Community Event: A time capsule sealed for a year!

Let’s all write a message to the future and place it in this time capsule!

Anyone who wants to participate can write their name and a message on a sign and hang it inside the capsule.

I’ll seal it up Jan 1, 2019 and not open it again until Jan 1, 2020!

To participate, head to the capsule at Aqua’s Instituti del arte intera and donate the sign you want to use. (Simple signs only; no sign modules.) Then send me a private message on the forum and fill out this form:

Time Capsule Sign-up Form

Name: (to be displayed on front of sign)
Sign: (type and color of sign you donated)
Font: (stylings for your sign's font, including text color!)
Message: (to be displayed inside the sign; 512 char limit)

Never been to Aqua’s Instituti del arte intera? No problem! Head to the Aquatopian Embassy on Beckon and take the portal at the Aquatopian Information Center. There’s lots of cool art on display including the time capsule!

I’m good for the beacon fuel for a year.

And I even set an alarm!

So the only reason this capsule isn’t opening again in 1 year is if I die IRL. (:crossed_fingers::grimacing::crossed_fingers:)


This is a great idea!

Love this idea! Will we be notified or reminded of the time capsule event?

You should also consider shelves to let us throw a item or two in the capsule as well!?

Adding a locked storage unit below the signs. I’d store spooky seeds and candy canes in it for a year to see what happens. But it’s a cool idea

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Awesome plan!! Maybe post your beacon fuel timer intermittently when you refuel; 1 so we know you’re alive and 2 so we can preserve it in case you dont check in! (A bit morbid, but insurance usually is)


I think this will be a lot more successful if you provided the signs and let us message you what we want posted (like little Japan’s wish thing) because I’ll be honest this is a cool idea but I have NO intention on running around to find your place (especially not while I’m in the middle of moving and putting together a new build)

Thanks for the interest so far!

Original post contains my gleam club timer which is over a year. No need to worry about it disappearing.

There’s only room in there for signs, it’s a pretty small capsule. Can consider other designs for future builds though.

The point of the museum is to host interactive builds. I encourage you to visit the museum so you can participate. There’s also a fun slide, a ninja warrior course, and some great chisel work. Oh and plenty of room for more exhibits!

I like the idea, but don’t know what to write. My family’s lame and never do things like this. We’s just rowdy roughnecks who do things like bbq’s and bonfires.

Anyone willing to give examples?

You could write words of encouragement so that the future is reminded we wish them the best.

Or a joke that will be fun to know someone a year ago wanted to make you smile.

Or a chronicle of the times so we can have a laugh at what bothered us and how small it ended up being in the grand scheme of things.

Basically turn the wholesome dial to 11, let it bake for a year, and then we harvest the good vibes


How about record prices of forged items, i bet that’ll be a good laugh in a years time :rofl:


Hahaha, do it! We need more signs in the capsule!

Will maybe be able to drop off one before going home for xmas, else I’m back at work wednesday night :expressionless:

Added a sign today, still some time left before new years to add yours!

I absolutely want to partecipate, nice Idea! Hope to find time to decide what write in sign.

its so hard i come drop one off soon but WHAT :joy:

Happy new year everyone!

The capsule is now sealed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit and leave a sign.


We are close to reopening!!! @a13o :grinning:


What happened to the capsule? @a13o Hope you’re still in good health :smiley:.


Time capsule turns out to contain a prediction of global pandemic
If only we had checked