Q: Where is my purchase?

  1. Bought on playboundless.com:

    If you bought Boundless directly from us on playboundless.com then you should instantly receive an email confirmation.

    The confirmation contains sufficient Steam keys for you (and any additional instant access keys) to unlock the game. If this email doesn’t arrive then make sure you check your SPAM folder or your Promotion’s Inbox.

    In our experience Gmail accounts will often put the confirmation email in your Promotion’s Inbox. Likewise Hotmail, Live or Outlook accounts will always put the confirmation email into your SPAM folder.

    If you still can’t find the confirmation email - please contact us ideally from the same email address that you used to purchase the game.

  2. Bought on Steam:

    If you bought Boundless from Steam then you will automatically have Boundless in your Steam game list. Make sure you use the same account to sign into the game and this forum.

    Everyone who buys “Boundless” via Steam whilst the game is in Early Access will receive the Explorer perks.

    If you buy the “Boundless - Collector’s Edition” or upgrade via the “Boundless - Collector’s Edition DLC” then you will receive the Adventurer perks.

  3. Bought on oortonline.com:

    If you bought Boundless when it was originally called Oort Online then there are 2 options:

    1. Bought the Trailblazer package: This was a discounted pre-purchase of the final game. We sent out access keys on 21st September 2017 to all players who purchased the Trailblazer package.

      Please note that the Trailblazer package is no longer available and some players have confused their Trailblazer purchase with the current base Explorer package.

    2. Bought Explorer, Adventurer, or above: We sent out access keys to all players with these packages in November 2014 when the game was released on Steam Early Access.

    If you can’t find the email containing your keys please contact us and we can resend them.

If any players report that they can’t find their purchase please share this FAQ entry with them.

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I Bought the Boundless with the Boundless Deluxe Edition but it seems that I don’t have the “Deluxe Edition” bonuses I paid for. Any reason why?
Thanks for the help.


Please let them know you’re having a problem in this thread, they are currently doing their best to fix it for everyone :slight_smile: