CANCELED: Forging Changes

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I’ll say this… i forged a ruby hammer yesterday that had max dmg max action speed and AOE on it… nvr seen anything with 120 action speed this is gonna be crazy i thought… so i take it out and for funnys i bought a greater speed brew or whatever to add to the crazyness…

So once i got to Serp and found a spot i thought id like to tear to pieces for a min. i ate my persis pie, i drank my fast brew, got out my ruby hammer and held down my swing button…

Now this hammer it so freaking fast and broke every block in one hit regardless of what it was that i ended up clipping into the underground and could run around and get any gem i wanted or ore i wanted…

This needs to be fixed yes but hey they just balanced the ruby hammer to be way faster than the others… Things of THIS nature need to be addressed not the forge itself. Fix the things that these forged hammers are breaking not the forge.


I would probably keep it too… And I understand. It is the only things that sell… other than forge mats.

But these 3x3/Max Dmg/Max Dura hammers were never meant to even exist… at all without quirks or defects. They are breaking the game! And have maybe done lasting damage to the economy.

Gold is cheaper than silver, because it is at diamond level… because of these OP hammers that are so easily forged. They are just trying to fix an oversight. Lets see how it plays out. There is plenty of pastes/solvents to dampen, or change quirks. It might not be so bad


So Low level tier players get ■■■■ tools, Med Level tiers get ■■■■ tools. And now End Game players also get ■■■■ tools.

What happened to progression? Where things are meant to get BETTER and EASIER as the game progress?

a 3x3 forged Gem tool will be worthless compared to a wooden tool, if the wooden tool can break 9 blocks in 9 hits, 1 hit each, and a 3x3 forged gem tool takes 10 hits, drains your HP, and breaks faster than the wooden tool.


There are ways to control/dampen your quirks. If it kills you to use it, then your forger didn’t do it right.

I really don’t think its gonna be that bad. We always come up with a way to break this game… and we’ll find a way around this one


At this point its not about learnin to break the game. Its about keeping the player base thats here in the game. i feel we will see a bit of a decline again… Less and less people everyday.


Now that would be an Awesome Quirk that I could live with.
you would want to play with your sound off but then the hunter may get you muhaha


LOL, can you imagine walking around in a mountain and just hearing a bunch of “squeek-squeek-squeek” sounds, like a clown parade or something ROFL, others just be like what the…?


Ow… I’m getting beat up here… lol FFS guys! I gotta go make tools! lol

See, If you just do 1x3 Horizontal. (which does 60% of base dmg. and takes 2 boon lvls), then put a few lvls into Damage (say 8, thats +40% +400dmg?). You could have a perfectly good 1-shot hammer with a strength brew, and last long with a pie. Swings fast cause it was Ruby. And no Quirks!

That is not a ■■■■ tool! Right?

If you forge, you know you can get a lot with 10 Boon lvls…


I don’t see it like that at all. The way I’m looking at it is they are fixing some oversights they hadn’t had time to deal with. They can’t mass market push the game if it has glaring issues.

When I bought at 1.0 release on the PS4 I thought t was a finished product ready to go. It wasn’t. They have a lot of work they are trying to nail down. They need to get it hammered out all around and they’re using the injection they got from the 1.0 release.

Absolutely we do not want this population to stay the same low numbers it is currently, do you agree? The only thing to help with that is to do what they’re doing, while keeping a core base that continues to try to make this a game they can mass market push and become more successful. It’s a fine line they have to walk and a fine line as to what we the community are willing to put up with and change with.


I’m concerned about the devs ideas for “balancing” or “fixing” things.
They seem to add only one little improvement to something that needs a lot more improvement, but things that players like that devs feel are too good they smash into non-existence.
They put such high priority into smashing fun parts while very little priority into adding new fun parts.


I don’t Forge at all. But when I go to buy a forge Tool, all I want are 3 things. High Dmg, High Durability, and 3x3.

A 1x3 Hammer? I’ll never buy it, and I’m willing to bet that next to no one ever will. Lets even ask people. The people here that do a lot of Forging and sell their tools. Which sells more, a 3x3 with low dmg, or a 1x3 with higher dmg? I’m willing to bet the 3x3 sells a lot more often.

Secondly, I’m already going out of my way to make/buy/use a Forged tool. Why should I be forced to make/buy/use a Strength Brew and a pie as well?

As I pointed out, when you progress in a game, you’re meant to ‘PROGRESS’ in the actual game, not Regress. Things are meant to be simpler, easier, and fun. Not having to go through a lot of Steps, to make a broken, usless tool, and justify it’s use by farming and crafting, or wasting coins, on other items to buff yourself to negate the set backs.

Instead, just remove the potions and pies, and just make the tools stronger and last longer natuarally. Why complicate it even more, and instead just keep things simple? Why remove the damage and put it into a potion you have to get and use, why remove the durability and put it into a pie you have to eat. Especially since they are timed as well, so need even more of them than you need the tools your using.


This. The seemingly random changes to systems that, admittedly, needed tweaking, are starting to show that the devs don’t seem to understand the systems in their own game.

2 terrible patches in a row, one of which could have been completely avoided if they had listened to player feed back. 1 positive patch and back to another terrible one. This game seems headed in the wrong direction. Adding pointless time sinks, grind and RNG on-top of RNG.

This game already takes an inordinate amount of time. It’s no wonder the developers don’t understand forging… how on earth would they have enough time to play when they have day jobs coding.

I’m gonna need to take a break from posting as I try not to dump on EVERY thread. This is just so disappointing… what a missed opportunity.


i agree with you here. Im stepping away from PC now. this has me so flustered. Can these devs actually sit down and try forging for about 10 hours before making these changes? I think that would benefit them as well in knowing whats really going on.

Yes im upset about this due to the things that follow it.
Yes i believe the forge needs some tweeking, but i dont think this is what it needed at all.


I forge dozens of items a week. You only have a set number of slots, so how are you going to fit all of these boons, gums, paste and resin in there all at once? The quick answer is that you cannot. You have to find a way to play the system to make it work more often than it doesn’t. However, I’m sure there will be a new meta there in a few days that will tell us exactly how to do that.

Unfortunately, they haven’t really given us any real information other than the fact they are nerfing draining boon. If they would give us the gem efficiency number at max coils, @rossstephens , then most of this conversation and doom and gloom could be avoided. We would have already been able to figure out how bad the damage is going to be and prepare for it.


I think All resin should have its own slot out of the racks. Then this will give us more option in from the rack itself and if i want to make the item or destroy the item i get the choice.


Not really honestly


This would be really cool. Then we wouldn’t need to decide between a reset button and a different tool. We could reset any time, and other people wouldn’t be making better items if they chose not to include the resin.

I think we just need a few more slots to make use of the different stuff that is available.


Using Draining Compound alone doesn’t lead to super powerful gear though. I’m not asking for three level 10 boons on every item. I just detest the quirks and defects. Actually the quirks moreso because they’re mislabelled and at least defects are usually just outright stat adjustments, not silliness that means the forged item is useless.


I see

There is no reason to make 1x3 hammers right now. Cause you can make almost anything 3x3 1-shot a tier 6 world and lasts for 2 pies. So they don’t sell, cause we have no reason to make them… cause forging is broken.

And I get that you love using those hammers that were never supposed to exist.

I do too! I love selling them! I love making them! I love it! Cause it is so very easy to do! Easy to mine with, easy to forge, easy to sell…

almost too easy


But the money supply won’t change (and in fact has gone down recently it seems).