?


You have access to the same data the scanners do, by using though. Are you saying you want to be listed on the site?


I agree… I’ve been using the heck out of it. Like I said, I can just see both sides. :blush:


I’m even more shocked about the simple fact that PS4 users or anyone who can’t run the tool get 3 so called solutions.

One of which is to have a shop portal at a PS shopping hub. Really rather surprised no one had seen that, since he’s pissing me off big time at the moment I don’t give a flying frak anymore about not mentioning it.

I’m bloody done with this.

Anyone want to buy a thriving market? With 4 shops as well. Still giving a nice profit but who knows, that might change, well unless you kiss… eh ya know how that would continue…

I actually feel the same damn way, yes


Well I know this isn’t towards me cause I don’t go round in circles. And this is the first time I’ve ever felt turned off by this game and the things people are doing. And I was forced merged towards launch.


I’m talking about the scanner itself. He said only ps vets have it.

And no I don’t want to be on there at all. In fact don’t be surprised if my shops n portals vanish without warning. Not that I imagine you use any of them.


Don’t forget if you’re on PS4 one of the solutions is to open a shop portal at one of the PS shop hubs!

Awesome stuff!


Yeah, the scan client errors out and crashes and stuff. It’s in the works to get it out there, don’t panic!


Nope only 1 portal to any of their hubs which I only leave open for those people who don’t use Ultima. If I didn’t care about letting everyone use my light blue ancient wood farm I’d close the ps portal


Never panicked. Guess you didn’t really read any of my posts. I want nothing to do with this client at all


It would help me scan your stuff, pls halp


Oh gotcha. No, I hadn’t. My bad.


I have a huge portal on Finata at Ultima’s hub, that should help you scan it too tho, right?