Bulk T6 AoE Speed Hammer Mining Results

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I purchased 45 bulk, quirk, T6 AoE diamond speed hammers to get realistic numbers for a novice miner. I did not strip mine, I spammed around in the bright areas of the map. After filling my inventory I would sanctum then warp to a beacon close to my mining area to deposit all items. I started on Mkrib then moved to Kol Huroo (my preferred planet for Diamonds due to rock colors). My character had max mining specs with durability epic, which requires 65-85 skill points depending on the subjectivity of “max”. I have no guild buffs.

Profit: 1,502,480
Average Profit per Hammer: 33,380
Levels Gained: 21
Time Elapsed: 9 hours 40 mins
Profit per Hour: 150k+
XP / HR: 420k+

Costs per actual use.
Revenue from active BUTT pricing.

Total Cost: 271,800
Average Cost per Hammer: 6,040

  • Speed Brews: 32 ea @ 525 ea = 16,800
  • Starberry Pies: ~40* included with hammers
  • Hammers(quirk): 45 @ 5,555 ea = 250,000
  • Warps: ~50 @ 100 ea = 5,000
  • Beacon, fuel, storage, lootstick, atlas ~4,000 (excluded)

Total Revenue: 1,774,280
Average Revenue per Hammer: 39,420

  • Rough Diamond: 13,673 @ 55 ea = 752,015
  • Hard Coal: 26,339 @ 20 ea = 526,780
  • Medium Coal: 14,310 @ 6 ea = 85,860
  • Iron Ore: 15,293 @ 7.5 ea = 114,697
  • Gold Ore: 6,712 @ 25 ea = 167,800
  • Titanium Ore: 10,955 @ 10 ea = 109,550
  • Opal: 1,598 @ 11 ea = 17,578
  • Fragments / Misc: ~20k (excluded)

3 Lava
2 Creatures
1 Fall Damage
1 Ran into a murky portal with speed brew and bouncy feet

27 Hammers on Malurialakrib (MkRib): one inventory is not shown in the reclaim

  • 7894 Rough Diamonds = 434k
  • 15.7k Hard Coal = 314k
  • 9,167 Med Coal = 55k
  • 9,777 Iron = 73.3k
  • 4,326 Gold = 108.2k
  • 7,257 Titanium = 72.5k
    1,057,000 coin
    292 diamonds per hammer average

287K Night Green Metamorphic Rock
31k Dark Green Igneous Rock
18k Hot Moss Sedimentary Rock
4k Dark Green Gravel
6.8k Ashen Yellow Sand

18 Hammers on Kol Huroo: Only 17.6 hammers were used for gathering materials here - I used 800 / 2,000 durability clearing a beacon.

  • 5,779 Rough Diamonds = 317.8k
  • 10.6k Hard Coal = 210k
  • 5,143 Med Coal = 30.9k
  • 5,516 Iron = 41.3k
  • 2,386 Gold = 59.7k
  • 3,698 Titanium = 37k
    696,700 coin
    321-328 diamonds per hammer average

137k Pale Berry Metamorphic Rock
90k Stark Orange Igneous Rock
13k Luminous Red Sedimentary Rock
2.9k Cool Red Gravel
3.7k Pale Tan Sand

Much thanks to EZPZ (@whitelet & @KArios)for the hammers and purchasing most of the resources | I am sure all of the coin will end up back on your shop stands!

The Titanium Ore and most of the Medium Coal are still up for hand trade if anyone wants bulk, else I will be selling around the worlds when I see a few stands full of coin! Also over half a million rocks if anyone is interested for whatever reason :slight_smile:

The diamond variance is most likely due to people previously mining in the area. I did not see any holes, however did find that MkRib had only around 3-5 diamonds per vein compared to Kol Huroo’s 5-7 diamonds per vein. MkRib had (much) less lava to navigate around.


This included buying items, warping, setting up beacons/storage, reclaiming, and selling gems, gold, & hard coal. Not just mining time. There were times that I would run out of speed brew with only a few inventory slots left and finish it off without drinking a new one.

If you had a mind to beat these xp/profit figures you would not be hard pressed. These are very conservative figures.

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What I am seeing is that I should stop making marble and start selling all the stuff I get from it instead. Marble is a lot more processing and a lot less profitable apparently.


Not quite sure how the markets work overall. So just from my 100% personal experience I wouldn’t buy raw materials to make marble. I have bought your marble before but if you chose to sell the raw ingredients to make it I’d go find someone else selling marble. Because I just don’t have the setup to make marble and I don’t generally make my own building supplies. If you rose the price I’d still buy marble over making it on my own because that’s just how I play. Lol not sure about everyone else but just letting you know there is a a market for people who don’t craft their building materials, those people will not be buying raw materials and therefore you could end up losing profit depending how many people buy raw materials to craft vs how many people buy their finished mats instead


Well, I meant selling the stuff I get from mining. Lol. Not the stuff for the marble specifically. The only thing I buy for marble is the bonding agent…since that stuff is kind of a pain to make with the glue and the orbs and the essences. I know if I made that myself I’d make more of a profit but it’s also that much more work. Lol. I do enjoy marble. It’s pretty and I am a girl. xD

100%. Marble materials work out to be worth around 24c for each Marble. I used to sell marble and made literally millions but as soon as it dropped to 22c I just stopped. I now make as much selling just essence from fossils I mine. I have massive stacks of orbs now too :wink:

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Are you going for dura or speed? I make my own hammers and always go speed lol. I would also say I get similar profits per hour despite increasing costs, as 110 speed hammers gather way more quickly…and are more fun lol

Either that or switch to exo colours only. They still fetch 30c plus…however I see sovereign worlds destroying that market soon

I make my own hammers as well also going for speed. Though forging really irritates me some days. I also do exo colors but I charge more than 30c for them so they don’t sell well but they sell sometimes. I do 40c or 50c for chiseled. and 19c for normal colors or 30c for chiseled. Though we have deviated from the OP a bit I think.

You should give my shop a visit. It’s at DK Mall. I also do the matching brick. :smiley:

My math game out to around 100k gross revenue per hour doing galan topaz (less after costs) or more, I’d be interested to see how you do!

Location tokens in dkmall lobby

depending how much your production cost are Marble is a good invest you can make millions like ghandymarshall said.
Its a buisness which is very unconstant depending how much and how big people are building.

I always find galan to be the most profitable due to the ease of finding the gems, not to mention that the Fossils provide a HUGE boost to income if you turn them into essence. Tech components etc also sell very very well.

However…I have to say the recent sapphire exo monster that almost 4% sapphire generated easily 250k an hour

Well I think exos are the most profitable if you can hit one in the first 6 hours or so - either lucent or gems. But after that I think it’s galan.

Maybe I’ll do some one hour tests. I don’t really need to go mining though particularly

I hit exo’s fairly quickly and I tried putting lucents up but they didn’t sell…at all. I ended up taking them out of my shop for space for marble. Lol. I even priced them at a lower price for a few days. I can’t remember how much lower but I am pretty sure it was around 50c or so because I remember thinking that if I went any lower I might as well turn it into something I’d use instead.

Edit: I think it was Umbris? and it was before I knew about BUTT so I was using the knowledge tab for pricing.

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Lol so…how??? Players in my guild will come back from mining and they’ve gotten hundreds of gems or lucents in one go and I just don’t get it. Every time I try mining I use the entire hammer and I’m lucky if I get 100 of whatever gem I’m going for. And I’ve tried all the different gems, multiple planets. I actually tried @DKPuncherello ‘s topaz token and barely came out on top, almost lost money. The best I’ve ever done is on Serp going for diamonds and even there I don’t get enough to earn the kind of money you’re getting here.

Yes, I use an atlas. Yes, I check the correct altitude. I’ve used T6 AOE durability or speed. I’ve tried combining with pies and brews. I have tried being methodical and clearing one layer at a time then moving up or down and clearing again. I’ve tried exos. I’ve gotten to exos within 30 minutes of them appearing and there were already huge chunks of caves that had been cleared.

I’m at the point where I just don’t think I can make money off mining. :frowning: I get better margins on peat farms right now because clearly I have no idea what the secret is. :sob:

If anyone wants to share their miner skill set or atlas tips or altitude tips or whatever the secret sauce is, I would love to know


You are not the only one. I’ve tried to follow other people’s suggestions but I just take what I get. Other people must have better luck. That GIF shows how I feel deep down :joy:


I think more often than not using the same hot spots can yield less results
If it hasn’t fully regenned

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Are you 1 hitting the rocks? If you are the build is fine. Dont always go with the altitudes you see for a particular gem, as they can fluctuate wildly. For example i did a topaz run on galan recently between 200-210 and got way way more than at 180

Edit: another suggestion is dont use teaching pies unless you are really strapped for cash and need to avoid buying more hammers. Starberry pie and speed brews are hugely advantageous in my opinion

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Heres a tip.

There is usually only 1 vein of gems within a plot. If I am Gem mining, i will collect the diamonds, and immediately dig 8 block away and search for more.

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