Boundless Proxy UI

EDIT: @Angellus’ fork is ahead of my original work. I’m no longer working on this but he is. You can find his fork here:

I made an app here to intercept the web traffic for boundless and let you search and stuff:


When using this app you take all responsibility for understanding the security implications of your data. Use at your own risk.


Sounds cool… I have no clue what I would look for, but I’m sure this could make some cool things posible ^^

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So its Wireshark for boundless? Or am I an idiot and missing something?


Well, the boundless client is non proxy aware, so it can be quite annoying to set everything up manually in order to intercept traffic.

@Simoyd is making it a lot easier with this client, with the automatic hosts file stuff and you don’t need to configure any listeners, and also has some extra cool features like searching.


Too clever for me, but maybe:

  • Shop Stand tool-tips scanner?
  • Portal tool-tip logger? Fuel, target, location
  • Auto-select optimal Slingbow type for target?
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Theses i would think could be done by reading the games memory, no need for network packets.

Probably considered cheating, and again I would think reading the games memory would be better suited then digging thru the packets. In fact for this I don’t think you could do this reliably by looking at packets as they most likely don’t contain the information of which target your looking at, just the information of the targets.

What you are looking at is most likely just contained in the games memory. unless the game only sends that infomation to the client when you look at the target. I find this case to be unlikely.

I am actually not sure what this would make possible. Inless there is some data that is only clearly read in the network packets and is not found in the games memory for some reason.

In my experience packet sniffers are typically used for troubleshooting and learning how networks and protocols function.
and to see packets from other computers and network devices which is not possible in this setup

Well, we’re closer to “trainer” type things here, but it is interesting :slight_smile:

I would imagine the API on the network calls is more predictable than where in memory something is. Wouldn’t that change every time it is compiled? Or might it be dynamic?

When you hover over a mob it does say what type it is, and the target sights go red when you are in range. That has to be validated on the server in real-time.

I agree it’s cheating and wouldn’t try it even if I WAS clever enough! :slight_smile:

Eh. Its been a long time since I delt with this kind of thing as I am no longer a network admin. I am a phlebotomist nowdays. But from what I can remember is typically game data is harder to read on the network as I recall it often being encoded in an way that is hard to determin what it is, as game data part of the packet typically doesn’t have clear text strings in them. however once it is in memory and the client has decoded the packets, then the clear text strings may be exposed, depending if the game was programmed in such a way to try to make it hard for the memory to be read or not.

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yes my short-term plan is to get the shop-stand data. Getting it from memory ended up not working for me as there were too many dynamic structures that I couldn’t understand. Someone with better/different skills might have more luck but I couldn’t make it work.

The 420360 value that I searched for in the video was the price on a shop-stand just through the portal.

My next step is to find a bunch of packets with that value, and different shop stand values to compare and see how they are similar and different to figure out how to read the data more consistently.


I find it fascinating that this isase. I will have to have a look myself when i have more time.

If you are willing to educate me on how to get more stuff from memory, I would be grateful =D. I just wasn’t able to figure it out on my own.

@Failoe this might interest you

This is a great project I think. A group of players using your scanner could create near real time updates to shop stands and request basket prices, and quantities. I think this will help the smaller shops be able to be discovered and get some coin into those (normally newer or poorer) players hands.

Great work, I’ve been wanting to get into modding for boundless but I have had very little time and fewer ideas to work on.

This is an awesome tool! I haven’t had any issues using it. It is also added to the yellow pages in BUN. However, I think it might break again today with the hot fix coming.

the map client will but this should still be fine.

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@Simoyd is yours? It seems to have gone a lil wonky after the last patch

no it belongs to @zerosanity

The discovery server response changed from an object with the planet “name” as the key, to a list of objects with a name attribute and ID attribute on each object.

I think some of the URLs changed too.

Come to think of it my discord bot for cities and the map website probably stopped updating too :S. I’ll have to fix those.

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It looks like the server list is just reporting zero for max players now. I’ve updated the site to no longer show the max player values and the fullness percentages.


Did some minor updates to work with the latest version. Not fully updated to the quality of the price gathering client but it’s something…

Here’s how to get the default world colors:


The post was edited after I liked it rofl