CANCELED: Forging Changes

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It’s actually the other way around. Some have reached end game and are bored because they have nothing else to pursue.


Then nerfing the end game won’t fix that problem… just give them more reason to not do what they’re already bored of. Why spend more time trying to get as a good a hammer as you did before and have it ruined by one quirk? Nerfing end game content doesn’t make it more interesting for players in end game, adding new content does.


If you go mining a lot, power coils aren’t too hard to make. But mining is very boring. So we spend money to get tools that make it easier and more fun so we can get to the point where we can make those tools ourselves. But now the tools that make mining bearable will be nearly impossible to find unless you enjoy dying or not being able to use your tool half the time or whatever. I don’t get why they try to take out the things that we use to make the unenjoyable, grindy parts of the game bearable and worth our time.


There is a lot of hyperbolic sensationalism being thrown about in this thread. We do not even know fully what they are going to do. All they have done at this point is reached out in an attempt to better communicate with the base.

People acting like folks dont use cross aoe ot 1x3 aor or 1x2 aoe are people who refuse to use anything but the best. There are plenty of us that use the lesser tools, as long as they are priced as such. Those tools are not going to get you a crazy profit that a 3x3 tool will but in no means does that make it garbage,

People need to loosen up in a big way. It’s a video game afterall, meant for entertainment. If you are this spun up over the DISCUSSION of proposed changes, then man, priorities need to be adjusted because you’re just wrong.

edit - @sashaisafish i apologize this wasnt directed at you, its just where I hit reply.


Or even if they just rebalanced it to make it more skill and strategy based. So it’s harder to make a perfect hammer but when you do, you feel accomplished rather than “ugh finally rng wasn’t horrible to me”. Make endgame more challenging and skill based rather than making it more random and grind based. How well you do in a game should be based on skill, not how much time you can sink into grinding things.


I do like having more flexibility though, flexibility mmmm.

Is that the same as effectiveness?



Keep the draining boon compound like it is now. Or bring back the old skool bomb mining. I want to be able to make efficient tools to mine huge amounts of stuff, not having to grind with subpar stuff because people want “balance”. I don’t want balance, i want result and grinding which is actually fun instead of havint to waste hours to get the usefull stuff.


There are no forged tools on the economy right now so thats a good thing right?


I am sorry but forcing people to deal with defects and quirks on higher end forging is 100% the opposite way to go.

Low level forging can have these with cheaper forge components provided they are actually cheap enough for people to use until they get higher level to craft better forge items.

You should not kill high end forging like this as that’s the point of more expensive forges to get better tools and such and not worse.

Not to mention this is going to be a huge pain for people trying to buy tools as they will have to check every tool they look at and make shopping even more of a mess.

Plus people will have stockpiled on the good forges already and it won’t hurt them for a long time and yet again the low / middle ground players will suffer and quit.

You keep nerfing things that people are using and mostly add cosmetic items like the past few patches other then the updated buggy atlas and you keep killing your community.

Stop doing this.


for me a (very well) Forged item should be able to be better than an unforged higher tier item.
this makes this all more fluid, if you calculate in the efford and mats of forging the lower tier tool then its not unbalanced, because more efford -> better tool.

i stopped using iron tooles when i used titan and silver a few times.
even on tier 1 world i dont use iron anymore, so plz stop using the term “everyone”.


Due to the mixed feedback we are putting this on hold and i have updated the OP. I will continue to read more of the feedback tomorrow morning, and in the meantime get back to my dinner before it goes cold! Have a good evening folk


When will this change come?


Not now, apparently. That didn’t take long.


can we still have a trashcan?


OMG BAHAHAHA!!! Great just great


Add skill to the forging process, maybe change something to do with the crafting mechanic to add at least a bit of skill to it. Idk I just think they should focus on balancing things by adding a challenge to the players skill rather than just making things more annoying. I’m not a game designer so I’m not sure how exactly to do that but im sure there are people on here with great ideas for it. Like the person who talked about the different hammers having different perks. Or the one about making quirks more of a positive and negative rather than just a negative (so you might actually want to use a tool with a quirk over a tool without that quirk depending on circumstances).


Devs got it hard. Balancing a game is one thing. Balancing a game around a player made economy is even harder.


Puts on Tinfoil Hat

What if this was just a ploy to stimulate the economy by creating a run on Forged tools as well as the materials to make them?


KUDOS to the devs for recognizing bad direction based on community feedback and being willing to move in a different direction. Well done!


Jokes on then, I had no coin to begin with!