CANCELED: Forging Changes

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What if they lowered the vigour cost of boon removal solvent? :))


If the hammer forging nerf goes ahead then I’ll be stuck on iron tools for the rest of the game. I rely on people those at the awkward mining co-op because my friends have already left due to previous patches and I simply don’t have the time to collect items to either make my own hammers or buy one. Especially now that my only income from footfall has gone.

Forging is a cooperative technique because it requires many different materials which I would most likely have to buy in order to fit in with real life and work and even this is getting harder with many major shops and various portals closing down.


That would be a very interesting change, currently at 200 cost I don’t like using it more than 4-6 times per tool. Any more an I can’t get lvl 300.
There is also the bug that doesn’t remove the trait so that needs to be address before we start using that more consistently.


I know this is cancelled, thanks for that, but I’m probably done with this game if we get another round of slack-jawed nerfs. Thank you for your time.


Wish i could find them easy to forge, obviously im missing something in the steps lol but definitely make more bad forges than good


Because the prices remain far too high. Anyone selling gems for more than 300c or forged tools for over 10k are just fooling themselves.


Yeah, the only problem is if someone has to buy a forged hammer for 14k and persisting pies at 2k a piece and only comes back with 40-50 gems, then they have to price high to at least break even.

I think their is a lot of flexibility with this depending on what they spent to get those gems.


And with a larger deck size we might actually be able to try to counteract quirks/defects more.

I’ve been looking in using different mats for cheap forging so moved away for cheaper items from draining boon and vigour catalyst for those (not for my high end stuff tho) and I found it indeed funny that I now finally got my first defects and quirks on gear. So yeah, it’s understandable that the devs want to make some changes we all get to get them more often!

But, I already am 1 or 2 slots short most of the time while forging and that is for the perfect expensive type, so when that changes to added quirks/defects and I can’t add anything to my deck to counteract them (somewhat) then I will be annoyed to no end.

So I would be okay with certain changes…

Let’s say you leave Draining Boon 1/2 and Vigour Catalyst functioning as is but, and I hate to say this, make them slightly more costly to make. This means we do have the possibility to do really high end gem gear if we are willing to throw more mats/coin at it.

Add at least 4 more slots to the deck size. Heck, use the number of Power for the Centraforge to increase the deck size or something! Right now I don’t see much point to have it go to 7200 Power at all.

Add some new boon compounds that are definitely cheaper to make than Draining Boon but with additional risks of Quirks and Defects, due to the extra deck size we can add more components to try to counteract a lot of them. Perhaps make it so that even with this it could be possible with a lot of mats spending on differen catalysts/solvents/etc. to get the perfect gear.

It’s also cute they think of a Resin where we get the un-forged gear back anyways but that will take up another precious deck slot!

I also liked the comment above about re-doing Quirks and Defects, make Quirks more like Quirks instead of another set of Defects. And tie the Defects to the Boons we got (or want)…


energizing / invigorating foods do that. added :+1:

we’d still have quirk removal solvent? so no worries on that front, 100% chance of it being possible. :+1:

Same way it was done at launch? with normal tools. :+1:

i.e. broken balance.
Also, blink, rift, darkmatter, level 7&8 worlds, titans… the endgame is still coming :slight_smile:


The issue is why should higher grade forges be punished when they are supposed to be better then lower ones that should have drawbacks because of their cost and time to make with their required items.

It’s just you don’t do low end forging at this time and there are not enough new people coming into the game to make that a focus right now really.

This is a huge issue with the economy being in the way it is as very few people are being added to the game to keep it stable not to mention there is no drain on resources right now for the higher levels thus being able to farm massive amounts of gems while using only a very little amount of them.

They need to figure out ways to increase the player count as many people have posted suggestions for in here and discord and a resource drain such as the new guild system requiring resources to be spent on for the buffs provided they are not game breaking such as a slight movement speed or base attraction range for instance with different tiers needing more resources and it’s a weekly upkeep or such.


Oh my goodness SO MUCH THIS! I was just wishing last night that I had a food that could make me move faster (that, or being able to move more quickly on roads/build pathways)!


This could be a good replacement for magic like in other mmo’s. Pretty sure this game won’t be having magic abilities and stuff.


Mate…I spent a fortune buying aoe hammers in anticipation…what have you done to me :((((


Thanks for boosting the economy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Premature speculation…


Now you have to resell them for half the cost you bought them. Its only right


Lol, delayed April fools!


They are ‘coming’ in about 2 years. But they are not here NOW. This change, however, would have effected things NOW and, and as shown by many of the people in this thread, it wasn’t just me that had a problem with it.

Also notice, this changed wasn’t even asked, or suggested. They cancelled it, yes, but until then this was going to be a 100% change that no one was going to have a say about, unlike with Buying and Selling Beacons, or Protection for Beacons, and so on.

This was brought up as “Here are the changes, deal with it”, and not “Here is a suggestion we were thinking about. What do you all suggest?”

They’ve done this alot, with Adding stuff to Recipies, Bomb Mining, and many other changes.

I’m glad they asked for feedback on some, but if they didn’t make this post, how would it have gone if it went live without a word? Especially if they ‘Forgot’ to add it to the patchnotes till an hour later.

Many people were freaking out and upset just knowing this ‘WAS’ going to be added, imagine if it DID get added. How many end game players would have just left the game, instead of talking about it on the forums. And even if people Did talk, how long would it be before the Devs would revert the change, or change it again to fix it? a week? 4 weeks? 12?

What if they sat on it for 6 months, what if they never changed it and just wanted to see people’s reaction when the T7 and T8 worlds come out? If they ever do. At this rate, I think the game will be dead-dead by the time they add any actual new content to the game. I mean, the game is already dead as is, and being dragged through the mud.


I actually bought them to use them, i just thought theyd shoot to 80-100k and figured I should future proof myself…owell, it’s not all bad, likely would have ended up buying this amount over the next 3 months anyway


instead of messing with the recipes, which are already set and people have planned and prepared for,
why not increase the drop rate of these “rare” drops?
has anyone considered that?
what are the downsides of this? some of us will have (and will collect) more than others, great, that always happens, now someone has a better supply of ingredients to forge… might change the prices and the economy will fluctuate and be different than it is now… that is a good thing though. more items in the community is a good thing.
the stupid rarity of nearly everything is one of the main reasons I’ve pretty much stopped playing. (among many others but im not gonna go off topic.)