Diamond mining pain

Why? The bomb mining have a good balance. And actually found saltpetre to make bombs its very hard, i think its ok.


Also nobody mentioned that you need power before you can make titanium bombs…

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I can underatand the frustrations, needing the diamonds to make good bombs in order to het diamonds, especially when I’ve literally only found 10 all in all the entire time I’ve played :smiley: BUT I’ve found that not knowing where to look leads to not getting what you’re looking for. Ive been mining mainly at mantle (which is where I was informed there are diamonds, roughly between mantle amd 15 alt.) Obviously there is some confusion out there as to where diamonds are found, but the fact that you can mine up to 40 alt deep is fantastic! As for bombs, while yea titanium I’m absolutely sure would be great and efficient and all, though if you’re like me and have no coin (too much warping on the new worlds ToT) or only one power coil for the workbench, making bombs a lower tier to start out with would be a good solution. I mean, if ya can’t get the best, go woth the next best thing. Am I right? But neither here nor there (just like these diamonds) you just gotta keep at it. I’ve spent days on end looking for those suckers, and yea I got frustrated not finding any, but I promise the sweet relief of finally finding a decent little vein of diamond seams is soooooo rewarding. Sure, again like me, that might not change the fact you’re behind in development compared to most, but none the less, try, try, and try again. Or did I misunderstand the meaning of ‘grind’? But all in all, as long as you try, you can at least say you tried. Eventually you’ll succeed buddy :smiley: as will I, and the next guy, and the next. It’s only anmatter of time and effort :heart:


I’m no pro, but I use chisels to help me create a tunnel length wise, then use the stone square chisel every block to the side.
(If you hit resources you can’t chisel anymore so you know when you’ve hit)
So really because it’s alternate youre actually viewing well over a plots size area…make sense? I’ve found more ore veins doing this than straight up mailing with hammer… How can I view my altitude? Debug?


Press P to go to places, then LOCATIONS tab, under ORIENTATION you have current location: N, S (Altitude: xx)

xx is your… yep you guessed it right :wink: current attitude :slight_smile:

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My tips for mining beginners:

Chisel mining.

You’ll need nearly no power nor expensive tools just stone chisels.
The chisel doesn’t care about the blocks armor.

Just use an Iron hammer for Seams.

Speed (Dexterity stat) and reach (Control stat) however will help you a ton !


Chiseling down/up/sides

The name of the game is simple.
Uncover as many blocks as fast as possible and of course praise Rngsus or Lootsifer if you prefer.

Happy mining :slight_smile:


Its not hard

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Chisel mining is actually my preferred method just so I’m not eating through the iron hammers :heart: Found a lot of ore that way, just sadly wasn’t chisel mining the only time I found diamonds :joy: Funny how Lootsifer works :joy::joy::joy:

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its no hard? pff you dont know the process to get them rigth?

using mass craft.

1.- you need volatile blood and flint (18,72)
2.- saltpetre fragments (36)
3.- 500 power (for titanium) the best
4.- titanium allow

volatile blood if you dont have a good hunter its hard farm this.

flint its easy to farm.

Saltpetre fragments its hard to found them, if not, why its very expensive?

500 power, you know what do you need to make the power coils?(without mass craft)
need copper to make the machined blocks, to get them need compact copper, refine them, and machined, need around 50 rought diamonds to compact them, to get the diamonds you need go to lvl 5 planet, ohh wait, to go to this planet need protection, you need spend skills point to protect you, you need good tools because its a lvl 5 planet, the block have a lot of defence and healt, ohh but to go to the lvl 5 planet need a portal, wihtout the PS help, its very hard and expensive to travel, now, you have the diamonds but you need tech components too, in low levels its hard to found them, you need to mid+ levels planet to have a good rate.

now the titanium allow, you need 72 gold/silver allow and 36 titanium bars to make 50 titanium bars, to make gold/silver allow you need coal and a good furnance to make the bars, and you need mix copper with gold and iron with silver, you need go to mid+ lvl planet to farm gold or silver, again you need the PS, to find gold or silver you need time to found them, the titanium you need to go to lvl5 to find it.

ok, now you have 500 power to make titanium bombs, why titanium? because them have the best damage and aoe.
if you go to the lvl 5+ planets you need launch around 8 coppers bombs to break the block, 4 if you use iron (wihtout skills pooints) 6 copper or 3 iron (with skill points) if you use copper or iron bombs its a bad way, why? because the time to explote and launch them are a lot, if you use copper you spend time, but you do a 3 radious hole, if you use iron you dont spend time to explote and launch the bombs, but sacrifice the radious,
for those reazons titanium.

With titanium its more easy, but expensive too, you need the doble items than you need to make copper/iron bombs, and rare ingredients (titanium and gold/silver)

Idk why you say that to make bombs are easy.


Please update the tooltips on Bombs so people know their use is mining and that they have almost no other use.

I think it’s a horrible mechanic and has cheapened the importance of mining and gem finding, such that it isn’t even mining anymore, but if you’re going to keep it in the game, at least put all players on an even playing field by explainin’ how it works.


I dont care about the rest of the recipe. I have made and not bragging over 100k with saltpetre only. People are just too lazy or just dont have a clue what they are doing. Lol


Yeah it’s a very long process to get to efficient titanium bombs. In fact, there’s so much you need to do before you get to titanium bombs, they could make an entire game about it! All the way from beginning with nothing, working up to something. I think this may have been the intent of the developers, as there is currently no “god mode” where you can just get everything for no effort input yet.
The essence of progression means that some things are better than others, and you have to get through some struggles to get where you want to be.

Lastly, remember that stripmining at one altitude (if it isn’t giving you any reward) is unadvisable, try going up and down as wel not just back and forth


dont use gold bombs use sliver it has a bigger range

It is much easier and faster to use 3 gold bombs than 4 silver. Also, I’m spec’d to break with 3 gold without destroying resources.

But I am working on titanium bombs!

I have to figure out how to work the centraforge to get a damage boost on the bombs so I can break in 3 bombs…

if you have the right skill’s you wont destroy resources.

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I know… that’s why I calculated the damage I do with bombs and use gold… because I won’t break resources with gold, but I will with silver or titanium…

It’s a careful balancing act that I am fine with, but I can’t just switch to silver without planning to.

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nice nice I use the Silver bomb / tat mining skill set :slight_smile: so I dont break resources^^

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Here is my method for finding Diamonds. This is applicable for other gem types if you go to the appropriate planet, location and altitude.

  1. Get a fresh atlas. You can equip it but don’t actually use it until your’e on Serpensarind (Surfin’ Safari as we call it in Portal Seekers).
  2. Get at least 4-5 iron hammers and a couple stone square chisels. You can use better if you’d like but iron is more than fine as it will be able to one-shot what remains of resources after bombing.
  3. Get at least 2 bags of Titanium Bombs. They are reasonable to craft. The resources to make them were already listed above. If you can’t make them yet then check some of the stores around the any of the Portal Seeker gateways as there will definitely be some for sale somewhere and despite likely being expensive, buying a couple should get you enough titanium to easily make your own at a later time.
  4. Get a single Rough Diamond Ore. I’d just buy one from someone or it’s likely someone will happily just give you one to be nice. In fact, if you’ll be online tonight after 9 EST, I’d be happy to give you one myself and I’ll even give you a free, fresh atlas.
  5. Go to Serpensarindi, drop your Rough Diamond Ore onto your fresh atlas and now actually use your equipped atlas to sync it to the planet.
  6. Explore Serpendsarindi and, as you uncover regions, your atlas will automatically update to show “hotspots” of diamond veins. Atlases update once every 24 hours (we wish it was faster than that but @james said there’s a pretty aggressive tradeoff between atlas update frequency and performance so for now it’s 24 hours).
  7. Hotspots will go from black, to grey, to light yellow to white. The brighter the area, the more diamond veins you’ll find there. Go to a location that shows a nice hotspot area and move your character such that the cursor is directly in the center of that hotspot when you use the atlas.
  8. Mine down to around altitude 10. You can check this easily in the “Places” menu. Be careful about lava. Lava starts at altitude 16 and will kill you quickly if you swim in it. To account for this I usually mine straight down for 3-4 blocks one block in front of where I’m standing and then jump down and repeat so I don’t mine under my feet and plunge into lava.
  9. Once in a hotspot and at or around altitude 10, start mining! If you are going to bomb mine, then the technique I use is to use my stone chisel for 6 hits on the left or right side of a block. I use chiseling because it always works with a single hit whereas destroying the entire rock can take 3-4 hits. I then toss three titanium bombs down the little hole I chiseled and, after they blow up, you should find a large area removed but ores and gems and coals and such will be almost gone such that you can one-shot them with your iron hammer.

Keep in mind that for bomb mining with titanium bombs to work well as described in 9 above, you will need a spec that supports it. We’ve found the best spec for Serpensarindi and same-tier planets to require:

  1. Damage Epic
  2. Bomb Epic
  3. 2/5 Bomb Mastery
  4. 4/5 Attributes Bonus
  5. 8/8 Power
  6. 0/8 Agility

With that spec, you stand the greatest chance to not destroy resources.

With this technique and spec, I easily pull 200-300 diamonds in a single couple hours session. One last point of advice: if you get to a hotspot and you notice lots of tunnels or even bomb areas already there, it’s because somebody recently went through that hotspot but that doesn’t always mean it’s a lost cause. Diamonds spawn from 0-20 altitude for the most part so if the tunnels and bomb areas you find are, say, lower altitude like 0-10, you can often just go up to 11-20 in the exact same hotspot and still rake in a lot of diamonds.

Lastly, you can do all this without bombs but it just takes longer unless you have a really nice hammer such as a forged titanium or gem hammer which will cost you 10-20K depending on what you’re after.

Good luck and happy mining!


Are the devs going to nerf bombs with the official release? I’d hate to have him respec then have to go back to a hammer spec in 3 days…

The time it takes to get the materials to make the bombs compared to other tools / weapons in the same range is the nerf, my dude. :wink:

I doubt it. Steggs himself just recommended bomb mining to someone on this thread.