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Come on now ps players using Ultima over their own. :joy:


Some do! Pretty rarely myself, but I did go to Finata yesterday to do some shopping at some of the zany shops (using the site).


Good thing nobody thinks that then. Please stop lying about other people’s opinions. You catch more flies with honey. How about asking a question when there’s a gap in your understanding instead of resulting to insulting the other person. Communication takes two and both people are equally responsible.

What would they need to look in to?

I mean only I know my true motivations, and I know that it’s not extortion, therefore evidence of extortion can’t exist. Again please stop lying.

Here is a list of every single last factually false assertion you’ve posted in this thread. I linked them properly too so you could find them. Then you can see my original response for the emperical data that proves them false. Let me know if you would like some clarification on this. Hope it helps.

– end of list –

I mean again this is just code for “go away, my opinion is better than yours” right? I will be continuing to respond and try to help regardless of anything else.


you… did make a comment… I’m quoting it above this line…

no, the helpful part is the debatable part. I think this thread being at the top of the boundless forum constantly is helping the site a lot, which helps the players (read: everyone).

don’t lie then and I won’t let other people know you’re lying. It’s nothing personal. I believe in communicating truthful information as apposed to teaching people incorrect things.

answered this above (I know I had not posted that at the time you posted this but I wanted to answer it directly as you asked it directly)



If only people took their own advice sometimes!


absolutely correct. maybe some spelling out is needed I guess because I still don’t know how to overcome those problems without wonderstruck involvement. I’m happy to listen to any ideas you have though.


Still haven’t posted the shopstand coordinates. I will continue to repeat that every time you post your shop coordinates until you do.


I want to avoid this as it makes it much easier to abuse sadly :frowning:

The past has shown that shop owners don’t maintain this manual entry for more than a couple weeks anyways , so I’m not sure it would provide too much benefit. It takes a lot of time to do that entry.


She also said it was coin converters that didn’t get added when other stuff in the area did. Hard to miss coin converters. Tho I guess I’m assuming you’ve been to big places that aren’t connected to ps


Perhaps pictures work better, dunno.

Here’s the basket of inky leaves not in the db:

Here you can see a clear overview of all the baskets in that market stall of which only 3 are listed:

The coordinates of the inky leaves basket, am standing on top of it, so it’s actually 1 lower in altitude:

And in case you want to claim I gave other coords first, well, I gave these, smack in the middle of the shop:

But please, go on by calling me a liar and caling me uncooperative!

Also, I answered you way before giving coords with the name of the shop as it is named in your db. You not willing to want to look it up to prevent possible bugs in your program seems kinda vindictive. Accusing me of lying, being possibly trolling because I’m not giving you the location is downright idiotic and comes across as if you’re trying to make me angry. What the reason behind that is I have no idea what it can be tho I can come up with a possible reason, and yes, that is speculation. What you say? Well, you hope I do/say something so you, as a community manager here and on discord, can ban me while following the rules. Of course doesn’t have to be that way, I can’t read your mind, but your behaviour is downright strange to me and others at the moment and can’t think of any other logical reason behind it. Well, ok, that you’re too emotionally invested in your little project that you kinda lost your objectivity.

I must say I didn’t expect this behaviour from you, so I do hope you take a step back, stop replying for a few hours or a day and get yourself some distance, perhaps then you do notice this is very unlike you to do…

Good luck with your program


I’ve gotta start somewhere. Starting with people who I have experience communicating with seemed like the most efficient way to get the tool to the public the fastest. The intention here is not to give my friends an advantage.

I think the only valid response to this in any game is: “can I have your stuff?”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to go. I would be sad but, quitting the game over some 3rd party mod or some randos in a forum doesn’t really seem like a reason that I value. And I get it people are different and have different values but I will not be changing my plans based on this opinion.

I really want this. But I think this tool may have a significant impact on some people in the game, and I want to help communicate the ways people can cope with the problems it introduces. I can’t be silent when people are in pain here.


50w of gleam club so I don’t have to worry about losing my stuff.

If I would have known about this game when backer stuff was around I can safely say I would have been one of the top donors :joy: sad for them I didn’t but good for my bank account I suppose


Yeah we’re pretty square with the list. Some of those are responses to direct unquoted comments from other people but in general I stand by most of those statements.

Some are taken out of their fuller context as questions. Still stand by the whole list. Thanks for posting a summary of most of my points.

This thread being allowed to stand with your assertions that this is going to happen whether wonderstruck or any particular player like it or not and the bot still broadcasting on official servers within a couple days will be a tacit answer from the devs if they don’t choose to address the issue more directly.

A binary answer to a question like “have the devs approved this” would save you a world of headache and it wouldn’t take a team of two to avoid answering questions.

Instead we got whole paragraphs about lies and attacks and not allowing conversations and great suggestions like “open a Portal Seekers Shop Portal to be included” or even “Pay the developer $50”.

Comments from people hoping this “forces the devs to take action”.

Definitely stand by my assertion that this is/will continue to be a train wreck.


I’m pretty sure I called them work-arounds, not solutions.

I talked with major vex (owner of gyosha mall). He’s on PC too. not sure if he’s planning on scanning too or if he eve knows about it. Many other people have expressed interest in scanning regularly to me. I think most major hubs will be covered pretty quickly. I don’t think there’s a need to worry otherwise at this time.

Thanks for the support!

you can put that in the details of your shop on the site when you click scan request. yes that helps.


Have I not been asking questions when there is a gap?


Have you really never been to new Leyden?

Also majorvex is a woman


as Aenea said, the shop coordinates I have already. I asked for the specific shopstand/basket with the problematic symptom as they said it wasn’t all. I’m not sifting through hundreds of shopstands to figure this out. I don’t have the time. I need the shopstand coordinates.

this is the first time which you’ve provided the quested information. thank you for finally doing that. Maybe try doing it the first time instead of waiting until the 5th time I ask.

I asked for the shop stand coordinates. you gave me the shop coordinates. I already had the shop coordinates. Thank you for finally communicating the specific problem baskets only just now. I can now finally look at it given this post. before this post I did not have the information because you didn’t give it to me.


If I may interject, approved and allowed are two different things. Seems to me this is being allowed, not yet approved. Trying to beat people in to a corner isn’t doing anyone any good.

I get @AeneaGames and @FireAngelDth concerns and frustrations. And they have shown themselves to be contributing members of our game community. But what is your stake in this other that to keep picking a fight with @Simoyd?

Btw, PS4 player, not affiliated with any major guilds…


See the pictures. And what shop stand’s coords do you want to have? The ones not listed in your db? Please, again, see the picture and notice how many there are, the listen to me when I say there are only THREE of them listed!

You are being obnoxious about this, I mentioned inky leaves several times in this thread, you have the coords of the shop why on earth do you keep banging on about the coords of a single basket when most of those in that shop aren’t listed?

I’m sorry to say but it comes across like you do not really want to help just pretend you want to. Or perhaps it’s because you’re angry at me (for what I would not know tho since there was absolutely no reason to until you started to sling insults and showing bad behaviour)…


I never was fighting nor did I ever attack anyone. I want no stake in anything to do with this so I already have significantly shrunk my portals and shops. After I buy 100k worth of Oort at 160c(which seems to be more than the hubs pay now) I’ll be closing my shop(s)