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Perfect! Then please provide the CoC violation or ToS violation that this has. Otherwise, you are just name and shaming and saying you don’t like something that somebody did, which is against the CoC.

Please don’t break rules. I will await your copy/paste of the ToS or CoC violation that has occurred so we can get 100% back on topic :wink: holds breath


again why does this matter? You did a heccccccccccccccc of a lot more than ask a couple questions my dude. Might want to reread what happened.


it’s possible I walked around it more in one of the scans but not so much in the next. I need to look at the data more to be sure. Again I don’t regularly scan there so maybe this is a non-issue.

I can do many things given enough time. That doesn’t mean I readily desire to spend my time poorly. I prefer efficiency.

not the way I have it currently. I’d need to figure out how the beacon data is received and correlate the coordinates to the shop stand. This may happen in the future but the owner is not on the shop-stand record that I’ve decoded so far.

I did not have the specific shop stand before you posted the pictures. At this time I do. Thanks!

ye that’s another way.

I dunno how to say this. I needed more info to look into it. You have given me that info for the fist time when you posted those pics. before that you had not given me the info. It is what it is. I kept asking for the info.

no idea I need time to dig.

I don’t communicate that lies have happened if no lies happen. It might be easier for you to resolve your lying problem my posting evidence related to your lies, instead of randomly talking about lies in the middle of an unrelated post.

Is there a forum on the site? not that I know of… maybe I’m blind…

why would the devs care about this?

I don’t understand why I would do either of these. I dont think it would be useful would it? Not sure what this has to do with what people are talking about here. Maybe continue this topic in the map client thread?

uhhh by person probably about the same. I haven’t recorded it specifically but yea. That being said, the people who aren’t fans of this shop thing are significantly louder, which is very time consuming for me. but ultimately it is what it is. Why do you ask?

I mean I would consider this as criticism. or a “negative comment”. it’s not inappropriate or anything, but it’s a lot more constructive than repeating oneself or lying (not saying you are just giving some others perspective on the comments).

But you’re right it’s hard to compare the two, but I think some comparison is better than nothing. What I"m trying to say is lots of people are for this tool despite the loud people here repeating themselves.

I think some people don’t feel they are being heard. That’s one of the reasons I keep responding and trying to clarify. I’m open to more questions.


Closed this thread as it’s just going round and round in circles.

For clarity, this mod is not made by Wonderstruck, but they do support the modding community, which is why they have allowed this to broadcast on the official Boundless Discord (which I might add, is moderated by community members). Simoyd also created the hunter bot which is widely used across multiple discords… also allowed on the official discord channel as the developers saw the potential benefits of it.

It is understandable that some people have some questions or even concerns about the functionality or fairness that this bot will provide, but unfortunately have not put these concerns forward in a constructive, and oft times, not even a civil manner. It’s just devolved into 300 posts of poo flinging.