Circa Lag

Circa has become so laggy I cannot even function or move. Says unstable connection as soon as I step foot on the planet. My connection spikes to 400ms drop to 150 spike back up it is unplayable. Something has got to give on the lag. You get a community together to stuff and it kills a planet. You guys need to fix this or your going to lose me as a player. I have been trying to build a tree on circa and yes the population is high however you as game designers/developers should be addressing these issues. This game is not alpha or beta any more this is being sold as a finished product and it does not feel that way. I am tired of the lag I love the game but the lag is a no go for me.Its not my ISP either no other game I play does this. Ff14 Borderlands Division 2 it is on your end. Without going into a further rant and hurting someone’s feeling Please Fix It.


Yes I have noticed this and it actually is happening randomly everywhere for me. On my home planet I put my blocks down and it looks like they’re going someplace random and not where I actually wanted him to go but then all of a sudden they suddenly go where they were supposed to go in the first place it’s sort of surreal watching that but it definitely is server-side because if it wasn’t those blocks would have really really gone to the wrong place. I think maybe a reboot is needed at the very least. I’m sure the developer is Will figure out what’s going on if it’s something Beyond just a simple reboot required

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I have noticed an increase on lag spikes too on Circapus and also elsewhere but nothing too bad on my end. Been online a lot over the halloween holiday~

I live in the country while I dont have the best connection however its stable for all games but boundless. Euro servers are the worst for me right now. Eresho and Circa just kick me back to sanctuary.

Yeah I live in the country to but this leg seems to be server-side at least from what I’m seeing because when I put blocks down in the suddenly junk from place to place they do eventually end up right with it was supposed to which tends to make me believe that it’s not my side in this instance

Hi @Deathwhisper,

The servers log connection details for all players - this allows us to see how variable the connection is and how often it drops. For example I can see that for your last session that:

Data sent 556KiB, received 103KiB, UDP received 22KiB, UDP packets dropped 162, Input packets sent over WebSocket 195.

That UDP packets dropped is definitely an issue. The client is trying to send input to the server and it’s not arriving (or it’s arriving too late). If this happens for too long then the client will switch to a different protocol: WebSockets. It’ll try and switch back as UDP which should be a little faster.

We could expose an option to stop this switching and always favour WebSockets.

This could help if the experience of switching between the protocols if the problem.

But this will not help if any data sent over the connection is struggling.

Additionally, your latency histogram is:

  • 100ms 16.216215%
  • 125ms 40.540539%
  • 150ms 4.054054%
  • 175ms 1.351351%
  • 200ms 0.000000%
  • 225ms 2.702703%
  • 250ms 0.000000%
  • 275ms 0.000000%
  • 300ms 2.702703%
  • 325ms 5.405406%
  • 350ms 5.405406%
  • 375ms 2.702703%
  • 400ms 0.000000%
  • 425ms 0.000000%
  • 450ms 0.000000%
  • 475ms 0.000000%
  • 500ms 0.000000%
  • 525ms 1.351351%
  • 550ms 0.000000%
  • 575ms 0.000000%
  • 600ms 0.000000%
  • 625ms+ 17.567568%

17% of the messages from the client to the server are arriving too late and will be rejected.

One action you should definitely try is to make sure your Chunk Download Limit is set to MIN. This will slow down the request for chunks and the worlds will load slower. This will make sure that your bandwidth is not getting exhausted. It may help - and is worth trying. (Reminder that the worlds will load slower, so at some point it should be increased again.)

I was hit with this last night out in the higher tiered worlds, and I did set chunks to min and still was given the infamous “unplayable connection”. though about after an hour it stopped and I was able to turn the settings back up. :upside_down_face:

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Can’t get to Circa. I get illegal protocol message. Thanks for your help

This message is often sent if the connection is too slow. (It should be much clearer.)

The game will not allow you to connect if it believes the connection is too bad.

I’m on Circa now.

Maybe try a few times.

James, there is definitely been some strange lag the last couple days hard to explain. Maybe the whole system needs a reboot?

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Circarpous has been laggy during the end of last week and today its 100% unplayable, Lamblis and Xa Frant are the same as well…

Biitula is experiencing waves of lag as well from time to time. It was happening quite a bit yesterday I haven’t been in game yet today to know if it’s still going on

I’m on now and biitula not bad on my end but circarpous, lamblis, xa frant are a write-off for me… :frowning:

All 3 players on this thread are playing from North America.

It seems that at the moment connections from NA to the EU servers are quite variable and prone to dropping packets.


Yup, north America here, and I could not connect to circarpous last night. Haven’t check in the last 9 hours tho.

Can’t get to Circa. I get illegal protocol message. Thanks for your help

So it’s a problem in between somewhere??? Is there anything within your control to do? Or is this something outside?

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For players on PC - you could experiment with disabling the UDP connection. (Maybe the UDP traffic is routed differently to the WebSocket traffic :man_shrugging:)

We don’t recommend doing this permanently as the UDP connection should generally be faster.

Details and a little background are here:

If it does help then please let us know.

For PS4 players - this option should make the PC connection slower. But maybe something funky abound the routing makes playing more stable. If it does help, then we can expose an option into the game settings for all players.

I don’t think it’s restricted to circa - feel free to merge. Lag on Eresho and Finata too for me.

For what it’s worth this is the first time I’ve EVER had this sort of US/EU lag during a time other than 7-11pm EST. I’m still lagging now.

Here’s where it gets weird. I decided to test boori just for the heck of it, figuring it would lag too. Nope. Boori (AUS) is just fine for me. Usually when EU lags for me, AUS is just as bad. And as mentioned it’s always during 7-11pm. So maybe this is a new, slightly different problem?

Well since a few weeks what happens to me on EU servers, even on my home planet, I get Unplayable Connection regularly, perhaps once every hour or so, where for a few seconds nothing seems to update.
But it’s not just happening on EU servers either, also on US ones, but lately on US ones the ping also seems much higher than usual with spikes that go up way too high, so much so that at times they seem to resemble an AUS server…

What I mean by the last bit is that with AUS planets I am kinda used that there are some days that they aren’t playable, never before did I also have the same experience on US planets which is happening often lately…

Did Amazon change anything on their end perhaps??

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