CANCELED: Forging Changes

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It’s fine to edit the early forging and such. But who cares if Draining is strong. It’s also costly. Instead of making endgame forged tools harder to make and much more expensive, leave it alone. We don’t need things to be more difficult then it already is. I personally like endgame forging where it is. Early game forging like on iron tools are the only part that needs some work. And an earlier post said it perfectly. Give earlier tools a multiplier to what they do.

Like leave titanium and gem tools at 100%, but increase say, stone, iron, silver, and gold to higher amounts. Like Stone at 250% boosts, iron at 200, silver and 170, and gold at like 130. That way same materials would be easier for lower players to make strong tools of their level.

example: an iron tool would get double points into boons then a gem tool would.


Okay, I’m posting this after the changes have been at least temporarily cancelled. I think this was the right move and now it’s time to think about the Forge and what can be changed. I think there is a general consensus that Draining Compound + Vigour Catalyst are too good. They crowd out all other possibilities.

So, what’s the problem with the proposed changes? In my opinion, it is that it adds rng. As players we HATE rng, especially in the area of crafting. We want the items we make to be the result of our hard work and skill, not because we hit the jackpot on a slot machine. Every aspect of the current forging meta besides the raw power of Draining Compound and Vigour Catalyst is about reducing RNG. I think players will deal with a decrease in raw power much more readily than an increase in RNG. That’s why I think that rather than increasing the diversity of ingredients used in forging, People would just switch to Pure Boon Compound. I think people would rather have a rank 150 hammer that they can produce reliably then a rank 260 hammer that would include random quirks/defects.

The power difference between a hammer that includes quirks and defects would have to be dramatic before you’d start to have players willing to have them on their tools. What can be done then? I think to make people willing to forge items with quirks and defects, you have to reduce the rng involved. Here are a couple ways that might be done:

Expand the number if item slots on the forge: This would allow players room to include solvents, Deconstruction Resin, and other items that reduce the risk involved with quirks and defects while still having the items to help them get the boons they want.

New items: For instance a gum or paste that makes it so you choose from a small list when you roll a quirk or a boon rather then having it randomly assigned. Another similar idea would be to give the quirks and defects types and make gums that increase the chances of you rolling certain types of quirks and defects. Or a solvent that removes a quirk or defect and makes it so that one cannot be reapplied during the current forging session.

New Skills: More forging masteries could be added that help you better control your forging results. The current list of points you need to maximize your effectiveness as a forger is pretty low, and I think players would enjoy the opportunity to dive deeper into that spec. For instance: a mastery that lets you remove one defect of your choice when you set a tool or weapon.

The overall point here is that forging does probably need adjustment; and that adjustment should probably be an over-all nerf; but if you nerf it in a way that increases the sense of skill and control expressed in forging I think you will bring a lot more players along with you than the recently retracted set of changes that would increase the rng and slot-machine feeling of forging.


My girlfriend posted a suggestion a while back about this.

Make the gums specifically based on the boons, and just make the gums very costly to craft. Remove RNG completely and just make it extremely material intensive. That way you make what you want, and it still costs time or money to make. Neither of us ever liked the RNG option. She would rage like mad when she would keep getting stupid glow boon, even after using the item to remove it. It’s really bad with Axe.


Just reduce the vigour and stability cost of boon removal solven, defect renoval solvent and quirk removal solvent and reduce materials needed. Then most of the changes could work.

If it has to be soon that is. If not i rather like some of my other suggestions.


Or remove the vigour and stability cost completely, and just increase the materials required to craft those solvents.


Uuuhhh! I like it


It would definitely improve the economy surrounding solvent materials. Make it so you can spam these solvents to get what you want, at the cost of materials. Would boost the desire for the materials through the roof as well, giving people more ways for gatherers to make money.


Only problem are those damn feathers!


They could remove those, or lower amount needed. And then increase the other materials greatly.


I only posted in another thread a few hours ago something very similar. It seems a lot of people are invested in this and that the Devs should perhaps hold a genuine suggestion thread for a week or so, and then maybe go to the polls and see what the community thinks, though Im not sure how they can engage the broader community and not just the regulars on the forum… Any Devs care to chime in @rossstephens @james


Honestly, the poll system on here is flawed. Only those who frequent the forums get to vote. I think we need a way to vote ingame.

A suggestion on this is adding a menu option for voting for features. Like say… earn 100 cubits for voting on a current poll avail, with there being a little thing on the top of the screen with a message “feature poll available. Please press “button” to vote and earn cubits.” or something like that. Make it so ALL players are involved instead of just those of us who frequent the forum.


Totally agree


We do have to create an account to play though, so if there was perhaps a notification on game startup pointing people this way for a period to vote, that could help


Wow after reading the possible proposed changes to forging this seems incredibly ill fated. It does 2 things. First it gives the impression that forging is somehow easy and secondly that every single Forge is a total success with very high tier results. Frankly it takes a while to really learn how to consistently forge high quality items. And even with that RNG is still a factor that cripples or at times makes some forges completely useless. If this new system is implemented it will turn forging into an outright gamble. And worse yet and expensive one. Since the items used to forge equipment are more expensive that the items themselves. This is seriously going in the wrong direction real fast. For some reason the aim lately seems to be making the game as difficult as possible for those who already play and making things impossible for anyone who’s new. Simply put this would be a very unwelcomed change.


Omg how awsome this would be!!

I mean i seriously mean that those that play the game the most (which often are those that use the most money) should have a litte more to say then the random play maybe 20-60min a week kinda player. Which is way taking the temp on subjects on the forums aint so bad.

But ingame, would be awsome.

I want to be able to do that for my planet as viceroy! I would ask such rubish.

Id have my planet vote over my dinner!! I cant explain how disturbingly pleasurable that would be for me.

I hope this doesnt awaken something in me.


Aye. Their goal since 1.0 launch has been to make people not want to play their game. It’s a shame to, cause I love Boundless. But even after several of my threads that they themselves have replied to, they still follow this “nerf the fun” campaign for some reason. Listen to your players, not your out of touch coders. And by listen to your players, I mean all of them. Not just those of us who are annoyingly vocal I know i’m annoying


I believe the idea with forging was to keep it interactive and unpredictable from the start? otherwise it’s just a crafting machine that you have to waste time in front of? if we remove RNG, then there’s no point in having the forge do what it does currently, it could be just another machine right? with recipes for mats and outcome. zero interaction, no emotional investment, just grind for mats and afk during crafting?

I’m not being facetious, I would really like to know if this is what people want from the forge? If you have some other expectation of how such a bland process would be any more intereasting than mass crafting rock, could anyone elaborate?


Personally, I’d like the system from Star Wars: the Old Republic. Go to the forge, and select the stats you want, and be able to somehow work them into slots on the tool. So if you have enough materials, you can strong arm the outcome instead of being forced into RNG.


Yes. Friends don’t let friends RNG.


it burns when I PvP. :rofl: