CANCELED: Forging Changes

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I think I said something like that on stream as I was learning how to forge. It seemed too good to be true. “Wow, its this easy to make these tools ppl sell for 50k? Something is wrong here…”

The last patch buffed every single tool…The next is christmas, dealing with creature drops, and a whole new mob. Do you really not see anything good from the devs? Do you only see the negative?

I see an opportunity with this patch. Low end tools, easier/cheaper to forge. You only see the doom and gloom because of an oversight mistake

I’m sorry Jiro… but it was

They were never meant to exist! Those tools you (and I)are hooked on.

Anyway. I’ve got a game to play, mats to farm. portals to keep open. But I am excited for the update! Any hints as to numbers would help us theory-crafters btw @rossstephens


Calling this an oversight is misleading. This has been in the game for months and months (even before release).

It’s the same thing as them saying that adding new and completely different ingredients to recipes was somehow fixing a “bug”, even though no one with 2 braincells to rub together would ever use the word bug to describe it that way.


I don’t know if rubbing your brain cells together is good for you. Sounds painful.


Thanks for the smile! lmao


I think they’re mixing up “making end game more challenging and fun” with “make end game harder, more frustrating, and annoying so people won’t enjoy it”. The thing with end game is, you don’t have as much to work towards like you do in the beginning. So while you might be fine with grinding and doing things that aren’t super fun in the beginning so you can get further in the game, when you reach end game what’s the point in doing all these unenjoyable activities if theyre not helping you reach a goal? So then people at end game won’t bother with those things, like gathering and mining (because they might have enough money to buy all the stuff). Which leaves things like forging and building and crafting. Crafting requires no skill and thus doesn’t really give the satisfaction except in selling it and making money but that satisfaction is finite. Building will always be there but I don’t think most people would stick with the game if the only thing left to do is build. And then there’s forging. It can be really fun and rewarding (that endorphin rush when you get exactly what you wanted is what keeps gamers in the game as well as trying to fine tune your strategy). But with quirks messing up so many tools I think a lot of people won’t find forging worth it anymore. So what is there left to do if forging isn’t worth it, you don’t have anything you want to build, and crafting is just buying things and clicking a button and selling it to gain even more money that you don’t really need?
End game is so important to an mmo, I don’t get why they’re constantly trying to make it less fun by taking the things we enjoy and making them not worth it anymore.


As @Manabanana said,

This isn’t a bug, this isn’t a mistake, this isn’t something they didn’t intend. Because if it was true, if it really wasn’t meant to be like that, they would have pulled the feature from the game and rebalanced it on the spot. Why wait many many months?

Bomb Mining Nerf was literally the very first Patch of Release. Why didn’t they also Nerf Forging then? Why only now?

Oh wait, I know why. It’s because NOW is when they are trying to rebalance it for the low tier players, and remove Forging from Being an End Game only feature, to a low tier feature.

Why? Because if people can make ‘Perfect’ tools at end game, why would people waste their time making tools at low tier?

This isn’t to rebalance the game. It wasn’t a mistake they never intended. I’ll wager they are straight up lying to us about the excuse, and it’s just so people at the End Game, suffer just as much as lower tier, so there is NOT an excuse to just wait till end game and only make end game forges.

And that is NOT a good thing.


Right now it seems to be only one route to go to forge. Why waste your time on any of the other materials? With Draining and vigor cat, you can just get God hammers for very little effort. You either have to make it harder to create/get the God hammers, or make other viable alternatives, otherwise you only need God hammers. Why use or waste your time with anything else?


You want to rebalance early game forging, which is something I fully support. Forging should be available from early game, maybe not the 1 shot 3x3 gem hammers, but something. However why does rebalancing the early game forging mean the end game forging has to be nerfed? Aridhol makes several great points about driving away your current fanbase resulting in a game that has already been losing players losing even more.

Rather than nerfing end game forging with quirks that will kill tools because they are far too punishing for what they are… bouncy feet and you die after jumping two times, why not change the costs of early game forging and make it more affordable for people to forge. The reason people don’t forge and use cheaper tools is because it’s not cost effective. Simple fix would be to reduce the price on the lower tier boons. For example: Have a “Simple Compound Base” which is extremely cheap to create and used for the lower tier boon compounds. Make it materials that can be farmed easily in lower tier worlds. Then add an “Advanced Compound Base” which is more expensive, along the lines of the current compound base, to make and can reflect the power of the boon compounds you can create with it, such as the draining boons.

Nerfing end game content when you have so many people at end game and enjoying it will only result in players leaving.


With this patch can we also have a trashcan block so we can put all the items with defects/quirks in it? Having to go downstairs in my house to throw items off my bridge is time consuming.


I’ll be your trash can :smiley:


oh you :blush:




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OMG vicious lol I love it


I am not a forger. I’m a builder. That being said, getting my hands on top tier gear makes it A LOT easier to create beautiful and useable things for the community. End game building means being able to get the mats I need with ease, it’s not having to worry about spending an hour gathering rocks and wood that would take 10 minutes with a good tool. Forgers are precious, please don’t discourage them from making high end tools that make the rest of our time spent on the game more enjoyable.


I am vocal about changes I feel are overly punitive but I’m also certain it’s never their intent. Apart from their apparent character, it’d just be silly behaviour to annoy your customers into leaving by thinking like that. I’m sure it’s all done in good faith, I just don’t always agree.


Love these ideas! Something like this would give players a reason to use a variety of gem tools instead of whatever is available and worth it in terms of blocks broken for durability. Like slingbows have element boosts, so I carry around a slingbow of each gem so I can have one for whatever planet I’m on. All the slingbows can be useful depending on where they are because the different gems have a different boost or debuff depending on the situation. Hammers don’t depend on the situation at all so it’s just whatever is available. Adding situational perks and flaws like there are with gem bows would mean there’s more thought into what tool you’re using and where, which would make things more fun.


Those are all good ideas. But it won’t be reintroduced in the immediate future. So I imagine they tweak the draining compound now and then introduce new boons/quirks when ready.

Otherwise, they don’t do anything and players will continue to ravage higher tier planets and it keeps prices down…for better or worse. Too much powercreep currently exists, IMHO


Are you referring to the need for power to make anything useful after a certain point of the game? I’m very aware. We quit the game in early access when they added power coils and changed all the recipes. I’m back at the point in the game again where power coils are the next thing and I haven’t gotten around to it. I’d rather spend my time building.


I wonder 1) is this nerf really as bad as we’re making it out to be once you factor in allowing tools to go over 100% flexibility and 2) is this a result of regen being fixed and gems becoming easy to get for minimal cost thus having an impact on the economy.

If so, why not let forging stay how it is, take the focus off of gems and just let the economy run its course for this portion of the game.

Introduce rift, blink, darkmatter, etc and have current forging techniques have 0 effect on T7+ planets. Only forged rift, blink, and darkmatter weapons can be forged to work on T7+ and then u balance end game forging around end game content.