Bug or Feature? Stone colours (SOLVED)

Is it normal that using 2 colours of rocks for bulk craft i obtain 50 block of one of the starting colours? The result is random or fixed?

it is random

and this from James

mixing colors works for many materials too. Refined Gleam, goo paint, etc…

So it’s not fixed but on a chance that depends on the input materials.

Yes, but with RNG even if you put in 90 of one color and 10 of another there is still a chance you could end up with a batch that is colored like the 10.

Edit: and it you read through some of the other posts involving this, you will also notice that the color of the icon in the queue is not to be trusted, and that is intentional to keep people from “gaming” the system.

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I noticed that the icon is a lie, damn.

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Yes, to keep people from abusing it at the moment. James did mention this in one of his posts but I have no idea if it ever got any traction with the devs.

ya, unfortunatly you cannot trust what the icon color is in the queue, It can still change upon completion of timer.

I like to take a gamble, for example bulk crafting the new Oortys I would use 8 different colours of gleambow gleam and see which colour the 5 Oortys ended up being!

Stole the idea off @Buugi I think it was during the last event?


Yeah it’s fun when you know what is going to happen but sadly a lot of people have wasted their rare colors thinking the icon color is going to be the output