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Another lie. I’ve said above if wonderstruck tells me to stop I will. Please stop lying.

I think the lack of dev response to this specific thread a month and a half ago is already a tacit response from the devs:

I don’t think the devs will publicly approve this because it reserves them the right later to shut it down without me being able to point at it and say they approved it. This is unknown territory and I imagine they want to cover their bases.

I’ve received more positive comments about this in the last week then I have received over the entire last year regarding my map client.


I indeed have. Sorry if I implied that I hadn’t been. I don’t scan it regularly though. Why do you ask?

oh my bad


Nonsense, time and time again I said that only a handful of all the baskets are listed, out of 50 only 3 are. Pick one and there’s a huge chance it’s one that’s not listed.
I also mentioned several times that I used inky leaves as an example, it’s a 2x2 plot area, not too hard to miss.

Again, it really comes across like you’re not even trying to solve this. Doesn’t suit you.


I didn’t pick any fight. I expressed some concern, asked a couple questions, and got **** brigaded by a bunch of people who are apparently really behind this and don’t want any questions

I mean, who are you or what’s your stake in this?

I play boundless, I have shops. I pay to support development. |I’m frequently forced to look more to footfall than shop stands for income, as are many players at this time. Obviously grinding trumps both.

Is there a number of shop stands, or portals, or something that’s required to share an opinion or ask a question?


I asked because the way you are acting about this is like you have no clue how to get there or know there is a huge stall with a bunch of baskets not listed. Since it picked up 3 of the 15ish.


At the time you posted the message I replied to, which you replied to, which I am replying to now, you had not yet posted those pictures. Now you have thank you I will look into those stands.


Oh I also dropped quite a bit in ff the last two days. Dunno if it’s a fluke or because a lot of people are just using your tool and going to the cheapest possible place instead of places with the fair prices


Because I had already mentioned that only 3 out of all the baskets were listed I assumed someone with your intellect could find one in that shop that was not…

Final reply, because I’m getting sick of it


objective empirical fact. You did not until that time indicate which specific baskets were problematic.

And if I pick the wrong one? I go digging in raw database data with no UI for half an hour to find that it’s not a problem? I asked for specific info so I could address the specific problem. I’m not going to waste time because you refuse to help yourself.

Now that I have the data I will look into it. thanks for finally providing that!


@Simoyd is it possible to pull beacon names along with coordinates?


You had the info before, you were just not willing to use the info you had. Why? That’s anyone’s guess I suppose but am sure people can draw their own conclusions by now.


Yep, same here, and yes, I do think that is part of the reason indeed.


I’m a PS4 player and not PS. I use it on the official Boundless discord.


Just to clarify. I want this thread shut down because it is off-topic and unhelpful. Who are you giving your opinion too?

The developers of the site that didn’t ask you for it or the game devs that didn’t create it?

Pick a lane.


One thing that could have helped was posting the 3 shop stands that did appear. That would have ensured that any others looked at were the problematic ones.


Fact IS that I mentioned Inky Leaves not being in there even tho the one on the roof was.
Fact IS that I mentioned more than once that most of the baskets were not listed
Fact IS that I gave you the name of the shop Coin Converters first, then coords of the centre of the shop per your own db.

Fact IS that you could’ve used that info to find the multitude of baskets that aren’t listed but you refused to do so and keep going on about me possibly trolling and lying over and over and over.

Fact also IS that your behaviour here has been far more toxic than mine ever was (perceived or real).

Take this however you want


Fun fact: apparently there is a website these days where you can check which baskets are listed!


No, you’re not using the scanner program since you can’t, you’re on PS4. This means your own shop data will be out of date until someone who plays on PC and has the scanner software running visits your shops.

That is the whole issue here

Could the bug possibly be that the baskets that have no coin left are still listed instead of the other way around? 'cos both sulphur and reactive lamella that are still listed have zero coin left for a while now :slight_smile:


To them 100%. The devs that are allowing this to broadcast onto the official boundless discord in its’ current condition, shaping traffic in the game.

Also to the OP who asked for it. I haven’t really discussed anything here but and it’s associated services, and comments made to or about myself.

Simoyd himself confirms that they obviously can’t step out in support of the tool in it’s current state. In case I’m called a liar again by someone who doesn’t read what they respond to:

If you guys would prefer some more targeted discussion among users without any discussion of opinion or anything maybe you could do that on the forum?

Or maybe the dev could start a thread where he asks for feedback specifically from people who are trying to use the tool?

Ask the wonderstruck devs to advertise for your mapping client, and allow it to broadcast player coordinates into the discord servers. Both user count and feedback will soar proportionately.

How is the complaint ratio between the two tools?


There’s significantly more people who shop over people who hunt. Also the map may be useable on mobile but it’s really not that great on mobile. So you lose a crowd with that as well. There’s been a lot less publicity on that as well. Plus it’s not being posted on the official boundless discord or has its own channel with discord prompts. Kind of hard to compare the two