So I been playing red dead redemption and one of the features there, is a camp, you don’t get to build a nice home at one place like boundless but there are many pre-set places where you can pitch a camp.

I made a post a while back about living without a beacon. Can you play without a beacon? and I feel like camps would add a interesting way to play.
Basically you can have a pre-set number of plots within that plot you can build a home (with machines, storage, etc. The camp can only be pitch at one place at a time, in order to move it you would need to go back to it and click a button. The camp would then consolidate itself into a little cube along with any items stored, fuel levels but crafting items would pause, the camp cube would take 1 slot in your inventory. And only 1 camp per character. Also, upon pitching the camp you would have a cool down, maybe 2 hours until you can move it again.

Is this possible?
Would you guys like that?
Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes?!?!?!


Would I be able to store a Camp in a beaconed storage? I can see finding a way to turn a “Camp” into a “seperate inventory set”

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I wouldn’t see why not. But you wouldn’t be able to access the camp storage unless the camp is pitch.

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I like this concept

Cool idea, 2hrs cooldown is a bit short it could be used as a movable storage box. i would say 24hrs cooldown should be better.

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I would have used something like this for most of my time played… might be a good option for new players

Not sure what cooldown would be best. I was going with 2 hours as it might be long enough for players with no a lot of time in one session. Also, another option is the camp can only be down for 2 hours without fuel, anything over that it would need to be fuel like a normal beacon. After the timer is down the camp is unpitch and returns to your inventory regardless of your location. This would help players returning players with an instant base and some if not all their equipment. At the same time it could help the community by removing these camps out and leave the space for active people.

Just an idea…

But what if the “tent” was more of a special portal or something that when entered was like a harry potter style interdenominational “tent” with a predetermined amount of area to customize inside…

No idea if that made sense but tents sound cool :+1:t2:

From another post.