CANCELED: Forging Changes

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There are always ways to get what you want. Is RNG but you can greatly affect the outcome. This update should have been release to testing so we have our hands on it to play with it.

People on hunts have mentioned how feathers are pointless to use at this point so this could have been the time for them to be included.


You’re actually wrong about that. It’s not just the big shiny reward messages. It’s also the ‘Why’ it happens and ‘How’ it happens.

Such as if you just click a button, and each and every single time you click a button, you get the reward, it won’t work. It becomes predictable. You know what happens when you click the button. It stops becoming a reward, and instead a chore, and boring task.

Instead, randomization of Reward, is what clicks the longest. Because you can’t predict it, you can’t know when it happens, where, or why. This is why Slot Machines, Lootboxes, and Random Drops from enemies are so addicting. Because even if you ‘Lose’ 99 times, or even just 1 time, the instant you get the ‘Jackpot’ reward, your happiness skyrockets through the roof.

This is a great video about it, and how video game devs try to trick people to become addicting to their games. Which explains it, and points to another video that also talks about it.


Borderlands also had a slot machine for weapons. Most were junk, but there were really cool weapons too. Then there was the “you lose!” where it threw bombs at you and you had to scramble back. XD
Really addicting, but I can’t see something like that in this game.


If they add a redstone like system, I’ll make sure to make one.


Whoo! Nothing sets my adhd off like shiny lights and fun noises.


In general, the Quirk and Defects in game should be less punishing than they are now. In fact, none of them should effectively make a forged item less useful than its preforged base. This may be an RNG, but you are still putting resources into it and the outcome should reflect that.

Quirks, as they are right now, are really more like defects and have way too many downsides. I feel that quirks should instead make the forged item more situationally effective or have some sort of trade off.
A quirk like Unbalanced (or maybe Unwieldy), for example, should dish out slightly more damage but be a bit slower and cost more energy.
A quirk like Top Layer (or Edaphologic) may make a shovel more effective at dealing with soil and mud but less effective with sand, gravel, and ash.

Defects should be less punishing and never counteract a boon (a damage boon should remove the possibility that a damage defect comes up for example) but the same should be true for boons (a speed defect should remove the possibility of a speed boon). Plus many existing quirks are bad enough to be defects (like that random activation thing… better yet… lets just not have that one…).

All in all, what this does is make it so an item with quirks an defects are usable and not just trash you dumped resources into. Forged items without quirks and defects will still be sought after, but its less of a big deal if an item has them. Heck, certain quirks could be sought after for certain tasks, which would be really interesting.


Ah, I see. I only mentioned the 1x3 because it is unique i think in that you do 60% dmg, while all other aoe do 40% dmg. that makes less “damage” boon needed to bring it in line.


Please remove the top tier of the AoE boon. It is useless. Thanks.


I loved those slot machines, what was it “SSSUUURRRPPPRRRIIISSSEEE” then BOOM


Your exagerating the rng, its not at all as unwieldly as you make it out to be. And that rng dont bellng in crafting is purely your personal opinion, yet you prjoject it as if it was some profound truth…


Well, few companies have tanked their game as heavily as blizzard. I mean the game is so dumbed down compared to vanilla that all theyve tried the lasr 2-3 years is to fix the game.
The whole blizzzard board have been replaced a couple of times and the originality and autencity of the company is gone, and they will never rise again. Haha theyve even started to focus on mobile games…
Not a company inwant wonderstruck to take any inspiration from.


They’re trying to make it harder. At least adding boons is better than forcing broken quirks onto players


That doesn’t make it harder. Just makes it cost more resource.


To a certain extent. The point of the forge is to be a bit unpredictable and maybe not get exactly the item you wanted. That’s what they want the forge to be like, they don’t want you to be able to get these amazing items every time really easily. I’m just saying I’d rather they change this by adding more boons so you might not get exactly what you wanted but it’s probably still a usable tool instead of forcing players to have quirks that ruin the tool.


See my question is if you cant make high end tools without quirks and defects that break them what’s the point? The point of end game is to have all that stuff. To make the grind that you’ve suffered hours through already be worth it. As someone who started this game a week after release and has played it basically solo the entire time except for community hunts this is crippling. I’m builder, crafter, hunter, gatherer and shop owner. It’s hard enough to do everything I do alone without you adding more hours of needless grind to the mix. I was really enjoying forging and this game, but this is extreme. You cant take out the only real way to make high end forged gear without quirks and defects. They cost enough time and rare ingredients to make as is since you have to go get it all somehow. Then the rng can always decide to not give you what you want which happens to me frequently regardless of using the gum and boon removal solvent. Which I might add sometimes just adds another boon on top to where you cant get rid of the previous one you originally trying to. And for something that has such a high item cost already should absolutely get rid of the body unwanted boon without messing you up farther. Regardless forging still doesnt always work out. I personally think the way it works now is fine as far as the draining compound. Address the accessibility for lower level players absolutely. But dont obliterate the only way to make the best gear. Unless you have another option to make them without quirks and defects that doesnt desire even more rare ■■■■ that frankly I’ll give up on.


This is exactly why I’d love to see the changes proposed come to testing. I’ve said before, i think quirks need a rework. And it needs to be run through thoroughly in testing before betting considered for live at all


Now consider the scope…

World of Warcraft had literally millions of people playing at one time (different servers). WoW has made over $10 BILLION since 2004. When a company gets that big, the vision and scope inevitably changes. Not to mention, the game has been out for 14 years (as of Nov 23rd).

You really dont want Wonderstruck to be inspired by the most successful online game of all time?


Sure forging needs to be balanced some. However I do believe the draining compound and vigour catalyst is in the right place. (Considering ingredient cost and power needed to make them).
I rather would like to see some buffs to gums and the boon removal solvent(it gives the same removed buff back frequently).

Please consider the time needed to forge a item and how long it can be used for.

Also this game is in its post release phase, changes like this makes it feel like a beta.
If pushed this will impact the current established market much.


RNG should not be removed or dumbed down from forging. I find it quite exciting to see what will happen with each forging round. Also, I don’t want these ‘Master Forgers’ to be able to churn out perfect AOE hammers all the time. If you change the system to rely on increased mats for the top forges then you are going to create an elite who will just pull away from everyone else. Once they make and sell their perfect hammers they start rolling in cash and it becomes easy to buy the ingredients they need. No thanks, keep the random element in forging.


I am considering scope. You really want to use crappy quirk and defect ridden weapons while we wait for 2 years for dark matter etc?