Chests/Storage Should Be Available Really Early

Storage should be easier earlier in the game. I have a workbench, an extractor, and a compactor, but I still don’t have anything to hold all my crud. I’m an organizer, so right now I have a bunch of crafting tables as my “storage”. I find myself dropping a lot of items I could later use just because inventory is an issue. For me it just ruins the flow of the game a little. I don’t have a permanent build yet, so I could care less about pretty storage props. Even if it is just a sack that I can leave on the ground with my stuff or a hollowed out log that I craft. Maybe I just missed something along the way.


Are you saying you don’t use storage blocks and shelves? They have 4 spaces per unit and each space can take a typical 9 of 99 stack so one storage block will take 3564 units of any material etc. These are crafted using workbench and you need glue stone or timber nails and such can’t remember exactly.

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As boundmore said, the items required are easy to find. Glue is made from sap and bones on the furnace, timber or stone, which are made on the crafting tables and then nails which are made from iron on the workbench


From a new player perspective I really agree with having some sort of basic storage chest available in the first 2-3 hours of play, maybe it’s those of us from a Survival background that are used to this “luxury” of popping down a storage chest early on? Nails are the killer I think if you’re unlucky with finding any iron.

I was kind of shocked that I’d had to build 4-5? different workbenches, in a place that had very little resources, just to build some 4 block storage chests - which only then allowed me to rip up my workbenches and move homes without throwing a lot of stuff away.

You don’t usually permanently settle where you land on the planet and moving homes was a lot more painful than it should have been due to having to keep all the workbenches and furnaces up to make the nails for the storage chests.


I can agree with your point of constantly exploring being difficult from hour one since you need storages, beacons and the sort. But can’t disagree more with being difficult to move homes, basically there’s a whole warping system which helps tons

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Thing is its better to spend some time on exploring around and only settling after you spot a lot of resources. That way you don’t face storage problem as you get enough of everything to make nails glue etc.

True that someone starting might easily fall into trap of mining and settling whenever and not knowing crafting basics can lead you into lack of resources trap.

Me myself read a lot before launching the game so I had a fair idea what to look for first and what to build. I built only one of each machine and stayed that way until now. Still I made some mistakes of course.

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Aside from the fact of not having the money to warp times as a new player.

It kinda of proves the point that storage boxes are a higher tech level than warps - which makes no sense. Warp blocks you can build on a crafting table, but storages boxes require a smelter + a workbench. It does ruin the flow of the game to a few of us.

I know the recipes are not final, I just hope some consideration is given to a basic 4 block storage device being much lower down the tech chain and available early on - then the current storage chest can maybe be turned into a 6 slot one.

Edit: @boundmore I totally agree on exploring before settling in hindsight! However the game tells you in the start screen that the first thing you should do is place your beacon, and you really need to grab stone tools to see if there’s any resources in the first place, so it kind of lends itself to a temporary base first.


tbh moving isnt that difficult,i moved an entire planet without any issue by popping down a few spare beacons on new planet,dropped my benches and dumpped all my stuff on there and went back to old planet and got the rest.

My guess is warping was introduced for testing and made easy to access to allow quick feedback. Still storage could be lower tier than it is now, if not by bringing down current items then by creating different ones that are available to craft from equipment using timber or something.

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  • It’s not a matter of difficulty. It’s more a matter of progression. Crafting tables are the first storage item with 9 slots or whatever it is. Why not make something with the same properties early on that looks like a storage container and are stackable. My early base is full of crafting tables, used as storage. It looks silly with all the tables everywhere. Even with the storage blocks, I still use the crafting tables because they’re cheaper, and they hold more. Since inventory management can be a frustrating thing, it can also be a thing that causes an early player to walk away from the keyboard.

  • I kind of feel the same way when I have to wait 3 minutes for a tool to process. Anything that turns the player away from the game to look at their phone or wander off to the kitchen and forget about the game should be worth consideration to the devs.

*I honestly hadn’t really considered the whole moving thing. When I moved, I just grabbed what I could and left the rest.


Its true that crafting table works as a stroge way better since they are cheaper and have more space. i have never crafted storage chests in this game expect just for curiosity how they look, never got an issue to have full inventory because you can store your items in the machines. I would craft storage only for the decoration looks.

build crafting tables and use those :smiley:

i have like twenty

I have to add here that I have never had any problems with storing even though I only have one crafting table one workbench etc. I do have around 20 storage blocks but I really only made more of them yesterday. Main thing is not to go crazy about stocking up all the resources. I build a lot and test all available crafts even if they don’t have much use, just out of curiosity. That’s maybe I only started to experience shortage of storage space in last two days.
Long story short - use your resources by making a lot of useless stuff :wink:

Just for clarity on the warp conduit basic crafting requirements… it’s that way so you can always get home again after planet hopping.

They were originally made from higher tier blocks, but as you need to have a beacon down to place machines, people found that after they had warped to a new world (and hadn’t crafted another beacon) they were unable to craft the warp conduits to get back home again.

This was, of course, before the sanctum was introduced.


I think that storage being difficult to make is a good thing. Once they get specialization into the game, people will need a reason to focus on what type of character they want. Making storage containers will be a good source of revenue for people who focus on crafting. They are clearly in demand, at least early on.

This is more of a survival MMO than a fighting one, but with similarities. Instead of a group with a tank, DPS, healer, mob controller etc, you’ll need hunters, traders, crafters, miners, builders, and explorers (a skill I hope they add in) to fully take of advantage of what the game has to offer.

Sure it would be easy to let every character max out all of there skills and do whatever they want, but I think that takes a way a lot of the challenge and replay value of a game like this.

Just a suggestion but we could have the storage recipes output x3 or x9 units rather than x1.

Especially since they’re designed to be used together rather than alone…

When one accesses a storage blocks, it also opens those that are directly around. We have access to a set of 36 storage spaces at the same time.
It takes more space in the building but it is more practical.
Everyone can choose according to their preferences :

  • workbench (and other advanced machine) for more density and simultaneous crafting
  • storage block for apearance and practicity.

I am new to the game and am enjoying it. I am in this thread because I was googling storage issues I am encountering early on in the game.

It was not obvious to me that crafting benches we’re a viable storage option. I didn’t understand that they could only be put down in claimed areas. So when I tried to put down my second crafting table and the box was red…I thought I could only have one.

Storage has not been so bad. I have had to focus on what I am going out for and only gather things that stack.

I think, when the game develops more that there could be clarity around the fact that crafting benches are your early game storage option.

Had I known that , I would have made more and worked to figure out their placement.


Storage blocks are now much cheaper to craft than at the time of discussion :slight_smile: Crafting tables just can’t be put one beside the other, you can either place them diagonally either with one block between.

But they’re not meant to be early game storage options, storage blocks are quite accessible now, you only need stones and glue. And common prop recipes skill.

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lol I made 50 crafting tables and its basically a warehouse, that is how I started…I know…lame, because then I built my house next to it

I cant complain tho, I absolutely love the game