Cans of paint, 1 block painted per can?

1600 rough blink for sale at Mark et Mark in new Ultima for anyone wanting to make pigment power coils

Edit for location;
(-1404N, -1274E Altitude 64 Eresho)

24 coils around the machine. Total bonus of 24%.


You donā€™t need to rely on mutation to get the right spray colour. You can mix up to 6 different goo colours at a time in the pigment processor, in varying quantities, to make lots of other colours too. Just a case of trying combinations and then hitting the craft button. Itā€™s not a blind craft either, as you can see what colour you will get before you commit to crafting.


Losing the seeds and being able to generate some seeds is the bug part that annoy me with this new patch

I also think they want you to look at the previous steps in crafting. If you color the blocks before processing, like color the rock before turning to Stone? Then you have the color as the base material and more of it?

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Seems to be most efficient way: coils for paint mixer then, using spray machine for raw material.

And in case of marble, use refinedā€¦

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Yeah thatā€™s why I said I need to see how it goesā€¦ Hopefully the new T6 has goo in a totally diff range of colours!

Iā€™m almost of a mind to just farm goo for pigment yields and mix colors later. My original goal was to grow goo to a certain set of basic colors, being vibrant blue, red, green, white, etc and then mix

Color mixing gonna come with time after many exos spawned.

Here is just some stats after my harvesting this may help some to not give up on them. I harvested around 2500 goo kernel (seed) on Pendromethand under ~1h30(this planet had 20% in the resources tab). If you plant it right away using the maximum yield possible (~3,5 pigments per crops) would end up with ~8750 pigment.

8750 pigment in the processor will equal to 8750 spray cans then you can spray 8750 blocks. Ratio 1:1 without coils. (10850 with 24 coils)

You can mutate them also. The worst scenario it would take up to 13 rounds( not suggested to do this). So this would mean you end up with ~ 2224 Goo kernel(10% seed lost for each rounds) which with you can spray the same amount of blocks (without coils).

I understand some may want paint more block than this, but overtime you will stack the pigments then you have several way to mix them up to get the desired colors like @Stretchious pointed out.

You will have many ways to achieve the desired colors.

  • Mutate to the desired colors.
  • Mutate to the colors that the mix will end up with the desired color.
  • Harvest the mix colors from exoworlds.

I can add up that the thought process behind the lost of seed on mutation is so it doesnā€™t end up in a endless mutation rotation to the desired colors. So you will have to be ā€œsmartā€ about it and try to mutate to the closest color for your mix.

Keep in mind this is a crop meant for end game.


Those are good points. I was trying to see if I could force some seeds in a certain direction, but itā€™s not really efficient that way. Lots to think about with all of this stuff

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I know this is an old thread but I just got into Goo farmingā€¦have the farm up and was tinkering with configurations and I have one configuration that has a seed of 93% (really it should be 92.5% but the system rounds up) and a yield of 95%. Since there is no way to plant goo with a 100% seedā€¦and 95% is the max you will always have at least a 5% loss of seed per planting. The 95% seed seems to have a 0% yield so it is only good for making a targeted color Goo seed. The maximum yield has an 80% seedā€¦a 20% loss per plantingā€¦in exchange for a 220% yieldā€¦so about 3 or 4 particles for making spray. The configuration I am looking to use though is gives almost a moderate approachā€¦almost at max seed with about 1 particle yield. I am not sure if the Farmer Epic affects Goo yield but with that in consideration it should be roughly 115% yieldā€¦so maybe 1 or 2 particles.

My thought is to set the target color and try to progress the color to the target and collect all the extra goo particles along the way and sort them for the pigment machineā€¦maybe as raw fodder to get more spray cans out of it. The downside I found with this configuration is that the growing row is 7 blocks wide and only 2 of those blocks actually have goo on them so it is expensive to setup in terms of land mass. The loss of another 2.5% seed is the other costā€¦but at least it is only about 2 goo seed more loss per 100. Slowest I could get while still having yield.

Epic farming skill only applies to the crop yield not the seed yield iirc

Go on test, all of these numbers will be off if the next patch ever dropsā€¦ you get like metric tons more spray cans for the same amount of goo, seed numbers are still the same