Chieftain items


I do not have the extra game keys to give to my friends, nor do I have the ingame items for being a chieftain.


I have none of the ingame items either


Have you checked that any emails haven’t accidentally gone into your Spam folder? If you haven’t gone any of these, then please contact us using the information from the link below.


SO, ya, I don’t have the keys or ingame items, the digital art book etc. The article you linked says “contact us.” Great, is there a certain way to contact you, other than here, now?


You can send an email to


Thanks. Suggestion, Perhaps that can be put in the FAQ. Had the email adress been there I would not have even come to the forum. Cheers.


I’ll pass on your comments.


The keys would have been sent out ages ago (sometime around September 2018), when Boundless first went live, and to the Master account. Only the master account gets the extra keys. Each of those keys get the Chieftan title, but each of those keys do not get extra keys as well.

If you recently got your Chieftan key, this is most likely the case. It is has not been possible to upgrade or purchase those ranks since the game left Early Access.

Also there is only one Item in the game right now, the Adventurer’s Totem (Craft Exclusive Tool). They have not added the Weapon or the wearable yet.


Update: I sent an E-mail to address mentioned above and I received the codes (again.) Thank you very much for your help.


Aren’t Iron fist is weapon and Adventurer’s Crest mask is wearable those backer things?


it was suposed to be but its bugged to $#@! anyone can buy the Adventurer’s Crest and anyone who buys the digital deluxe edition of boundless gets the explorer early backer status and access to the iron fist


Ouch, I knew that there was something wrong with iron fist recipe, but thought that mask would have been exclusive like those some PS4 masks seem to be.


Oh… LOL I forgot about the mask heh. But yeah the iron fist was supposed to be, but seems a lot can make it other than those that purchased the backer levels