Cans of paint, 1 block painted per can?

Just made my first two bottles of paint and managed to paint 2 blocs with em!!!

I was hoping for a better output :frowning:

did I miss something while making it? with the current output and time to mutate and hatch the goo it is just not viable to use the paint to change a build.


Total newb question for goo-ing.

Can you mass craft them?

They’re 1 to 1 use. If you add power coils to your pigment processor, can can increase the quantity of spray you can make by up to 24%

And don’t they take a lot of blink to make?

yes, and hatching the plants takes 1 1/2 days, they give 3-4 pigments each, and 1 1/2 days to mutate them (wich you can do multiple time to get to the right pigment color)

Edited for correct number of pigment per crops, thx @Stretchious

if you having trouble i can forget about it :smile:
it would make the farmer guild usefull to repaint ther guild hall every year lolz

This seems… problematic. I was thinking one spray should be used 25 times at least.


What’s the crafting cost for the spray cans?

Honestly, I was expecting them to spray more than once also lol


Some spark and the pigments are the only cost, all the rest is time to farm it/collect it on the exo

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I’m trying to come to a price conclusion for the goo pigment for this exact reason.

1goo pigment = 1 spray can / 100 sprays = 124 blocks. (Fully coiled) Building could get pricey :sweat:

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Whaaaat i know nothing about the spraying system but i was expecting one can to spray many blocks :face_with_raised_eyebrow: sounds like I shouldnt waste my time with this system?


Especially because you can’t really mass-produce any sprays with extra seed yield or crop yield.

This maybe useful only for spraying a design in something but that’s about it for sure.

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Actually if you plant them right, you can get 3-4 pigments per seed.

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Thx for the correction, only had pigments on harvesting my mutating crops.

Getting 3-4 pigment on the last step makes it a bit better, but i still hoped the spraycan would work on more than one bloc (tho i wouldnt imagine painting a 1metre cube with a single spraycan irl :p)


And then lose the seed…

Especially not a nice idea when it took several mutating grows to get to that colour!

All in all I was also very surprised to notice you can only use 1 whole can of paint on ONE block. The trouble you have to go to to get the right goo colour (might need several stages of mutating first), then growing it and then you finally can colour 1 block! Whoopteedoo

This is not what I expected when James said the following:

Perhaps I’m mistaken and it will become easier and easier over time but right now it does only create a handful of blocks in a novelty colour :frowning:


And the only “efficient” way of creating them is buy really expensive coils that boost output by 24%…

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Importantly though, this is a game, after all. We don’t grow spray paint pigments on top of caverns in real life either. :stuck_out_tongue:

My point being that a system like this should definitely go into the depths of creative freedom and fun without getting bogged down too much by “realistic” concerns. When I read the name Boundless, I want to think Boundless creative freedom.

Currently I have over 900 goo seeds from one of the exos… But I haven’t even started planting them yet, as I can’t seem to find the motivation to create the space required for so much goo farming, for the amount of blocks it’ll let me colour… Not to mention, as you’ve said, the time it takes to prepare and let it all grow etc…


How many coils can go one one pigment processor.