Color storage ideas

How have you set up your color storage rooms? I want ideas, I like to collect everything in game from planets and would live to know what colors I am lacking of an item, so I am thinking I need a huge warehouse with a chest for each item in each color. Is there a better way? Maybe I should organize color by planets they are found on. What do you think?

I started with the 255 color storage. Back when you could see color number in a request basket. Now that you can’t it’s a pita. So I’m now rearranging everything by color in a roygbiv order. Going lightest to darkest. You can see what I’m talking about by finding the Minorengle ps portal and going to Mott’s general store. It’s the green building if you come out of the Minorengle portal. Go through the trap door and you will see the color storage.

i have a color storage for gleam with a visble example and 2 more storage with chest for stones and soil/wood

have posted this before but here is my current format (result of trying many different ways over the years)
do a lot of building so like being able to go straight to either raw or crafted blocks while also browsing without opening lots of chests is a big plus for me.

using the 31 colour groups

one tip when building block storage, however it is done, is always leave room for expansion


I like your setup. I recall you saying you have expansion plans - how would you expand this if needed?

for Gleam

for Stone
dark glas is only placeholder for the stone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but need first to sort the old big storage XD


I haven’t made one yet, but imo best color storage is sorting by shade (the 30 color groups linked earlier). Doing it by planet is too arbitrary (not to mention some planets share color, and then a lot of sov changes color), and doing it by number isn’t too useful due to the fact that it’s not even visible ingame.


could add storage above, below or just add extra storage at the end of the tunnel…can’t envisage myself needing to though (do have lots of spill-over/specific build storage elsewhere plus I need to actually start building and stop collecting…)

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Mine is alphabetised, makes finding the correct storage so much easier!


I organize my color storage by color groups too. Every group has a corridor for the sub colors. Started to rebuild it in late december so it is highly WIP. There will be a 5x3 size goo farm on the gleam too if i have the patience to chisel it and place the lava.


Wow this is possibly the nicest storage area I’ve seen! Love the build style and color choices. Well done :clap:

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While this is alot smaller, here’s my old storage area arranged by color group. (Good ol ROYGBV)


If you want to see in person there is a small 1x2 portal in the NE corner of Gleam Universe. Ground Floor.


This is gorgeous!!! Willing to share where this is so we can see in person?!

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There is a portal from TNT hub named Hamu :blush:

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How many plots does your storage take? Asking for a friend…

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I just went to your place, Hamu. Absolutely beautiful!

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Just visited Hamu @Pannero very very nicely done

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Am I the only one sorting my colors… by reclaim?
I find it hard to sort 2 millions blocks of soil, rock, gleam and seeds - reclaiming the same plot (active reclaim expires and gets merged with the storage chests from same plot) seems way easier.

ps. You all have beautiful sorted storage.


Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

@bregma It is ~ 22x14 plots if i counted right, 3 plot high at the corridors and 5 plot in the middle.