Bug Report: +Horizontal Harvesting Crops

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Using +horizontal on tools seems to not work right on only a single crop I’ve found so far. On things like earthyams, oats, wheat, etc, it works perfectly as intended, harvesting the middle and one on each side, but with combustion fractions only, in about 1 in 3 hits, it refuses to harvest the ones on the sides, resulting in needing to go back and waste a hit on every single individual combustion fraction, costing tons of money and time.

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Yea combustion harvest is a pain. You have to hit the plants just right on top. If you have PC you can turn debug on to see the hitbox. I haven’t replanted my combustion for this reason alone.


The only way to really use a 3x3 to harvest combustion is by hitting ground instead of plant.

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It works well if you look straight down when you harvest… that way you can only ever hit the ground or the top of the plant :wink:

Edit: oh and 3rd person makes it a bit more comfortable visually. ^^


I experienced this yesterday as well.

I assumed it was caused by the Combustion Fraction being a mesh, so probably has variable sized hit boxes.

Do you have something like this on your tool?

Although you probably may not have the exact example below:


I’ll have to try this out in game once my own Combustion Fractions have grown. As others have mentioned, it may have something to do with the bounding boxes on them.


Yeah, that should have the same effect on the combustion fractions.

Please make the horizontal boon easier to get while we’re at it, almost punched my monitor the other day trying to forge some of these :rofl:

That would be one for the software engineers / designers to ask.

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Late reply here.

If you equip a chisel, since it can rotate crops, it’ll show you the crop hit boxes (I think), which would make it easier to hit them on “top” properly

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Has this managed to be replicated yet?

It’s the hitbox of the crop, if you turn the debug menu on you’ll see the thin blue outline.

If you hit the top part of the model it’ll work like normal, the sides are wonky. Hitting the ground works as well.

Yes, I know about that :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just curious if vdragon replicated it to officialise it a bit so it could possibly be fixed some time.

I bet it’s a “feature”, since it is obeying the rules. The rules aren’t intuitive with the hitbox not exactly matching the plant, but technically it works as intended :smiley: Not saying it couldn’t be improved, but it’s been like this with no changes for a year, no dev responses to the older threads about it either.

Oh well, maybe we’ll get an official answer this time :slight_smile:

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It seems to be working fine for me so far. I positioned the camera so that it looks like this:

Striking the crops would harvest them as expected:

It would be interesting to see if you can provide some screenshots with the debug turned on so that the bounding boxes will be displayed as @Mayumichi has shown above. Although in that screenshot example, some of the boxes will be rotated slightly.

Oh, it looks like your farm is quite small, so you might not get that bug. I’ll let you know when my farm is fully grown again. I can go like 5-15 crops in a row it harvesting fine, then suddenly 3-4 in a row it only harvests the middle, then it harvests normally for a bit before looping.

When the crop is rotated a lot and you hit it’s side, it doesn’t almost harvest in a logical way. Since you can’t normally see the bounding boxes, you expect it to behave as if it’s a block facing you directly, but you could in reality be hitting a perpendicular side and get unexpected results.

This happens most often when you just walk through a field in a straight line, while hitting with an AOE tool. Some crops will be harvested as expected, sometimes it’s rotated enough and you hit a wrong side.

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I have found that the best way to harvest is to look straight down on the crops (others have said also). IMO this is the only reliable way to use AOE and get all 9. When I have not looked straight down it is always random which ones it hits. It relates to the hit box which is based on the size of the plants (some are bigger than others).

I don’t see this as a bug but a game mechanic.

Literally only combustion kernels act this way and it seems kind of obvious since they’re the only crop with a non-box type mesh and with how inconsistent it is, it definitely seems like an unintended side effect of when they wanted to make a non-square/rotatable crop.

its a terrible crop to harvest. I just use tiller and speed brews…never miss again…why isn’t the tiller not aoe is what confuses me…surely its a no brainer. Aoe on the tiller… bit like the days when fixing coils independently. Just made no sense at all