Chisel Mining?

Could someone please explain (with a video if possible) how to effectively chisel mine? I’ve heard the term several times, but would love some specifics if possible…Thanks!

By the way, before anyone gets upset, no I have no intention of destroying the surface - I am only inquiring for use in deep undeground mining, and not for XP, but for actually finding resources…

Stand between two blocks, use stone chisel to “cut” block in half. Do the same to block next to it. It will create a hole that is one block wide.

I believe they took away the chisel xp for chiseling outside of a beacon, but I could be wrong


Yes, they did, but chiseling is still one-hit instead of multiple hammer hits, and the miner is generally not interested in collecting the tailings (rocks without ore/gems/tech/fossils). Chisel mining isn’t the XPloit it used to be, but still a minor exploit.

Oh I agree. Not dissing on chisel mining, I do it too lol.

Isn’t it two hits per block?

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edit: I’m a dope its two hits per block. I gathered a tone of gold, silver, and med coal on a tier 5 world the other day with just a few iron hammers and a smart stack of stone chisels

It’s one per block, but you need to hit two side by side, to make big enough hole so you can go down through it. Or 4 blocks when moving horizontally, instead of two. And aiming is so annoying I prefer to use bomb… err… my trusty hammer.

I don’t get it :smiley: Isn’t stone chisel taking out a quarter of a block?

Sorry, you right, two hits per block. One hit is a quarter of block :frowning:

I need a brake from the game :frowning:

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Haha ok thanks for confirming. Still a major speed up on high tier planets.

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Ech, chisel mining is helpful but:

  • while building tunnel you expose less blocks than while mining
  • no exp
  • multiple hits still required
  • no rocks in inventory

Basically I prefer hammer even if I have to strike 3 times per rock when searching for ores. Getting into my search zone when digging straight down, I prefer chisel.


No more than bombs and the developers are supporting the use of bombs to mine. I both cases, all the miner wants are the resources and not the regular blocks and in both cases they get no xp for the regular blocks. If you are mining on a higher tier world where it takes multiple hits on a rock, this does save tool wear and tear and if you are there looking for something like diamonds it can speed up the process.

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I specifically remember steggs saying he didn’t “endorse” it, but if you mean they are allowing it so far, then yes.

post on that topic with images:

if you hit the left block on the right side in the middle it’s 1 hit same for hitting the right block on the left side in the middle. Atleast for ps4

Hm, I’ll have test that a bit, I’ve been always hitting edges

Hey Venuil, I wouldn’t say it’s an endorsement, it’s just a fact that they are good for mining in their current state. We want to keep bomb mining in as an option for players because we believe it’s pretty fun, but we don’t want it to make hammers obsolete, so we are looking at some potential chan…

I will agree they did not say endorse, they specifically did not endorse it. That is why I chose the word support. The quote is above.

Well, I used some of my recorded mining sessions - didn’t have much time to make it but I hope seeing chisel mining with your own eyes there can help you get the drift.

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Thanks for posting this video. I dont’ receive xp after chiseling a dozen blocks. Is that normal?

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